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Avatar n tn i have a pain in my stomach just underneath my breasts it feels like something is stuck . i cant stop burping and it feels like my food wants to come back up . not really got an apettite.please can you help.
492921 tn?1321289896 I took my vitamins and ate a banana about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. About 15 minutes later my stomach started to get upset and a very sharp pain started. It's now been over 12 hours. The pain keeps coming and going. I thought it was just indigestion. I keep burping little burps and relieves the pain for a few seconds. I have taken a few rolaids then I tried Mylanta and nothing is working. If I eat it makes the pain 10 times worse.
Avatar f tn My psrents had some nexium and I started taking that and it helped with the burping slightly. I then started getting a pain high up in my abdomen right under my breastbone and a burning feelumg in my back. It then moved to just a dull stomach ache that would come in waves. I went to the Gastoenterologist and I had an upper endoscopy performed on Monday 3/4/09. Hw said that I had acid reflux but he wantef me to wait for the biopsy results of the endoscopy. Those results should be back next week.
Avatar f tn The pain is usually behind her navel sometimes radiating to the sides. Occasionally accompanied by nausea. No heartburn, but she does get some relief when she burps. Nexium has been prescribed off and on for her, but sometimes seems to cause nausea. Bowel movements are normal, no diarrhea, constipation, or bloating. Any thoughts? Would a food allergy test be of any value?
Avatar n tn Hello, Gender: Male Age: 24 Weight: around 140 lbs. I have burping every 10-15 minutes almost for two months. It has not gone away. Sometimes when I sit and dont move my body a lot the burping slows down, meaning I wont have burp until 17 or 18 minutes have gone by. I don't get nauseated. I get a dull pain that goes away but doesn't happen everyday. I am worried it might be stomach cancer. I hope someone will shed light on this.
Avatar m tn Recently my dad has been burping more than normal. He has always burped a lot, but I don't understand how he just burps randomly without having just eaten or drank anything. It worries me immensely because I was looking online and found that people with cancer burp a lot. I found that one person said that her dad had been burping more than normal before he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. My dad doesn't complain about the burping, it's just something that I have noticed.
Avatar m tn ve been burping a lot lately. I feel like my stomach is always bloated. Going to the bathroom and burping make me feel a little better usually. 2 summers ago I saw a cardiologist after I experienced some pretty intense chest pain, I thought i was having a heart attack. They did tests, ekg, holter monitor, stress test, found nothing. I really have no idea what it could be but i think it may be gas related or some type of acid reflux? I have no idea.
Avatar f tn Hello ladies, Im 8 wks and 5 days pregnant and last night i had this pain in my lower stomach is it normal? Nd sometimes i hear burping Sounds in my tummy does anyone know what it is?
17213106 tn?1456525991 There is dull pain that starts right where my ribs meets and radiates down both sides of my stomach. The dull pain is also in my back. I can't eat due to extreme nausea(I have a weird phobia, so I refuse to get sick). I burp and my stomach rumbles and flutters a lot. This is worse at night, and no matter what, I usually wake up around 2am feeling sick..I jump out of bed grab a Sprite or water until the feeling subsides. I can't lay flat on my back or stomach.
Avatar f tn For about a week now Ive been getting stomach pain, minor but there. I've had nausea, and a overall full gross feeling in my upper stomach, along with bloating, burping up acid, and burping in general, and soft stool. I'm losing it at this point and can't see a doctor yet. Any ideas doctors normally don't help at all.
Avatar n tn t recall it causing burping. However burping can be a sign of an ulcer, and difeofenac is hard on the stomach. Did you stop the omeprazole? Did you get an upper GI scope to look for signs of acid reflux or a large hiatal hernia (the latter can cause burping, the former, acid reflux, can tend to be worse at night if you are lying pretty flat)? And a problem with the gallbladder can cause burping too. Have you had an ultrasound or HIDA scan looking at it lately? See PM for more info.
