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Avatar n tn GAS-X should neutralise any gas in her body. Well,tell your mother to stop eating spicy food.
Avatar f tn sometime i get gas buildup in my stomach that is very painful and it very hard for me to pass the gas that is rubbling threw my stomach it take hours before i can release gas gas-x want relief or make me pass gas and the pain in the upper middle of my stomach be hurting severe. Is there anything or home remedy that i can use?
Avatar f tn I bloat so bad and I am in pain until I start vomiting due to all of the build up in my stomach. I want to know if gas x or beano is safe while pregnant and if not what is. Any advice will help greatly.
Avatar n tn I'm a nutritionist. Not a nurse. However, if I were you I would get a test done called a Heidelberg Gastrogram (google this). I would also try taking Activated Charcoal capsules for the gas. You may have to take 5 at a time to get relief. Good luck!
6822962 tn?1396333259 If it still doesn't go away, you can take gas-x. It only works in the stomach and never crosses the placenta barrier so it's safe.
Avatar n tn After having the tests, my heart has settled down, no problems. Now I have stomach and intestinal gas and discomfort. I mainly feel it in my stomach and sometimes feel tension or discomfort right in the middle of my chest, perhaps in my esophagus. The feeling comes and goes and is relieved by an induced, deep belch. Sometimes I feel gas or liquids rolling in my stomach or intestines.
170935 tn?1225374676 During the procedure they blew air into her stomach to inflate it!! Since then she obviously has alot of stomach gas but she has been having non stop pvcs too!! Yesterday for about 6 hours every third beat was an ectopic!! They have calmed down alot today and she is not really bothered by them but is there a connection between gas and palps? I know i tend to burb after a pvc and after eating i definitely get more.
Avatar f tn I had them pretty bad for awhile. Try gas x.
Avatar n tn I have been having severe stomach pain with the feeling of trapped gas and belching for the last 2 wks
Avatar n tn i also have some pain underneath my right rib. it's not a dull gnawing pain, but really more of a sharp pain. it feels like gas, and it comes immediately after eating much of anything. but even when i pass some gas it doesn't seem to go away. my bowel movements have been fairly normal i think. this doesn't stop me from having an appetite, however. any clues?
Avatar f tn Most people aren't aware that laying on their right side can cause gas to build up in your colon and form a gas bubble. The way the colon is shaped and with the gas rising upward, when laying on the right side it gets trapped in the ascending and transverse sections of the colon and is not as easily expelled as it is when laying on the left side. I recommend trying some OTC treatments like beano, gas X, prilosec, prevacid, Mylanta, mylox etc. for a few days.
Avatar f tn You wouldn't feel movements until your like 16 weeks anyways, and your "movements" your feeling is probably gas, and the pain your feeling is probably a gas bubble, I had one my tenth grade year it was so painful it sent me to the er
Avatar f tn Its bad all the time but even worse at night when I'm lying down. I've tried eating yogurt every day and taking Metamucil, I've also tried gas-x and all that but it hasn't done a thing. I'm so tired of dealing with this and so wondered if anybody could help me. I've been emotionally stressed could that be causing it or is it some kind of allergy or IBS? It's been bothering me for several years but gotten progressively worse. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn There could also be pockets of gas in your intestines causing pain. If you have had a recent bowel movement within the last 24 hours that didn't produce a hard stool and you aren't gassy, then you should definitely go in to see your doctor about the pain you are experiencing. If you are constipated and gassy and the above does not help, then it is also time to go in to see your doctor.
Avatar n tn Could be anxiety I know anxiety gives me stomach pain also could be the meds I know before I was diagnosed with anxiety I went to the e.r. with stomach pain and the doc treated me for giardia (without a stool sample, boy was I stupid) Anyway the meds made me way worse on the stomach pain so you might want to check the side effects of what your taking.
Avatar f tn could be down to self indulgence and over eating yesterday- although I don't actually think I ate more than usual, but I am suffering with stomach pain. It's like a constant pain around the whole stomach. I think it may be trapped wind and have tried yoga positions, hot water and hot water bottle but no joy! I'm trying to stop myself from overthinking that something could be wrong. Any advice? I'm 21 weeks pregnant.
Avatar m tn Gave up on that and went with Gas-X. That has helped some, But now I am waiting again a couple weeks for next appointment. Gas and bloating are worse in the mornings after I get up. Actually seems to better the more I eat. It does seem to come in waves where I have a few days that are really bad, then just days with lots of belching, but little pain or discomfort.
Avatar n tn Where's the gastro piece? I have also had increased gas, less frequent bowel movements, stomach gas that makes so much noise I am afraid my cube mates will hear when I stand next to them and foul smelling feces. I am embarrassed to talk w/ others and wonder if I am imagining things? I started really paying attention and noticed that sometimes when digesting, I feel a pain in the bowel area.
Avatar n tn Try avoiding ALL dairy. I have found a sudden intolerance to dairy which leads to gas and severe stomach pain. I too have IBS and stress is a major factor. I have found I can control the stomach pain (for the most part) if I avoid stress and stay completely way from the dairy.
Avatar n tn Hot tea and Gas X... they help. I took gas-x and was drinking tea from the moment I got home (I'd read about them in earlier posts) and they really did help, since I had the whole swelly-belly thing, but only one instance of the shoulder pain. And WOW, was that one of the most painful things ever! I had someone massaging the shoulder to help move the gas along, and that helped too, but it was the most painful 10 minutes I'd ever had. There's also a Maalox/Gas-X combo product out there...
Avatar f tn Only 5 weeks and omg I have the worst gas. Worst poop cramps and when I can poop I poop every 10 minutes. And it always painful stomach pains.
Avatar n tn My back starts hurting really bad and so does my stomach, like really bad and my stomach gets tight and I have gas. Is the pain from the gas? I could barely fall asleep last night bc I hurt so bad and ended up waking up a few hours later in pain. After I woke up this morning I felt fine. I'm 24w.
Avatar f tn Try peppermint - it is a tasty way to relieve gas, nausea, and stomach pain due to an irritable bowel, intestinal cramps, or indigestion. And for the pain you can try camomille. My doctor advised me to have Duspatalin 200mg capsules. I really felt better after having taking this medicine. Less flatulence ,basically no gas ,no more abdominal cramps ,no more constipation that's what i experienced. Duspatalin is actually administered to sufferers of IBS.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing what feels like bad gas pains all day long - I have taken Gas-X, which doesnt help, and when I pass gas it still does not relieve the pain. Sometimes my back will hurt on my right side and if I lay down the gas pains and back pains will feel a lot better. If I sit a certain way (like indian style with my elbows in my lap) or if I am bent over it will hurt worse and I start to sweat.
2150728 tn?1336535201 I think that you might be able to take gas-x. Not 100% positive but I would talk to your dr. if it is causing you that much pain. My husband is borderline diabetic and was on coumadin and he would take it. Hope this helps!