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Avatar m tn I have swelling in my upper stomach right below rib cage.Stomach is tender to touch.I also have a dull achy pain on left side.Swelling has been present for about two weeks.Pain started today.Swelling is getting worse.I look like I am 6 months pregnant! What could this be?
Avatar m tn symptoms, large swelling left side stomach area, not consistent. extreme pain on eating, variant in degree. high level of flatulence, stomach cramps and need for immediate visit to pass stools. Drast weight loss over the last 3 months.
Avatar n tn No pain , very mild swelling ,little numbness and discomfort. I have this swelling on left side of my face from last 8 - 9 months and since i started the physio therapy I m getting better. Hi hava , looks like you are indian or may be you know lot more about indian yoga.I do yoga particularly "Kapalbharti" and "Anulom Vilom" once or twice a week.
Avatar n tn i was terrified freaking out thinking i had stomach cancer and i was 21 at the time loll..i doubt u have stomach cancer.but i definetely know how you feel.i developed very serious panic attacks from not knowing what it was.get an will feel alot better when theres nothing seriously wrong! my dr told me that usually when a person gets alot of pain in the stomach its not too serious.stomach cancer doesnt cause harldy anypain! well thats what he said lol..anyway good luck!!!
Avatar n tn In my family I have a history of pancreatic cancer as my grand father and my uncle died from that. I am extremelly worry from all the above. I am in foreign country, working hard and I am worry if I am very sick. What do you think? Should I be worry?
Avatar n tn in having swelling of the ankles and some stomach scan -clear(ldone 3 weeks ago) and ca-125 -10. dr, feels adhesions are the provlem but the nkle swelling is something new, could it be some kind of liver dis-function? any thoughts?? brownize This discussion is related to <a href=''>post TAH swelling</a>.
Avatar n tn You need to get to a teaching hospital that performs liver transplants. They are the only ones that can tell the difference between a benign growth and liver cancer. They are also the only place you can treat liver cancer. Liver cancer is a very serious, life-threatening cancer. It should be detected as early as possible, when it is small, to have the best prognosis. Stomach/abdomen swelling is called "ascites" it could be a complication of cirrhosis of the liver.
Avatar m tn I have an appointment with my liver specialist July 1 of this year. I have noticed that my stomach will just not flatten out like it always used to, even though my weight has stayed the same. This is true even lying down. I'm 53, 1b, 3-time nonresponder, Stage 3, Grade 2 as of July '05 biopsy. Is this just gravity and aging or is it the HepC? I feel good, just tired sometimes. Of course I'll ask my doc, but you guys are always so helpful. Thanks.
468440 tn?1318692241 It does go away for about two or three weeks but then comes back..
Avatar n tn Vague but persistent gastrointestinal complaints such as gas, nausea, indigestion. Frequency and/or urgency of urination. Any unexplained change in bowel habits. Abnormal postmenopausal bleeding. Weight gain or loss. Abdominal swelling and/or pain; bloating and/or a feeling of fullness. Pain during intercourse. If vague symptoms persist longer than 4-6 weeks, insist on a thorough rectovaginal examination.
Avatar n tn Ascites is usually caused by impaired circulation to/from the liver, which is in turn caused by liver disease that physically alters the organ (cirrhosis, cancer, etc.) or an obstructing growth such as cancer of the abdoinal organs. So if you have a SUDDEN bloat like that, put ascites way down on your list of worries and rest assured anything but the mildest degree would almost certainly be discovered on the first exam, no matter what the underlying cause.
Avatar n tn Even morphine did not help me until I was taken to hospital. Last three days I have had similar pain in my ribs, stomach and spine but without the swelling in my stomach. Am wondering if this is side effects from the chemo or something more sinister.
Avatar n tn Now he has shortness of breath, swelling in one foot, and is pale and sometimes his color is purpleish. His stomach is distended also. He blows through his mouth when walking and I hear a "whistling" quite often when he is just sitting. I think he may have COPD although he does not have a cough? Or is this maybe from the nodule and is it signs of lung cancer? He wont go back to the doctor and says if it gets too bad he will. Not sure what to do.
