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Avatar n tn I can stay erect during the entire video. But for some reason during intercourse with my girlfriend, I cant stay hard. Right as I'm about to penetrate my penis goes flaccid. I want to know if it is because of masturbation to porno. Because I am very physically and mentally attracted to my girlfriend. I'm scared I wont ecer be able to get hard and please her during intercourse. So if anyone can confirm that masterbation to porn has an E.
Avatar m tn She said before it hurt terribly during sex, but she never experienced pain in the days after or that little bit of bleeding. I have been giving her oral sex, and there is no discharge whatsoever, and she tastes perfectly normal, barely a taste at all. The pain is mostly on the deep inside of the vagina. Also, these are the only times she has ever used Trojan brand condoms, and I know trojan's lubricant is different than Lifestyles which she is used to.
Avatar n tn I am a 29 year old female I have been having some problems in the past and now with painful intercourse and bleeding during intercourse. My obgyn said that my pain and bleeding was caused from a tipped uterus. I looked this up on the internet and can find no relation between a tipped uterus and bleeding. I am wondering if I should get a second opinion or if this is common.
Avatar n tn i had 2 times stomach pain during the sex..actually i tried to STOP my sperm out by masturbation before intercourse,does it can effect?
Avatar n tn You have no idea the suffering we go through on a day to day basis looking like you have a male part instead of a female anatomy. I don't feel like a complete woman. I cannot wear sexy underwear and don't get me started on what wearing a swimsuit feels like or anything that's tight, so I'm always wearing things that are baggy and I'm soooooooooooooo tired of it. My Gynecologist says it normal, WHAT????????????!!!!!!!!! It's not normal for a female to have a LARGE bone sticking out!
Avatar f tn Some women have signs or symptoms of infection which include a frothy, yellow-green vaginal discharge with a strong odor. The infection also may cause discomfort during intercourse and urination, as well as irritation and itching of the female genital area. Lower abdominal pain can also occur. Symptoms usually appear in women within 5 to 28 days of exposure. Trichomoniasis is diagnosed by visually observing the trichomonads via a microscope.
Avatar n tn I am no doctor, but the pain in during intercourse and stomach problems could be endometriosis. I have that all over my bowels and bladder. Which would cause severe pain during intercourse, stomach aches (since it was wrapped around my bowels). They have 2 do laparoscopy surgeries on me, and I just recently had to have my gallbladder out. You may want to check into that. Hope this helps you.
Avatar n tn Pain before and during periods Pain with intercourse General, chronic pelvic pain throughout the month Lower back pain ( would be accommodated but sciatic sharp pain and radiate down my leg without chest pains) Heavy and/or irregular periods Painful bowel movements, especially during menstruation Commonly had painful urination during menstruation Fatigue, (chronic...worsened just before and during menstrual cycles.
Avatar n tn The pain in the lower right leg can be severe at times.I do not have pain in my stomach but that can also be the sign of sciatica. I also developed this out of the blue (unlike you when you run) and the conditions remain in time. Really my main problem is the right testicle pain. I would like to hear more about yours what symptoms you had in the past. Also, did they tell you what might have caused your Epididymitis? I thank you in advance for your reply.
Avatar n tn My normal color has returned and no longer am I red, raw, sore, or getting little cuts during intercourse. So for me, it all boiled down to a glycerin allergy. I wonder if I can get a refund on all those doctor appointments and tests? They were no help whatsoever and I solved the problem myself.
Avatar n tn I really like him and we seem to have great chemistry.The only issue we have is that he has a major problem maintaining an erection during intercourse and/or oral sex and he has NEVER ejaculated in the very many times that we have been intimate.I am more successful at keeping it hard during oral sex but still no ejaculation.
Avatar f tn It is still a mystery to doctors where the fluid comes from during female ejaculation and I wonder if it's linked to the watery discharge during our periods.
Avatar n tn Hi, my period is like for a day, using only slim panters, i went for toilet have a wee and then hude cloth come out, and since that i feel dizzy , extremly tired, and have stomach pain, mu nurse said could be miss carriage??????Please advised Thank you.
Avatar n tn I can't go on like this. I feel like I am miserable more than I am not. I have cramping and pain during intercourse during ovulation, followed by extreme irritability and extreme bloating, topped off by the symptoms described above once I finally start my period. So basically I feel good for about a week! I'll let you know if I find any relief!
Avatar m tn Around the same time I started having pain during intercourse, around the same area, so it felt like something was bumping that area and irritating it. Along with that I have had saliva in my throat constantly, maybe from acid reflux or something. I have been in pain for over six months now, and I have had urine tests, blood tests, a ct scan, and an ultrasound done.
