Stomach cramps in pregnancy

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Avatar f tn Cramping in early pregnancy can be normal, as long as it is not accompanied with spotting or bleeding. Try not to worry.. All the best!
Avatar f tn Then you're probably not pregnant. Stomach cramps alone are not indicative of pregnancy abd your other symptoms aren't at all. Are you tracking ovulation?
Avatar f tn However sometimes, I have cramping that is only in one side and a little stronger than the other cramps. It has me wondering if im having a tubal pregnancy. i am seeing a military doctor and cannot get into the dr. till the end of the month and I am wondering if this is something that I should go to the ER about. Hoping to get some help from someone that knows more than I. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Am 10 weeks and I was just wondering is it normal to have stomach cramps, just worried due a previous ectopic and mc.
Avatar f tn Hello I have been experiencing stomach cramps today. I am 33 weeks pregnant. Has anyone else been experiencing cramps?
Avatar f tn i am currently 6 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and i have a lot of stomach cramps as well. The nausea for me is just now starting but very slowly. I am constantly finding myself extremely tired as well. I have also experienced some frequent lower back pain and many headaches. But its all very worth it.
Avatar f tn I just found out that I'm pregnant & am 5 weeks. I started getting stomach cramps the past 2 days. Is that normal?
Avatar n tn I had pain in the beginning of my pregnancy at 5 weeks almost felt like period cramps but a lot worse. I went to the e.r(that's how I found out I was pregnant) they said it was round ligament pains from uterus expanding and everything moving around.
Avatar f tn Its doesnt really feel like cramps but just feels achy in the lower part. I just turned 13wks on sunday and I did feel cramps which I was told was normal at the beginning but they went away around 9-10wks and now for the last three days or so I have been feeling just discomfort. When I google it i just find a bunch of stuff about miscarriage.. Please help! Starting to worry... thanks..
Avatar f tn Me and my fiance are trying for an baby the last six days I have been getting really bad stomach cramps no period yet ive done two pregnancy tests and they have both been negative im constantly checking to see if ive come on I havent been to the doctors yet the stomach cramps have gone away for now.what should I do?
Avatar f tn I had unprotected sex 1 week and 1 day ago and my stomach is hard on the bottom and I've been having cramps lately and having cravings also i have veins popping in the sides of my stomach am I pregnant?
Avatar n tn I started my period when I was 14. I had it for four months, regular. And then it stopped for two years. I went to the doctor, they tried to get me on birth control; it turns out I am allergic to a chemical in it and it causes 'rapid heartbeat' anyways, My period is almost noraml now, just a little heavy.I started having sex when I was 15 but I never did it on my period. I did however, do it on my period for the first time last month.
Avatar f tn I'm having severe stomach cramps on the lower left side of my stomach. It hurts so much that I can hardly move and they're not going away. AF finished over a week ago (I'm on CD11). Ever since AF finished I've been having cramps in the right side of my stomach, and in my upper and lower stomach everyday. However they changed sides this afternoon and have become really painful. I've also have a really windy rumbly stomach. Are any of these symptons a sign of pregnancy?
Avatar n tn m 5 weeks 3 days pregnant today and my lower left side of my abdomen keeps getting a hard ball in it and its the side that cramps the most...also I felt it in my stomach last night and this morning. Is this normal? I've had alot of problems in my past pregnancy and I had a miscarriage so every little thing is freaking me out. Thankss.
Avatar n tn hi i am 9 days post 3 day single frozen embryo transfer and have had very slight tummy cramps.. since 6 days post.. the tummy cramps are subsiding and now i have the feeling of slight nausea and dizziness off and on, i dont have sore breasts, just headache today... has anyone else had this and is it a good sign or not.. urine hpt is due on the 22nd april as we dont have beta....
Avatar f tn Its my first pregnancy and I've also been having those weird menstrual like cramps, I was reading that drinking (even) more water helps. Nice to know I'm not alone on this I was starting to worry.
Avatar n tn I'm feeling a lot of cramping.And Discomfort In my stomach I know other women go through it but I just don't know if it's the same as I feel... has anyone felt that way before? This is my second and I didn't feel this with my first.
Avatar f tn In early pregnancy do u start to feel soreness on the sides of your Lowe stomach??
Avatar m tn it stopped then i got the sore and painful breast, then i got a weird pulling sensation in my belly button had that twice.. I did a pregnancy test. came back neg.. but when i came to throw them... they had another line... but it was very very very faint. that was 2weeks ago. i have not done another because i am not thinking that i could be. i have done a pregnancy test with the doctors.. i get results today. but all my symptoms i am still getting now..
Avatar n tn m Expecting app on cramps. You can find this in the app by going to the Pregnancy Diary from the home screen and selecting Cramps from the Symptoms menu. Then click the menu bar in the upper left and select Symptoms Manual to see your symptoms. Hope you feel better soon! http://www.medhelp.
9310208 tn?1410859285 You'll cramp on and off throughout your entire pregnancy.
Avatar f tn From Yesterday i have a constant gurgling in stomach with bloated stomach with gas and morning i have got watery diahrrea.Yesterday night I couldnt sleep because of gurgling.What would be the cause?Is it due to improper food?