Stomach cramps early sign pregnancy

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Avatar f tn In early pregnancy do u start to feel soreness on the sides of your Lowe stomach??
5689196 tn?1373488229 I am 20 and I'm 5 weeks and 6 days but I've been experiencing stomach cramps so far, is that normal, what should i do to soothe my stomach.
Avatar f tn Me and my fiance are trying for an baby the last six days I have been getting really bad stomach cramps no period yet ive done two pregnancy tests and they have both been negative im constantly checking to see if ive come on I havent been to the doctors yet the stomach cramps have gone away for now.what should I do?
Avatar f tn lets c what happens. is a gassy stomach also included in a early sign of preganncy i am having diff sign everyday but still donno if i am or no.
Avatar n tn Cramping in early pregnancy can be normal. Make sure you stay hydrated enough if you are not it can make it worse. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I was sent to hospital, had a scan and all good, they aren't sure what's causing it but said it may be to do with not eating much, they gave me a bunch of meds, I stuffed my face and felt fine
Avatar f tn Cramping in early pregnancy can be normal, as long as it is not accompanied with spotting or bleeding. Try not to worry.. All the best!
Avatar f tn my stomach is extremely sore it hurts. and I'm getting cramps and lots of discharge. should i be worried? i worry a lot but this time something doesn't feel right i've been feeling weird since last night. and my jerk babys daddy isn't helping and thinks I'm being a baby.
991778 tn?1249402994 they can be a sing of anything not just pregnancy can be a sign of ur period coming but if u fell uneasy take the test.
Avatar f tn Every pregnancy is different. i bled at 6 wks-red like a period... no cramps though, i am now 12 w tomorrow.... i know bleeding AND cramps together can be a sign of a miscarriage... have you passed any clots? When you go to the loo check each time.... I would personally go to the ER.... because it sounds like a threatened miscarriage. ER may be able to do the scan for you ASAP. good luck.
Avatar f tn Is it possible to have spotting and cramps and be pregnant, In the real early stages?
Avatar n tn hi i am 9 days post 3 day single frozen embryo transfer and have had very slight tummy cramps.. since 6 days post.. the tummy cramps are subsiding and now i have the feeling of slight nausea and dizziness off and on, i dont have sore breasts, just headache today... has anyone else had this and is it a good sign or not.. urine hpt is due on the 22nd april as we dont have beta....
Avatar n tn Well I had really sore boobs, and missed my period, done a test but didn't wait long enough for it!
Avatar f tn Some women say that early labor feels like bad period cramps. That being said you should still have your stomach getting hard if you are having contractions. I would assume you have some sort of stomach bug if it is going on for as long as it is. The other thing to consider is that sometime pelvic cramping and pressure etc can be symptoms of a UTI or bladder infection etc. It may be worth your time to give a urine sample to make sure nothing else is going on.
709912 tn?1229203300 It might be early labor. I have read where premature labor can feel like menstrual cramps. It could also be Braxton hicks but Im not sure. If you have more than 4 cramps an hour, you should call your OB ASAP. That is what the OB nurse told me on Friday when I was having contractions showing on the monitor, although I didn't feel them.
1109996 tn?1267012897 I am HOPING this is a good sign. I am glad to see your post because I was wondering the same IS too early for implantation, right??
Avatar f tn Cramping is not uncommon during early pregnancy (or at other times in pregnancy). Congratulations on your pregnancy!!
284738 tn?1283106819 I was wondering if this is a sign of early pregnancy also
Avatar f tn My breasts were Incredibly sore which I never had that happened before having a period and I had worse cramps than usual as well. And I had a lot more discharge. I took a pregnancy test 6 days after my missed period.
Avatar f tn im having preterm labor signs i called my doctor ealier today he put me to bed rest and i did but the symtoms dont go away im having cramps and back pain that goes to my stomach like small contractions i have diarihea should i just take myself to the hospital or wait till tmorow?