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Avatar n tn An ulcer may cause persistent burping, indigestion, and pain that comes and goes in the upper abdomen. A tumor may cause burping that occurs with nausea, decreased appetite, and persistent abdominal discomfort and fullness after eating. Other conditions that may cause burping include: Slowed movement of food through the intestines (motility disorders). Blocked passage of food through the stomach or intestines (bowel obstruction or gastric outlet obstruction).
Avatar f tn I have no pains just constant nausea and burping. This usually happens when I have an empty stomach and all the symptoms seem to go away as soon as i eat something. I do smoke and I am starting to consider that this may be the main reason...being of all the air that gets sucked in. Anything would help??????
Avatar n tn I have to add I've had digestive type issues (indigestion, occasional stomach pain) all throughout my childhood (I'm 30 now) and was tested for H. Pylori, had an ultrasound of my abdomen, even brain MRI and everything indicates I'm a healthy person. What could be causing these periodic bouts of digestion problems? I appreciate any help.
Avatar m tn I started looking up my symptoms on the internet - chest pains, burping, headache, nausea - the most logical answer was that I had acid reflux, so I started on Prilosec OTC. The next morning, which was Thanksgiving, I found an urgent care that was open and went in to clear my mind, to hopefully confirm that it was just acid reflux. They gave me an EKG and an IV with fluids and nausea meds, did a few limited blood tests.
Avatar f tn I have been having nausea and stomach pain for around a week. It can start in the morning or develop throughout the day. I am 20 years old if that matters. The pain is right under my ribs on the left and it tends to feel better if I push on it. It also happens on the right but not as much. When it is on the right it is lower and more on my back. The nausea comes and goes and gets worse after I eat. I am not eating as much and in the past week I have lost a few pounds.
Avatar n tn I sometimes have involunatary burping and a feeling of pressure/soreness in my middleupper stomach just below breastbone. There is no pain just a pressure that sometimes wraps around the chest and back on either side.Feels like hands wrapped around my midsection and squeezing.This pressure seems to move around. Sometimes on the left or right. It leaves as fast as it comes and is intermittant all day. I have stomach grumbling, little bit of gas, bloating which may go down a little further.
Avatar f tn It went away until later that day when I ate a hamburger and, as soon as I took the first bite, was overthrown with nausea and pain in my stomach. That was around 3 or so weeks ago and I haven't had the stomach pain until today. Since then, I just get really nauseated after eating certain things -- I burp a lot and acid and food starts to come up (with burping or on their own). But I haven't puked once.
Avatar n tn The holidays were taking its toll. Thinking it had something to do with reflux due to stomach pain and burping, I tried Prilosec. Horrible nausea came from that. After speaking with the doctors office, they recommended trying Previcid. Tried seamed to help a little bit. I had taken this for 7 days, 30mg per day. Since stopping this OTC, I still have a lump feeling in my throat, and when I eat at night, it feels like my stomach is weighted down. No irregularity.
290018 tn?1240369468 Well I have the nausea, my bb's are a little tender but not to bad. I am exhausted and the only other thing is i started getting indigeston lastnight. Oh and I have this horrible pressure/pain feeling between my legs. I'm alredy getting really big too. Are you showing yet?
Avatar n tn He has been complaining of a bubble on his left side or stomach pressure, excessive burping after he eats or when he doesn't eat at all, mild nausea (has never vomited and is usually fine a mintue later), he said the pressure is not cramps and is not painful just uncomfortable, a few times he has said there is just a dull ache. Burping and passing gas usually relivies the pressure and he will feel better.
Avatar n tn Hi, Clindamycin can cause colitis which may present with fever, crampy abdominal pain, diarrhea. Nausea/burping may occur as side effects of clindamycin. ================================================================ The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem. - Ratnakar Kini M.D.
Avatar n tn For the last three months or so (ie before I came here) I have had issues with constant burping and very occasionally a loss of appetite that typically only lasts a few hours. Since I came to the USA, I thought I found blood in my excrement, but a FOBT was negative and after isolating certain aspects of my diet, I am pretty sure that the dis-coloration was due to eating watermelon.
Avatar f tn I feel sick pretty much everyday now, nausea and just my stomach...ohh. the pain...regaRDLess I've been feeling a bit less depressed but in the last 2 days I've been irritable as hell! and had a headache, i think its just withdrawl from not enough dope lately. Havent been able to fall asleep easily at all, sweating a ton, hot flashes all the time..Its shiit. I was thinking last night, I hate being a slave to something, truly truly I are so many of us out there...
Avatar n tn They found the H-pylori bacteria. However, she said that was not the cause of the nausea and pain in my stomach area. They treated me anyway. It took several months for me to feel better. The dr. said all this was caused by anxiety. My response was that I only got the anxiety from her bedside manner! I was free of symptoms for a couple of years, then I took a lot of aspirin and ibuprofen for a back problem. The syptoms of nausea and belching returned and I couldn't eat again.