Avatar f tn About a week ago I got a severe pain in the middle of my stomach just below my ribs.. I was sick all night and and threw up and had diaherra.. since then I have been fine but have had this consant squeezing pain in the same area of the stomach although not near as bad as last week and I no longer have any throwing up or diaherra. could this just be a bad reflux flare up or could it be more serious like stomach cancer..
1027094 tn?1327429732 It started about a month ago. I just started burping like NONE stop. I had severe pain in my upper abdomen for about 2 to 3 days. I've taken nexium, prilosec, antacids, NOTHING worked. Though the pain is gone ( comes back from time to time) I just can't stop burping. I even feel like puking sometimes. ( NO I am NOT pregnant) I don't get a funny taste in my mouth either. Though sometimes it does almost make me puke to where I need to quick swallow. I know, gross.
1387175 tn?1326400997 So Whats The Use Of Hospitals If People Dont Care For Other People....I am Suffering With Bone Pain Stomach/Pancratis Pain For 4 Months And Nobody Can Do Anything About It I Drink Water And I am Bloated..
10203682 tn?1418693754 It so gross my stomach is really upset the doctor said I was probably getting the flu and gave me tamiflu now my nausea is gone but I still have diarrhea although it's much less frequent than before but now I'm burping a lot and it tastes like eggs and I haven't even eaten eggs it's so gross!! I already took tums but it's not helping what do I do?!??
Avatar m tn I took my peppermint pill (normally take it fine, rarely have issues) with water and about 5 minutes later found myself burping and almost had the water come back up. I then noticed that my stomach was bloated and my seat belt was tighter. I have been burping a lot in the last 2 hours, besides the burps, mild pain right below my ribcage in the center, a little bit of burning in my throat and a tiny bit in my stomach and a minor amount of bloating.
Avatar f tn I suffer from acid reflux. I take Prevacid which works great. My only complaint is i burp loudly and continually through the night, waking me up. It doesn't burn it's like I just have a lot of air on my stomach and I can't stop burping. Could someone tell me what could be the cause of this and what can I do to stop it so I can get a full nights rest.
Avatar f tn Usually I would burp after drinking soda or right after eating. However, recently I have been burping more often. Usually at night I experience a series of small burps. Often I find myself forcing the burps in order to relieve pressure in my stomach and in my chest. I drink coffee on a regular basis but don't eat that many fatty foods and work out frequently. I do eat fast which might be causing it, but why does it occur at night? What am I experiencing?
Avatar m tn For the past 3 weeks I have constant nausea, abdominal pain, bloating, burping, and ******** sticky poo. What is happening to me?
Avatar f tn I have been having these types of symptoms for year. I have been through every medical test there is to go through, and I have given up. If you tell someone what is happening, they say, better go to the Dr. It could be your heart. Drs say it isn't. I have chest pain, that can be anywhere and it can shoot from one side to the other. I have under arm pain. I have arm pain that can mild to irritating and can be in my elbow or go down to my hand.
Avatar m tn m constipated too and this chest pain hits me once in a while burping and heaviness after food is still there. I had very bad eating routines before, mostly skipping breakfast and lunch and depending on dinner.
Avatar f tn when I eat beef i get horrible stomach pains that i can almost feel moving through my digestive track.. is that just a sensitive stomach or is it related?
Avatar f tn They usually last several days, and then go away. Most of his pain is in the lower part of his stomach. He has been through an MRI, endoscope (esphogasus), blood work, xrays. His dr. is telling us that he just has acid reflux, but we are wondering if it can be something more. Please help us and let us know what we should do.
Avatar n tn t figure out what is wrong or what is the cause of it. He starts burping like crazy, non stop burping. This burping is accompanied by chest pain, left arm pain, presurre in the thoraxic cavity, near fainting spells, short of breath. He feels like he can not breathe. He had a cardiac workup done everything well.(EKG,VQ Scan,treadmill,etc. Thyroid ultrasound, CXR, CT Sinus, EGD, UGI, blood work, sleep disorder, allergy screening.