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1437875 tn?1283834484 For the last almost three weeks I have had sore throat, head ache, cough, body ache, weight gain (around the bottom of my stomach). Could this be a sign of pregnancy?
Avatar m tn Symptoms related to pregnancy do not show up within a day. It takes at least 7-14 days after ovulation for implantation to occur and only after implantation can symptoms start. You don't always bleed with sexual intercourse. I didn't. Many women don't. The hymen is often broken by other things. Sports, running, tampons, or sexual activity. If your penis was anywhere inside of her no matter how long it was, it's seen as sex and does carry a risk of pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Severe cramping on one side can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy. If cramps last for more than an hour, are accompanied by fever or chills, or you experience bleeding or vaginal discharge you should inform you doctor. I always recommend speaking with your doctor if you are concerned. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope you are feeling better.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if this is a sign of ovulation? Or is this a side effect of the clomid? This is my first cycle on the clomid.. i took it on CD3 - CD7. Today is CD24 and im supposed to call the nurse if i dont get a period next tues which i doubt i'll get it cause im very irregular and have to be on provera to induce a period. I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on what is causing this popping sensation/dull ache on one breast.
1841787 tn?1319272045 It is only one possible symptom of a loss, but it is also a symptom of a normal pregnancy. No bleeding right? So that's good. I know this is so scary, but you are not out yet. There is no reason to believe at this point that anything is wrong at all. I know how you feel though..after experiencing losses it's hard not to worry...impossible actually. So just try to take it day by day. Thinking of you.
Avatar f tn Discharge can be a sign of pregnancy but i would personally not take this as a sign that you are as not a day goes by for me without some kind of discharge so it is hard to use discharge as a pregancy sign in my opinion but then if you dont normally get discharge and you have started to expereince alot then it very well could be a sign for you!! good luck. When are you testing?
Avatar n tn But i have this white discharge for about a week or 2, and i can't remember if it could be a sign of pregnancy. I already have an 11 month old and already forgot alot of the symptoms. But if anyone could help, i'd appreciate it. By the way, im also having alot of cramps in my stomach, if anyone knows what thats about to, id like to know. Thanks guys!
Avatar n tn C, i used to suffer from irregular periods but for the last 7 months or so my periods have been regualr and i have a 28 - 30 day cycle, anyway i am 9 days late today i was due to have my period on the 6th November and on that day i got the cramping that i normally get when i am going to start my period but not as painful so i thought that my period was here but im now 9 days late and still no period im sill getting a mild cramping pain but no sign of my period just yet i also look and feel reall
Avatar f tn having stomachache or diarrhea during pregnancy isn't a good sign. Try to eat at a clean place (if eating out) and don't eat left over. You should go to see your dr. I'm almost 7 weeks and i don't have stomach pain.
299260 tn?1304219705 My whole stomach is just one big cramp. I'm just not sure if this is a positive sign or if it's AF wanting to show (even though I never get like this even before AF). What do you think? Has anyone felt like this & ended up with a BFP??? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I'm close to 27wks and just wondering whether anyone feels like they're tummy is sensitive? Like after eating or drinking I feel like stomach ache/diarrheoa sensation coming on...but it doesnt result in runny tummy...also, last night whilst sleeping I felt this sharp pain probably near my diaphragm/below boobs that felt like I was tearing? Is this a sign of things stretching? Felt weird and didn't know what to make of it, so I just drank some water.
10401688 tn?1409864619 I wouldn't take it as a sign of pre-term labour because there are so many things that can cause a diarrhoea that are not related to labour.
363028 tn?1222234568 I was just doing some light housecleaning and noticed that my lower back is quite sore. I'm not expected for AF until Monday and I never have this symptom with AF. Is this a sign of pregnancy? I keep getting new things everyday. The cramps are still here (off and on), I was lightheaded yesterday. I know the lower back pain is associated with miscarriages as well. My pain isn't BAD by any means just sore. Any pointers? Thanks!
1486020 tn?1354032075 I want to know what the first sign of pregnancy was for you! Other than a missed period or positive HPT, what was the first clue you had that made you think "could I be pregnant?".
521640 tn?1277411462 So going by those dates I am only about 6/7 dpo. I have been getting light stomach cramps, low back ache and sorry if this is way too much information but lots of discharge, which today has been very white and one point I thought it looked abit yellow too but not too sure about that! I would like to know if anyone thinks it would be possible to have these kinda feelings about a week before AF is due???
Avatar n tn however I have done some research and have come to find that soreness in the lower tummy can also be a very bad sign of a tubal pregnancy. Where the fertilized egg accidentaly ataches to the falopian tube and begins to grow there! So needless to say I will be setting up a doc. Appt like ASAP!
Avatar f tn I would still consult your gnea doc it can be a sign of low progestorone! Like earthangle said it is pretty normal aslong as its not bright red,clotting, back ache,stomach ache but i would defo consult your doc or GP just to be on the safe side,cant hurt can it and if your anything like me youll only worry if your mind isnt put at rest atleast they can monitor you!.
Avatar f tn I've also have a really windy rumbly stomach. Are any of these symptons a sign of pregnancy? I normally get ovulation pain on and off for a couple of days but nothing like what I've got now. I've also been having back ache, sore breasts on and off and have been off my food in the middle of the day for over a week. I really don't want to take a HPT unless I'm really sure I'm having definite pregnancy symptons because I'm sick of being disappointed and hurt.
Avatar f tn anyone familiar or heard, know, experienced taking subutex while pregnant? i am now on 1mg per day and there is limited studies. please help.
Avatar n tn I have a missed period for 15 days now and have had the stomach flutters on my right side of my abdomen but no other signs of pregnancy... Home pregnancy test came back negative.. I have a doc appointment tomorrow, will keep every one posted. There is no way I am pregnant..
Avatar n tn I haven't taken them in around 3 weeks and still haven't had even the slightest sign of a period. I only had the very irregular (only lasted a couple of days, was very light, and was brownish blood/discharge) period 3 weeks ago and I was still taking the pills at that time.
189019 tn?1195519853 Ladies, remember that 99% of pregnancy have "cysts" that develop. These are corpus litum (sp) cysts which help maintain the pregnancy and disappear by the time you are approximately 12-13 weeks. Just because you have a cyst does not mean it is a bad thing, and if they are small, .01-5.99cm you should be perfectly fine. Rarely do cysts that small twist upon themselves.
374593 tn?1257883550 things appear to be going well since getting my BFP, but of course have a ton of thoughts racing through my head! one of them is the scare of what if i had an ectopic pregnancy.. i'm on heparin and asprin.. and usually my RE's office schedules their fetal ultrasounds at 6wk2 days. but they (the nurses) said that since we weren't 100% sure of the date of conception, they were going to schedule it later - at almost 8 weeks!.. which i thought, ok i'll just have to be patient..
1250698 tn?1371354879 My cousin had a negative preg test and is showing more symptoms of pregnancy than I *Fingers crossed* morning sickness or sore breasts as of yet.
Avatar n tn However, during my last period my husband and i had sex and now i am having very swollen breast though my cycle is not due, so i don't think it's PMS. Can this be a sign of pregnancy??? I am also suffering with a lot of gasy nauseous feelings, especially after I eat. Also, is it possible for conception to happen even tho sex was performed during my period???
Avatar f tn Just5 thinking about it and I want to throw up, which is not a good state of mind when you are terrified of pregnancy. My stomach area is churned and I feel gross constantly. It doesnt help that I am far from home and not due back for three and a half month, so I don't even know how an abortion would work where I am right now. It just makes it worst.