Avatar m tn I have belching, loads. Gas pain, gas in general. Heartburn. Abd pain. Nausea. It's terrible. I have a SLEW of GI meds in my medicine cabinet. Like I told my MD yesterday, I HATE taking all these meds...but like you even just water bothers me. Until someone figures something out...I've been taking prescribed prilosec 20mg a day. Zantac over the counter when the heartburn gets real bad. Just an FYI, both of these medications cause increased gas. For me, especially the zantac.
Avatar n tn The problem is although the burning sensation has subsided , even after all these medicines and tests, i am now getting nausea (heavy) 3 hours after mealtime (especially lunch), with constant burping. The burping / Bleching is in such a manner, that the food i ate 3 hours back tends to come in the breath. As if its undigested. As of now , my doctor again prescribed me Domperidone for the nausea/ vomiting , as he says it could be a motility problem.
Avatar f tn For almost 2 months now I have had chronic daily nausea (all day on and off, in bouts of an hour or so), more than usual burping and some upper right stomach discomfort - nhot exactly pain, but a spasm-ing, turning sort of feeling. Sometimes i have upper stomach pain but not always. My BMs are normal, if a bit looser, my urine sometimes smells strong (but mostly not) and my appetite is ok, in fact I feel empty and hungry a lot. (I have done a pregnancy test and its negative!
Avatar n tn Most of the times it get worse after eating or after a bowel movement. The pain is over navel and all the stomach region. I have nausea, vertigo ( im not pregnant), burping somtimes after eating. I dont have hurtburn. The pain is strong and it is 24/7. It is worst in the region over navel.
1510910 tn?1290216249 Have they given you anything for it? Just because you don't feel burning doesn't mean it's not acid reflux...
Avatar f tn My symptoms are very lenghty. Nausea, constipation burning in stomach, burping, gas pain around belly button and gurgling in stomach and chest, food stuck in throat pain ing abdomen(right side and left side_ I am really disgusted and gaining weight also. I have gerd, hashimoto's disease, ibs and hiatal hernia. The nausea and burning in stomach started three days ago and seem to be here to stay. I take aciphex 20mg. once a day. Does anyone else have this type of issue and what do you do?
Avatar n tn i have a pain in my stomach just underneath my breasts it feels like something is stuck . i cant stop burping and it feels like my food wants to come back up . not really got an apettite.please can you help.
Avatar f tn I've been having gastro problems on and off for about 3 years. The symptoms were coming and going every 4-6 weeks usually lasting 2-3 days. In the last few months, they've been far more common and consistent. I have the symptoms now and have had them for about 5 days. I've seen my GP/Doctor and will be seeing him again in 10 days but I want to try and understand what's going on. Symptoms - bloating of abdomen - belching/gas - at times constant burping every 5 seconds for 10-20 minutes.
Avatar n tn The holidays were taking its toll. Thinking it had something to do with reflux due to stomach pain and burping, I tried Prilosec. Horrible nausea came from that. After speaking with the doctors office, they recommended trying Previcid. Tried seamed to help a little bit. I had taken this for 7 days, 30mg per day. Since stopping this OTC, I still have a lump feeling in my throat, and when I eat at night, it feels like my stomach is weighted down. No irregularity.
Avatar n tn 30 in the morning with terrible stomach pain, nausea, dry heaving, and sometimes diahrea. He wanted me to continue the protonix and added carafate. Finally, I did research and found the protonix could be the cause, I stopped it and started the carafate. Within 2 days I felt better. After a week on the carafate the symptoms started again, so I cut out the carafate. Again began feeling better but then started again when I woke again at 4:30 with stomach pain, nausea, dry heaving.
Avatar f tn An ache or burning pain in your abdomen Nausea Vomiting Frequent burping Bloating Weight loss H. pylori infection is caused by the H. pylori bacterium. H. pylori is primarily passed from person to person through direct contact with saliva or fecal matter. H. pylori can also be spread through untreated water. H. pylori bacteria enter your body through your mouth and passes into your digestive system. The stomach and its stomach acid make a hostile environment for many bacteria. But the H.
Avatar n tn 2 weeks ago I had a stomach flu. Since then I feel nauseous all the time, burping before and especially after meals; when burp I feel acid in my mouth, feeling of tightness in a upper stomach, no pain. I also feel like something is turning around in the esophagus but it doesn't feel like the heartburn would feel after a fatty meal. Please help!
1387175 tn?1326404597 So Whats The Use Of Hospitals If People Dont Care For Other People....I am Suffering With Bone Pain Stomach/Pancratis Pain For 4 Months And Nobody Can Do Anything About It I Drink Water And I am Bloated..