Avatar f tn The doc said he wasnt sure what he was going to do until he got in there and looked at the ovaries, he would do his very best not to have to do a colostomy. Im and petrified !! My question is can endometriosis be the cause of the thin bowl movements and bloating/gas. Or am I looking at possibly ovarian cancer etc. I am not in a lot of pain.
Avatar n tn Following her biopsy, they were almost sure, but not certain of ovarian cancer. She's being treated for ovarian cancer. She had one tumour on her ovary, one on her ureter, one on her bowel, several smaller ones in her stomach during her ct scan in january, she started treatment beginning of may.
Avatar n tn Often people mistakenly call the cancer in the thyroid throat cancer as the thyroid sits in the throat area. You would be best to post your question in the cancer forum.
Avatar f tn upper abdominal discomfort may also be related to the stomach. You can get a breath test done at a stomach diagnostic centre to see if you have the bacteria helicobacter that causes gastritus and stomach ulcers. I was recently treated for helicobacter (a cocktail of antibiotics used in combination with nexium or PPI equivalent) and my bowel problems (leafy) settled months after my gastitus healed.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone. First time user. I am worried sick about ovarian cancer. About 3 months ago I got a vaginal infection of some sort and ignored it- I could feel a little cyst in the vagina and had cloudy urine. After 3 mos, I began to have a sudden urge to pee right away and could hardly hold it in. My lower back was an irritable ache. (I should say that I have been going to a physio therapist and my pelvis is out of line due to breaking a leg 3 mos ago).
Avatar n tn I have them starting from my waist from one side of my stomach all the way to the other side and all the way up to under my stomach is also swollen.It hurts to bend over and get clothes out of the washer and clean my tub.Once in awhile I will have sharp pains on my right side about half way up my ribs.When it hurts I can't take a deep breath.I have been getting very nauseous (I never vomit,I never do that I just get very nauseous)I am also very tired most of the time.
Avatar n tn Im 19 years old and I have been told that I will need a series of 3 blood tests over a few months to determine if i have ovarian cancer. In October I was in the ER with a very sharp pain in my right lower abdomin, the doctors first thought it was apedicitis but they concluded that i had and ovarian cyst that as about 2cm and was sent home with vicodin because it was prbly bursting.
Avatar f tn Breat Cancer. I just had a lumpectomy, I am now wondering what would be the best treatment pland. My HER2 was negative, no sign of cancer in two removed sentinel nodes, the margins of the lump were clear (2.4c), my estrogen receptors were positive. Suggestions/opinions?
Avatar f tn My dogs stomach has swollen and is filled with fluid, i have been to the vets who thought it might be to do with her liver not functioning, but all blood tests have come back normal. The vets havn't a clue what is wrong with my dog, she stopped eating, they have give her medicine to go to the toilet and heart medicine, and also some steroids to stimulate her to eat, she has eaten some chicken today and seems to have perked up a bit, but she is still full of fluid.
1737879 tn?1386205914 Hi SpookyKim11, I would first like to thank you for posting in the forum, hopefully your question will help to educate all of us who visit. Metastatic adenocarcinoma is cancer that has spread outside of its site of origin. Adenocarcinoma is a word that helps us define what cell type the cancer came from when looked at under the microscope, with these cells being glandular in origin.
314557 tn?1232930264 I am back after a total thyroidectomy on the 9th. Feeling better everyday but cancer was found in both lobes so am on to radiation. Surgeon called monday evening and said stop the synthroid so am beginning to experience some of the effects of that now including being more fatigued.
1374347 tn?1279166992 The swelling isn't local, but more predominant in her legs and feet. They aren't sure what is going on. She's miserable, and doesn't stop whinning. She also has a moderate sized ASD (hole in heart) with right valve dilation which will need to be eventually closed. Any ideas what could cause the swelling, and not eating?
Avatar n tn I had an unexpected allergic reaction to Ampicillan 2 months ago. Vomiting, rash, slight throat swelling. Hospital gave my Benydryl and Prednisone - went away. One week later I thought I had a sore throat, feelings of severe throat swelling. Dr. said it was tonsillitis, Biaxin didn't work, put me on Levaquin and Prednisone. ENT said it was my lymph nodes and to stop the antibiotics. Test show swollen lymph nodes (no tumors/abnormalities) and elevated white cell count indicating infection.