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Avatar f tn Hi, Gastric cancer show up on CT scans. I would suggest an upper GI endoscopy test to see if dudenal ulcer has healed and a biopsy /breath test to diagnose H.pylori infection. Treatment of H. pylori can sometimes worsen acid reflux symptoms.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend has SEVERE SEVERE heartburn. He gets heartburn from weird things like chex mix and the candy whoppers. He was diagnosed with an ulcer when he was just 17 years old...he is now 23 and was just diagnosed with H. Pylori...he has abdominal pain...bad indigestion...and such. Is it possible that he has stomach cancer...and that's the reason for the H. Pylori and ulcer?
Avatar m tn I have some questions referring to my dad who is sick. Last night my step-brother called the ambulance because his stomach pain has gotten worse. This is not his first time going to the hospital. This is probably his third or fourth time. The first time he went to the hospital, the doctor told him that he has stomach cancer. Later they said he doesn't have it.
Avatar m tn I am concerned as to whether I have gastric cancer or an ulcer or something else? I have an endoscopy scheduled in 2 weeks but that is too long from now and I am going crazy with anxiety and stress having to wait that long! Here is a little bit about me and my symptoms: I'm a heavy 21 year old male and for the past few months I have had dull aches and pain right below my sternum, pain in my chest area, through the back sometimes and now currently, on my sides.
Avatar m tn I am very disturbed that the discomfort is not going. I have made 4 trips to the doctor and he is not worried. Do I have stomach cancer ? what should I do now ?
Avatar n tn Well my doc told me it was unlikely cancer that mayb it was gastritis or a ulcer so I am getting a egd test done I'm just afraid it's cancer bc I have almost every symptom of it
Avatar f tn Six months is a too long time and you should have got evaluated by now. Stomach diseses, gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, stomach cancer all can lead to nausea and loss of appetite. Do you also have yellowish discoloration of your skin, eyes and urine? That could be due to gall bladder disease or hepatitis. Eat small healthy meals. You need to consult a primary care physician. He will further refer you to a gastroenterologist.
Avatar n tn So I have been having a lot of stomach bloating along with pressure and it gets hard to take deep breaths also my appetite has dropped a lot and I have lost weight and also I find black specks in my stool my blood work was all normal but I'm worried it could be stomach cancer does this sound like it could be
4384361 tn?1399998230 In the meantime, my six month wait for bariatric surgery is nearly complete and my surgeon recommended a endoscopy to check out my portal vein prior to surgery. I had it done yesterday and she found possible cancer or an ulcer in my stomach. Doing my own research I've pretty much ruled out an ulcer so that leaves me with cancer. The biopsy is due back in a few days so I should know this week. I'm guessing lymphoma since that is related to the immune system.
Avatar f tn I guess I just have to live in pain for the rest of my life and hope I don't end up with a perforation or stomach cancer. I've already had breast cancer and melanoma, sure hope I don't have to add a third to the list. I don't understand why no one can give me anything close to an answer as to why none of these medicines work for me. I can't be the first person in the world who didn't respond to typical ulcer treatments.
Avatar m tn H Pylori thrives in low stomach acid and lowers stomach acid further. Low levels of stomach acid (stomach acid stimulates the pancreas to release enzymes to help with digestion just to add) can also cause malabsorption and floating stools. There are many possible symptoms from not enough stomach acid. My mother takes betaine HCL with pepsin supplements to increase stomach acid and digestive enzyme supplements to help with digestion. I'll send you a few article with more info.
Avatar m tn I wonder/think that the stomach issue is related to the RAI treatment still, or the Synthrioid,(also have tried Levothyroxin, Armour during all of this) or Low Adrennal/cortisol. What is your opinion and what direction should I go in with next doctor visit. Thank you. Greg. PS.No detectable cancer after last body scan.
Avatar m tn I was wondering if I should be worried about this and to check if it could be any type of colon cancer or if it is just the mono still affecting my system, since last blood test I took it was still in my system. Thank you!
Avatar f tn Pain under the left shoulder blade is usually a referred pain from abdomen like stomach ulcers, pancreatitis, or ectopic pregnancy or from the chest like in heart attack, pericarditis, pleuritis, pneumonia, pulmonary embolus, and aortic dissection. Pain under right shoulder blade is usually due to gall stones, duodenal ulcer and liver infection. Hence an ultrasound, liver function test and an upper GI endoscopy is needed for diagnosis. Liver infection can also cause fatigue and bruising.
Avatar f tn t help, then it is an endoscopy that may show what is actually going on in your stomach or esophagus (or duodenum...) Blood in stool can be detected in stomach ulcer by Hemoccult test.
Avatar m tn I have GI appointment at the end of the month. Is it possible to have a stomach ulcer for 6 months?
Avatar f tn The standard agents used to protect the stomach from ulcers are antacids, omeprazole, nexium, or zantac. You should also have a frank discussion with your mother's oncologist and yoru mother about what yoru mother's prognosis is, what would your mother's risks about care be if she gets sicker. Also a discussion about what to do is hse develops an obstruction. Should she now consider the placement of a gastrostomy tube to drain her stomach if necessary.
422924 tn?1331764319 I would say that it is probably likely that you do have H Pylori but the biopsy didn't show it. Ulcers are caused by H Pylori, NSAID's, or gastric cancer, and I believe that there aren't really any other causes. I also think that the biopsy isn't 100% accurate.
Avatar f tn Gastric cancer and small lesions are often not visible on CT scans unless the lesion is large - the larger the cancer/primary tumor, the more likely CT can identify it. That is why endoscopy is often performed to evaluate ulcers and to look for cancers via direct visualization. Have you seen a gastroenterologist yet? Have you had an endoscopy yet?
Avatar n tn t worry as much as I do, but I always worry about stuff like this. Do you think it could possibly be cancer or an ulcer or what? I am both relieved and scared about the upcoming endoscopy that I have. I am relieved that it will finally be over and the month's wait will be done, but I am becoming very scared and worried that I have cancer. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
Avatar m tn I went straight away to the doctor; he told me that I could be suffering from either a peptic ulcer or GERD. He prescribed me an anti-reflux syrup & PPI-tablets and told me to check back after 6 weeks. It's been 5 weeks since I'm on medication & while most symptoms are gone now, the dysphagia is still there - in fact it has worsened.
655875 tn?1295695107 It started with heartburn just two weeks after switching, then things got worse with in a week or so to where I would vomit stomach acid if I laid down flat for more then a few minutes. I can take acid reducers and they help a little bit. I have the constant taste of vomit in my mouth. Yuck! I don't take otc medications very often and nothing else has changed. Whenever I took the oxy, I would have stomach acid come back up in my mouth about an hour after taking the medicine.