Stomach pain after intercourse

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Avatar f tn I have been feeling this after every encounter no matter how gentle. The pain slowly eases off after 30-45 minutes. It hurts so bad I have to stay curled up and can't walk without wanted to cry. Please can someone help I have only been feeling this past 2-3 yrs. Youngest child is 5.
Avatar n tn Hi Ladies I posted yesterday saying I had a funny feeling in my stomach(light sharp pain nothing severe) and I hadn't had AF after MC. Well last night just at the end of intercourse I got this really severe pain that lasted an hour , low down and over hips and lower back. I have never felt anything like it, I was unable to sit or lie and had to pace up and down.
Avatar n tn i was having pain during intercourse and can't the pain be because of having intercourse for the first time.
Avatar f tn I'm 21 weeks along and every time after intercourse I have awful cramps if I lay on my back the pain subsides but I literally can't walk without hunching over! Any idea why this is happening or if its even normal?
Avatar f tn my wife had similar pain after intercourse. she cant move walk . she feels so tired . She feel extreme pain below navel and in left part of lower abdomen . Does anyone find solution please do write to me at bhavin.***@**** I will be really thankful . I feel much better after reading all the stuff that she is not alone.
Avatar n tn *Pain while urinating when urine touches irritated skin. *Pain in the vagina during sexual intercourse Familiar??? do not despare tho cause yeast infections are normal and normally dissappear after a while. if persistant though, it would be wise to see a doctor for prescribed medication.
Avatar f tn If it was probably pain from you're uterus where the ovum has implanted which would cause a deep stomach pain. However, you should probably consult a doctor or checkout you're local Planned Parenthood. Also, try to think back to when you had risky/unprotected sex if you can remember. If it was about two weeks after you're period this is a common time for a viable egg to be released from the ovaries. I wish you the best.
Avatar n tn My question is - during intercourse my husband accidently penetrated one stroke - extremely deep. The day after I am experiencing pain from the inside core. Is it possible that something may be bruised?
Avatar n tn I am still in pain though, in my ovary area, back and leg and in my stomach, and also have nauseau, stomach pain on and off, constipation, etc.. It's terrible. I have some pain on the left side also, but there is no cyst there now, there was a smaller one 2 months ago.
Avatar f tn Nausea -- in up to up to 23.1 percent of women Abdominal pain (stomach pain) -- up to 17.6 percent Fatigue -- up to 16.9 percent Headaches -- up to 16.8 percent A heavier menstrual period -- up to 13.8 percent A lighter menstrual period -- up to 12.5 percent Dizziness -- up to 11.2 percent Breast tenderness -- up to 10.7 percent Vomiting -- up to 5.6 percent Diarrhea -- up to 5 percent.
Avatar n tn Only two months pregnant but have serious pain during intercourse with my husband, does this have anything to do with my pregnancy?
Avatar n tn i took the morning after pill 58 hours after intercourse. that was yesterday. today i had a sharp, but brief pain in my lower right side. it felt like a cramp similar to when you are ovulating, but my tail end of ovulation was 3 or 4 days ago. is this anything to worry about. i've never taken the pill.
Avatar f tn Whenever I have sex.. my lower stomach always hurts. One time after having intercourse the pain was soo unbearable that my boyfriend had to take me to the hospital and that resulted in the removal of my appendix. The pain isn't bad all the time.. but I can definitly feel some discomfort afterwards. Could this just be because of the moving around of everything inside?? Help!!
Avatar n tn i took the morning after pill 58 hours after intercourse. that was yesterday. today i had a sharp, but brief pain in my lower right side. it felt like a cramp similar to when you are ovulating, but my tail end of ovulation was 3 or 4 days ago. is this anything to worry about. i've never taken the pill.
Avatar m tn I am a 21 years old male and I have stomach problems after sexual relations (may it be intercourse or masturbation). A day or two after sex (usually the day after), I have loose stools and sometimes diarrhea for a few hours and then everything gets back to normal. Also, when having sex with my girlfriend, she sometimes happens to have the same problem as me. What could it be related to?
Avatar f tn I am 9weeks 5days. After my boyfriend and I had sex my stomach started to hurt. Is that normal?
Avatar f tn my last period was january the 19-24. i had sex unprotectd and the guy came in me on the 1st/2nd! startn this morning i have had lower abdominal cramps. Right above the pubic line. Nothing else seems to be accoring but the cramps. They feel more like a tightening or pinch. Keepn in mind, twins run highly in my family! so could this be a sign of pregnancy?
Avatar n tn Just recent again pain was so severe and I could not continue, I also had blood from my vagina. There is pain in my stomach and it feels very bloated and rectal pain as well, but no blood this time. I'm still in pain and it has 2 days. I have been reading all kinds of information but it appears that it could be many things. How long does it normally take to feel normal again after a hysterectomy or could it be something else stemming from my surgery? .
Avatar f tn Hello, maybe bleeding was due to rough intercourse. If it persists then I would suggest a visit to your family doctor or a gynecologist so he can estimate the factors.
Avatar n tn It would not hurt through the month just when I was on my period. Then after my period was over the pain would stop. Each prriod got a little easier the pain would not be as bad w each period. Which April I did not have the same pain as all the other period times. It only lasted 3 days and was light. An this month I've calculated wrong I'm 11 days late.
Avatar n tn -feeling of a bloated abdomen -urinary incontinence -pain during intercourse -sharp pain in my lower right abdomen -diarrhea -fatigue -I could feel the darn thing but thought it was my bladder. Check out what was taken out at Here is what I posted the other day: I am on the pill and went to the emergency room on July 21st because I had extreme pain in my lower right abdomen. I thought it was appendicitis.