Stomach pain during intercourse

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Avatar f tn Pain during intercourse!! When I say that I don't mean pain with my vagina. I have a problem with pain in my stomach when having intercourse. I can do just a couple of positions and be ok but all the others it sends pain throughout my stomach. It didn't use to be that way till I had a child. Please help me, I'm tired of the same positions cause of my stomach!! Is there something wrong with me?!?! I want my sex life back!!!!!
Avatar n tn *Pain while urinating when urine touches irritated skin. *Pain in the vagina during sexual intercourse Familiar??? do not despare tho cause yeast infections are normal and normally dissappear after a while. if persistant though, it would be wise to see a doctor for prescribed medication.
Avatar f tn I am on the pill (jasmin) but have skipped quite a few randomly, not in a row or anything but over some time now and would like to know if missing pills can be linked to me bleeding heavily all over the sheets during intercourse. I dont understand how this could have happened randomly one night and am scared to have sex again incase it happens again.
Avatar m tn I also have the pain that you discribe, It has actually drove me crazy for 2 years now. I have been to every type of doctor you can think of and taken about every test around. I see an Orthopedic Sergon for lower back problems and the other day I pulled a muscle in my Butt, I realized that it was shooting from my butt through my stomach (Ovary area) and down into my vaginal area. I tried to tell My Doctor but he just looked at me funny.
Avatar n tn I can stay erect during the entire video. But for some reason during intercourse with my girlfriend, I cant stay hard. Right as I'm about to penetrate my penis goes flaccid. I want to know if it is because of masturbation to porno. Because I am very physically and mentally attracted to my girlfriend. I'm scared I wont ecer be able to get hard and please her during intercourse. So if anyone can confirm that masterbation to porn has an E.
Avatar m tn She said before it hurt terribly during sex, but she never experienced pain in the days after or that little bit of bleeding. I have been giving her oral sex, and there is no discharge whatsoever, and she tastes perfectly normal, barely a taste at all. The pain is mostly on the deep inside of the vagina. Also, these are the only times she has ever used Trojan brand condoms, and I know trojan's lubricant is different than Lifestyles which she is used to.
Avatar n tn The main symptom of PID is lower abdominal pain, usually described as crampy or as constant and dull. This pain may get worse during bowel movements, sexual intercourse, or urination. You may also have one or more other symptoms, including: A sense of pressure in the pelvis. Low back pain. Sometimes this pain spreads down one or both legs. Abnormal discharge, such as yellow-, brown-, or green-colored discharge or an increased amount of discharge from the vagina.
Avatar f tn Hey , I'm 17 and ive had chlamydia & gonorrhea in the past . I have got them treated . I have one sex partner , my boyfriend & never did my stomach hurt during sex . But about 3 days ago we had sex and the pain was so bad I had to tell him to get off me . And afterwards it was hurting to the point were I barley could walk .. about 1hour later the pain went away . My boyfriend had went to the doctor and they said he had a yeast infection .. if he has that don't I have it too ?
Avatar n tn My question is - during intercourse my husband accidently penetrated one stroke - extremely deep. The day after I am experiencing pain from the inside core. Is it possible that something may be bruised?
Avatar f tn Nausea -- in up to up to 23.1 percent of women Abdominal pain (stomach pain) -- up to 17.6 percent Fatigue -- up to 16.9 percent Headaches -- up to 16.8 percent A heavier menstrual period -- up to 13.8 percent A lighter menstrual period -- up to 12.5 percent Dizziness -- up to 11.2 percent Breast tenderness -- up to 10.7 percent Vomiting -- up to 5.6 percent Diarrhea -- up to 5 percent.
Avatar n tn Only two months pregnant but have serious pain during intercourse with my husband, does this have anything to do with my pregnancy?
Avatar n tn I am a 29 year old female I have been having some problems in the past and now with painful intercourse and bleeding during intercourse. My obgyn said that my pain and bleeding was caused from a tipped uterus. I looked this up on the internet and can find no relation between a tipped uterus and bleeding. I am wondering if I should get a second opinion or if this is common.
Avatar m tn Hi Peter, It sounds like your girlfriend should probably follow up with a family doctor or a Gynocologist. Is her pain more in her stomach/pelvic region or is it more in the vagina area? Does she have abnormal or normal cycles? There are many different problems, health issue's and infections that can be causing her pain and discomfort. Just to name a few; Endometriosis, infections, thyroid and hormonal problems have all been known to cause these symptoms.
Avatar n tn About 6 months ago, during orgasm, not during intercourse, I experienced a sharp shooting pain in my lower left abdomen. I am 35 years old, in good health. I went to an my gynecologist for a scan about 2 months later since I first felt the pain. I thought I had an avarian cyst as the spasms I felt during orgasm where concentrate quite near the left ovaria region. The scan came clear and the doctor couldn't see anything wrong around my lower pelvic.
Avatar n tn A lot of it, I think, has to do with me not being comfortable during sex. The tightening of my stomach and the baby kicking at the same time (she is VERY active) is just not comfortable at all. The desire is just gone. not that I had a high sex drive before getting pregnant, but I especially do not have one now. Anyway, this is hard for my husband. He has a very high sex drive. But he understands it not being comfortable for me so he has been very good about it.
Avatar n tn I am 29 I am married, since November of 12 I have had severe pains in my abdomen but only when I was on my period felt like a sharp,stabbing burning pain but did not hurt after intercourse or during the rest of the month as the months past my period got lighter and shorter only one month was heavy and the pain depleted.
Avatar n tn -feeling of a bloated abdomen -urinary incontinence -pain during intercourse -sharp pain in my lower right abdomen -diarrhea -fatigue -I could feel the darn thing but thought it was my bladder. Check out what was taken out at Here is what I posted the other day: I am on the pill and went to the emergency room on July 21st because I had extreme pain in my lower right abdomen. I thought it was appendicitis.
Avatar n tn i had 2 times stomach pain during the sex..actually i tried to STOP my sperm out by masturbation before intercourse,does it can effect?
369941 tn?1218660374 Last night I had sudden sharp pain in my lower stomach during intercourse. My husband and I stopped but it just got worst and I couldn't move at all for an hour. The pain seemed to jump all over my stomach but most of it was in my very low abdomen. Very slowly the pain went away. I thought it might have been something with my bladder but today I could feel that my cervix and what feels to be my uterus was really swollen and still tender.
Avatar n tn i was having pain during intercourse and can't the pain be because of having intercourse for the first time.
Avatar f tn I just started taking BCP, but it's almost too late because I know it has already grown back. If you are having pain during intercourse, it's possible that the endo is causing the pain. It's very frustrating because there is no way to stop it completely. It's really your call what you do at this point, but continue to work with your dr on options that are best for you. I hope that your pain gets better soon! Good Luck!