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Avatar n tn I sometimes have this problem of shortness of breath. I did not know it was related to stomach gas. Once I was having the shortness of breath, somebody offered me an Ayurvetic medicine called Pachak Shodhit Harad from Patanjali Ayurved limited, as it is customary to offer Harad in India, especially after meal to aid digestion (the person who offered it to me had no idea about my problem).
Avatar m tn I have had since cutting down my pills a constant pain in my chest and the constant feeling of shortness of breath is horrible. I know its psychological but that doesnt help whilst in the throes of one of these attacks and if an attack really takes hold of me I get tongue rolling and twitching which can go on for days. Breathing into a paper bag does nothing for me. What a relief to find this forum.
Avatar m tn I was wonder what could cause shortness of breath, and tightness in chest, stomach pains, and gas pressure for days, It all started after I over exhorted myself on the 5th, that night I was having trouble breathing and had a odd ache in my whole chest. Then four days ago i got gas pain/pressure in my stomach it then moved down and has been sitting there.
2131426 tn?1361423243 Hello and hope you are doing well. Your symptoms of acidity, abdominal pain and shortness of breath could all be attributed to GERD, (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease), where the acid contents of the stomach come up into the esophagus. Since medications don't seem to be helping much why don't you try life style measures. Take frequent small meals. Eat dinner about two hours before sleeping. Elevate the head end of the bed.
2131426 tn?1361423243 I experience difficulty or shortness of breath when I feel the stomach ache, just this year and I am scheduled to have an endoscopy because of this feeling wc I keep on delaying because of imagine anxiety over the procedure . I am taking pantoloc meds once a day , it regulates my acid producing stomach . It helps but the pains is still there so it must be 1.) due to my depleting hormones ? 2. Heredity ? 3.
Avatar n tn It causes shortness of breath and anxiety. The shortness of breath is very frightening. I have been to the Doctor, but of course, Im never bloated when Im at the Doctors office. Antacids dont help much, and it goes away after a couple of hours, only to return without warning, and isnt related to whether or nor Ive eaten.
Avatar n tn I had shortness of breath along with chronic diarhea, major weight lose and lots of gas..Saw lung specialist who had me pose in different positions for lung x rays (she explained that if there is fluid in lung it tends to shift)..results came back positive for OC...was also tested for ulcers and came back negative for ulcers but lots of fluid in abdomen area and same results...Why so many different tests? cause the OBGYN kept telling me these symptoms were not related to OC...
Avatar n tn I have shortness of breath alot and my lungs kinda hurt when i take deep breaths, and sometimes i get a pain in my shoulder blades but im not sure if that has anything to do with it. I do get anxiety and work myself up when i feel like im not breathing right because i want to feel a nice breath of air into my lungs so bad i get scared. It does not feel right, and then I go on google and read all these syptoms like lungs disease and so on and gets me even more scared.
Avatar m tn I have been to the hospital a couple of times to try and diagnose why I have continous stomach gas and shorness of breath. It is making it very dificult to get any rest. At one point they found fluid in my leg and went on Lasix. Now I am on Lasix to remove the fluid they found with the echo gram around my heart. I also had a cat scan and no blot clots are present in my lungs. The GI doctor told me that the best he can do is keep me on Prevacid for my gas issues.
Avatar f tn On the morning of January 25, I woke up and experienced shortness of breath. I ended up in ER the next afternoon after going into an anxiety attack from the breathing. ER ran all kinds of tests - CT scan - nothing showed, bloodwork fine, receiving oxygen at 98%. I was sent home after being given Ativan intravenously. Fast forward to today - February 20 and I still experience shortness of breath daily. The only time my breathing is normal is when I'm lying down, I'm very relaxed then.
Avatar f tn Many menstruating females become iron deficient and this can cause shortness of breath and dizziness. Please ask the doctor to check these things, as well as your hemoglobin and hematocrit. I had symptoms before when my iron was low, even when my complete blood count (CBC) didn't show any abnormality. But my iron level was tested and found to be low. Also, I'm so glad you have a mother that prays with you, if you know the Great Physician, Who knows exactly what the trouble is.
Avatar f tn You have described me to a "T" with your description of shortness of breath during my menstrual cycle. My will normally last about 2 wks. I have ask my family MD and my OB/GYN doctor and the only answer I have been given is "must be your hormones." My shortness of breath has been going on for several years, I'm now 46 yrs. old. If a doctor ever explains it to me, or determines the cause I will certainly let you know, and please do the same for me.