Avatar n tn Regarding the joint and muscle pain...I had unprotected vag intercourse with a csw 14.5 weeks ago. Since about the 4th week I have had muscle and joint aches up until today.(sometimes severe). I tested dna pcr @18/28 days-undetected, and rapid tests @5,,7,9,10,12,and 14 weeks all negative. 2 doctors diagnosed me with PTS(post traumatic stress) Im sure these pains you have are related to the stress you have been under the last 4 months. Hang in there, and we await to hear from you. GOod luck.P.
Avatar f tn There is a lot of bloating and the pain intensifies each month as well as each day during the month. I saw my gyn yesterday and he is puzzled. He believes it is associated with my right ovary, but not with ovulation. There is no spotting during this time. I am scheduled for an ultrasound on Oct 10, which should be during the peak of the pain. How anyone experienced or heard of such a condition?
Avatar n tn But when i woke up on Tuesday, it was heavy bleeding with small clots, i had bad back pain, slight stomach cramps, and bad head ache for a couple hours. I went to the doctor and she checked my cervix and didnt notice anything abnormal and said that it was just my period and left before i can get a blood pregnancy test.(But the doctor was being really rude and rushing me and since i was bleeding while she was checking my cervix, i dont think that she could really tell).
Avatar n tn Now I too is experiencing flutteries in my stomach and lower back pain. I have taken test they all come back negative. Although there is possibly I could be pregnant cause we are trying again. But I have lost my insurance to get my meds that the doctor prescribe to me. And I can't go to the doctor for this cause I don't have insurance. So I don't know what to do now. I'm scared...Getting depressed...Don't know what to do about this...
Avatar f tn In fact, women often develop bladder infection after engaging in sexual intercourse, probably as a result of the urethra being bruised during intercourse. For that drink plenty of water throughout the day and drink a glass of water before sexual intercourse, and urinate within 15 minutes after intercourse. In addition you may need antibiotics for cystitis for which pls consult a gynecologist. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar n tn I have had clymedia in the past 6 months which was diagnosed as clear. I have no other symptons but the pain. I have no pain during intercourse of urination. As a child I had a blockage in the stomach (polorical stenosis??) and a heart murmur. I have keliod scaring problems and have a family history of cancer (breast, lung and leukemia). My partner and I are experiencing difficulties with fertility as well and I am wondering if the pain is something to do with this.
Avatar n tn i dont think that is the problem since the only symptom of prolapsed uterus i have is the bleeding during intercourse. no lower back pian, no heavy feeling, no pain. but i do have the vaginal bleeding after a bowel movement. i go to another doctor tomorrow. ill let you guys know the outcome.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your post back you have given me more data than any other Doctor. The slipping feeling I describe feels like if I do not "adjust myself" when laying down or twisting I may receive a "stabbing pain" in my back however I have prevented feeling pain directly by "adjusting" my body movements.
Avatar n tn I had a laparoscopy done about 2 weeks ago had a cyst draine and the dr, check my ovaries and falopian tubes I still have pain in the middle of my abdomen and a sharp pain in the left side of my stomach. I wonder what could it be. anyone have the same?
Avatar n tn I am an 20 year old female in good shape. Recently I have been having pain in my upper left back and side, and just below my left breast. These pains are always sharp and stabbing. They can last anywhere between seconds and minutes. They leave me feeling exhausted, sometimes makes breathing difficult, and make me dizzy. I have visited a cardiologists who ran an EKG, a stress test and a halter and all results came back within normal limits.
Avatar n tn of course it could be worse,but the pain is unbearable!I have mutliple stomach/bowel problems..and maybe endometriosis..i have laparscopy aug 9th,finally moved it because i been in so much pain and cant eat..lost 40lbs fast,im 28 and up to this point never let it get to me,always had problems with ibs.. the runs or constipation..
Avatar f tn In response to the pain I have no choice but to lie on the ground in the fetal position for about ten minutes before any of the pain subsides. During these ten minutes, I have that stitching pain that, like you all have said, feels like you're giving birth (although I've never had a baby). As I lie on the ground basically unable to move, I don't know whether or not my body wants me to throw up, go to the bathroom, or just lie there for the duration.
Avatar m tn said I was allergic to Sulfa. I kept on making excuses to get seen for a stomach pain or something. Was tired of going in saying I had some urinary infection. Last time doctor gave me doxycycline it went away for a bit, but around that time I had my wisdom tooth taken out and was given amoxcillian to prevent infection that finally took care of the symptoms.Then after that had an encounter with my ex and symptoms came again.