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Avatar m tn symptoms, large swelling left side stomach area, not consistent. extreme pain on eating, variant in degree. high level of flatulence, stomach cramps and need for immediate visit to pass stools. Drast weight loss over the last 3 months.
Avatar f tn I also recall that you just went through breast cancer treatment a couple of months ago. Could your swelling be related to that? Or related to other medications that you might be taking? Change in diet? Bottom line: yes, definitely call your doctor, I'm just not sure which doctor you should call! :) (Primary care? Oncologist? Hepatologist).
Avatar n tn Vague but persistent gastrointestinal complaints such as gas, nausea, indigestion. Frequency and/or urgency of urination. Any unexplained change in bowel habits. Abnormal postmenopausal bleeding. Weight gain or loss. Abdominal swelling and/or pain; bloating and/or a feeling of fullness. Pain during intercourse. If vague symptoms persist longer than 4-6 weeks, insist on a thorough rectovaginal examination.
468440 tn?1318688641 It does go away for about two or three weeks but then comes back..
Avatar f tn If your throat pain is like heartburn (acidic burning feeling), and if you burp and have burning stomach, this is probably from H. pylori infectionof the stomach. Diagnosis is with the breath test, treatment is with antibiotics.
Avatar f tn Sometimes I get a small cramp just below my stomach, eventually the swelling goes down but I want to know how to make it stay down. Its embarrassing when my stomach in flat and then at the bottom is very big LOL I don't think I'm sick, I feel perfectly fine, but my menstrual cycle has been late by a week or two, its different every month. I also have anxiety if thats related at all. Otherwise I am perfectly healthy Thank you very much!
Avatar f tn I am 21 years old and overall I haven't been feeling that well. I have been having both stomach pains and major headaches. I've been having these stomach pains for almost 1 year and I've been to emergency rooms and and doctors offices and they tell me that nothing is wrong. However, the pain doesn't go away now I was doing my hair and felt a bump on the right side of the head behind my ear. I know that it is a sympton of cancer but I jump to conclusion quickly....
Avatar n tn in having swelling of the ankles and some stomach scan -clear(ldone 3 weeks ago) and ca-125 -10. dr, feels adhesions are the provlem but the nkle swelling is something new, could it be some kind of liver dis-function? any thoughts?? brownize This discussion is related to <a href=''>post TAH swelling</a>.
Avatar m tn 51 yrs old femal,breast cancer 3yrs ago,heart attack 3weeks ago,no damage,I have swelling,back ache,nausa,Metal tast in mouth
Avatar n tn Sorry, I don't have answers for cancer problems or treatment. I sought to avoid cancer related issues, because Blood Type A's are most prone to cancer.
Avatar m tn im 24 years old and for the past while ive been having some strange symptoms mostly bleeding after a bowel movement also constipation and swelling in my stomach on the right side of my stomach again the blood ussaly only happens after a hard bowel movement I figured it couldn't be internal hemorrohids because this has been going on now for at least a couple of years and its on and off the blood anyways ...
Avatar f tn My mom has ovarian cancer. she has had alot of fluid in her lungs, and shortness of breath. Does this meen it has spread to her lungs?
Avatar n tn presence of a polyp larger than 2 centimeters in the stomach, presence of pernicious anemia, or presence of inflammation and swelling of the stomach for a long time (chronic atrophic gastritis) must be present. If it persists, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn No, um I am experiencing this swelling in different parts of my body,,,, I have swelling in my butt and hip area where I had a complex cyst that dissolve..... hmmm what are you in take on this... I have swollen lympnoides in my thigh area.
Avatar f tn fatigue, abdominal swelling and pain, nausea, pain in stomach. Which of these 3 scans would be most accurate to detect cancer tumors? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Not necessarily. Stomach cancer can often have negative blood work (except you may be anemic). However it is much much more likely that you have something like an ulcer causing the black specks. Stomach cancer is very rare! How old are you?
Avatar n tn Often people mistakenly call the cancer in the thyroid throat cancer as the thyroid sits in the throat area. You would be best to post your question in the cancer forum.
Avatar f tn Six months is a too long time and you should have got evaluated by now. Stomach diseses, gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, stomach cancer all can lead to nausea and loss of appetite. Do you also have yellowish discoloration of your skin, eyes and urine? That could be due to gall bladder disease or hepatitis. Eat small healthy meals. You need to consult a primary care physician. He will further refer you to a gastroenterologist.
Avatar m tn he asked about my stress and I told him I was worried I had stomach cancer because of my sour stomach and lack of appetite. he mentioned that at my age it would be very, very low. He said the lack of appetite is more for people 40 or 50, then it is a warning sign. He told me I was fine, onlything wrong with me since I wasn't in any real pain (minus the general picks and pins here and there that come from Chron's disease) and only had a low grade fever (99), that I was fine.
Avatar n tn My father is infected by adenocercinoma (cancer) in his stomach(prepyleric area).this in moderate stage and well differentiated. I showed the report to several doctors.All of them advised me to do surgery.My father is suffering from digestive problem last four months and constipation for long time.He has no diabetic and heart is in good condition.We did diagnosis couple of weeks back and confirmed about the cancer.Should I let my father to go for surgery first or Chemotherapy than surgery?