944027 tn?1245789895 it gets stuck in my sinuses It gets worse as my food is digesting. * shortness of breath all day long except when lying on my back can the shortness breath be realted to \the bloating in my stomach?
Avatar f tn When you hear of cysts that cause fluid and shortness of breath is usually because it is an advanced case of ovarian cancer and the pressure and subesquent symptoms have put pressure on the lungs. That said, we are all individuals, and every symptom can be the result of the interactions that are caused by the cyst. So, if you have a particular syptom, it doesn't really matter if you get validation from someone is real for you!!!
Avatar m tn There have been instances when in the middle of night i woke up along with shortness of breath and chills which were uncontrollable. And after a ride in my car in the middle of night it disappeared . I have trouble with stools also , it is dark color sometimes and with foam, i have problem with gas in stomach also , feels like there is lots of gas filled in my stomach but couldnt get it out.
Avatar f tn After I eat I have diarrhea and than feel shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat and sometimes pain in my left elbow when I bend it and right and left stomach and upper back and sometimes when i lay down i have rapid heartbeat and gas and have to get up 2 or 3 times to go pee and I've layed down and felt hungry when i wasn't and than felt bloated and lightheaded and I've went and had my blood checked and heart enzymes thyroid liver came back normal no problems and upper and lower go and ultras
Avatar n tn I get bloated very easily after eating. I burp a lot of stomach gas. Lots of belching ensues. Sometimes I feel like my esophagus swells up and then I can feel my heart beating in my chest, the fluttering and butterfly feeling. Then, this irregular beating in my chest scares me and causes anxiety, then the viscous cycle repeats. The anxiety causes more chest pain, more gas, and more discomfort. I have been trying everything to treat myself.
Avatar f tn constant, throbbing pain in the upper left stomach (I cannot stand to be touched), on/off constipation, nausea, acid reflux, gas, bloating, dizziness, shortness of breath, sometimes will vomit and I am no longer digesting my vitamins or my pain medicine (Levbid) - I also have pain now in my lower right stomach. I am very fatigued, always thirsty. I already have had a CT, an upper and lower GI scope.
Avatar n tn I seem to have sometimes dull sometimes sharp pains under my breast bone. I get bloated very easily after eating. I burp a lot of stomach gas. Lots of belching ensues. Sometimes I feel like my esophagus swells up and then I can feel my heart beating in my chest, the fluttering and butterfly feeling. Then, this irregular beating in my chest scares me and causes anxiety, then the viscous cycle repeats. The anxiety causes more chest pain, more gas, and more discomfort.
Avatar m tn I have had this for about 25 years now. It can cause shortness of breath, jaw pain, headaches, armpit and back pain. It hurts the most when laying down.. Take an advil, raise the head of your bed, take some zantac. Stop ALL carbonated drinks and coffee if u can. It works for me, i hope it works for you.
Avatar n tn You may also want to investigate a problem called "dumping syndrome" - it includes many of the symptoms you have including the sweating. There's lot's of info on the internet about it, a Google search will give you more links than you'll ever be able to read. I haven't looked yet, but I'm sure there's probably an article or two on this site as well. Following are a couple paragraphs about dumping syndrome:
Avatar n tn Practically since the day I became pregnant, I have been having problems with chest pain, shortness of breath, back pain and nausea. Oh, also racing heartbeat (120 bpm) and palpitations (can feel in chest and also when taking pulse). Initially, the shortness of breath was assumed to be my asthma acting up again. But breathing tests assured the pulmonologist that my asthma was not a factor. My OB said shortness of breath during pregnancy is normal. So that alone I could deal with.
Avatar n tn I was perfectly fine up untill one day I had severe stomach pain, sweating, shortness of breath, burping, gas, acid reflux syptoms -severe upper, middle and lower stomach pain (cramping,bloating, gas pressure pains) -diarhea the first 3 weeks of pain -now it seems more like constipation -thin pale foul smelling stools, more frequent bathroom trips -bloating after eating -gas,burping -shortness of breath do to pain and pressure from gas My pain seems like its my whole stomach area not
Avatar m tn But the symptom I still get is shortness of breath after meals.. I have trouble breath after a meal and I sometimes feel so bloated and my stomach looks like I swallowed a watermelon.. I finally saw a gastro and he recommended Omeprazol and some gas x.. I'm on my first week of Omeprazol and I am noticing that most my chest pains are gone.. I'm am experiencing headachs and strong back pains wihich I never had so I feel Omeprazol is causing my back pain..