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Avatar f tn I also probably should have mentioned that we have a family history of stomach cancer and stomach ulcers, which is also what got me to thinking this. My diet, when I do manage to get it down, is good - no worries there. I do not smoke, and drink alcohol occasionally. My specialist told me about an endoscopy but he said he didn't think I needed one, so instead, told me to wait. Do you really think it's worthwhile going back?
Avatar f tn Pain always in the same two spots. Worried about stomach cancer because it has gone untreated until now, for like 5 years.
1969859 tn?1325813286 H pylori is a kind of bacteria. It's known for causing stomach ulcers and may make a person more likely to get have stomach cancer (I've read mixed things on it). The stomach ulcers are extremely painful and cause indigestion, which could lead to heart burn. I'm unsure about any other kinds chest pains H pylori can give you, but heart burn can be mistaken for chest pains. Maybe someone was meaning heart burn or confused the two.
Avatar m tn So to preface this... I'm a 25 year old male and I'm terrified of this being cancer. Early February I had an upper GI done when I had incredible stomach pain and they found two duodenal ulcers. I was prescribed Prevacid 30mg once a day and after a while the symptoms went away. Two weeks later, they came back worse than ever and I went to see a specialist who upped my dose to 30mg twice a day and carafate.
Avatar f tn It produces ammonia to protect itself from the stomach acid. It leads to inflammation of the stomach lining and ulcers, and if not treated, has a high risk for stomach cancer. You can get it from your mother as a baby (licked your spoon), from everyone you kissed, or shared drinks, food, etc. Can be killed with a combo of antibiotics and a stomach acid inhibitor.
Avatar f tn I recently had a colonoscopy and the camera down my throat tests done (I'm sorry I can't remember the name of that test) It came back that the esophogus was burned and so is the stomach lining. No ulcers and no cancer. I wasn't given a diagnosis so I don't know what I have other than that. I was put on protonix and had severe side effects from it including loosing 20 lbs in 3 weeks from the vomiting caused by the medication. My Dr. took me off of it and put me on zantac.
Avatar m tn Hey guys, I didn't want to post this in the stomach cancer forum because I doubt it's cancer and I was afraid nobody would see it. So basically from around Christmas time I developed pretty bad diarrhea. Grim, I know. But this went on until around the second week of January. I put it down to drinking, eating crap and not being to the gym over Christmas, new year and my birthday. Anyway, it subsided for about a week and came back.
Avatar f tn s definitely going on with your GB) it can cause everything you listed, the reflux, esophagus ulcers, the stomach ulcers and gastritis-are most likely from the gall bladder which is causing the reflux and esophagus ulcers, the enlarged liver, and the spot on your liver. The first thing I'd suggest is having your gall bladder removed because gall bladders have a tendency when not functioning properly to cause more problems than they are worth and can make you very sick.
Avatar n tn Then they did a scope in her stomach that showed cancer. So they determined the cancer started in her stomach and was a rare fast growing agressive cancer already in stage 4. She had heavy rounds of Chemotherapy for a few months and they did another CAT and MRI ( idk why since they couldn't see her type of cancer and tumors from the MRI and CAT previously) they did not see any tumors in these scans after chemo but she was getting worse and vomiting 7 or more times daily.
Avatar f tn Complications Left untreated, gastritis may lead to stomach ulcers and stomach bleeding. Rarely, some forms of chronic gastritis may increase your risk of stomach cancer, especially if you have extensive thinning of the stomach lining and changes in the lining's cells. Tell your doctor if your signs and symptoms aren't improving despite treatment for gastritis. Prevention Preventing H. pylori infection It's not clear how H.
Avatar f tn Stomach ulcers if left untreated, may worsen with the progression of the disease, the odds turn into stomach cancer is about 5%. If the stomach by the rhythm becomes irregular, ineffective use of drugs, progressive disease of cancer may add an important note. For details click:www.libiman.
Avatar f tn I know that leaving ulcers and gastritis untreated can turn into stomach cancer. I have an EGD scheduled for Tuesday and I am terrified of what I will find. My anxiety seems to have made everything so much worse. Can hardly sleep or even work. Any ideas?
396332 tn?1320003615 A person like me, thinks the worst... omg! stomach pains... must be ulcers! could be cancer!? could be this or that! It's always the worst! Let me tell you a funny story... a couple of week ago I went to the bathroom... and looked at my stool... and saw that some of the stool looked RED.... the water wasnt red, but a couple of pieces of stool were red (the actual texture)... my mind AUTOMATICALLY thought BLOOD! I thought to myself "I'm bleeding internally!
Avatar n tn If she does have an ulcer, she needs to stay away from acidic foods when it flares. This will make it burn worse, some people have the same reaction to spicy foods. If she is under a lot of stress, it will cause an ulcer to flare. I have one and have the same feeling of intense heartburn, and if it gets really bad, I do feel nauseas. Drinking milk usually helps, because it coats the lining of your stomach so that the burning calms down.
Avatar f tn looking for anyone who can share with having stomach ulcers that fail to mend after many medications at home and two inpatient hospital stays for over 21 days of IV plotonics? I'm now being told that surgery is the only hopeful solution...... Has anyone had such surgery? I need to know if the situation may re-occur after the surgery. Did they too take a portion of your stomach and small intestine out? I currently have 7 ulcers.
Avatar f tn The standard agents used to protect the stomach from ulcers are antacids, omeprazole, nexium, or zantac. You should also have a frank discussion with your mother's oncologist and yoru mother about what yoru mother's prognosis is, what would your mother's risks about care be if she gets sicker. Also a discussion about what to do is hse develops an obstruction. Should she now consider the placement of a gastrostomy tube to drain her stomach if necessary.
Avatar f tn Well, the cause of the white spots cannot be determined based on visualisation alone. These could represent infective growths, ulcers/ erosions, growths from the stomach wall (benign or malignant) etc. A biopsy may be required to determine the etiology of the white spots. It would be best to discuss situation and the further course of investigation with his treating gastroenterologist. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar m tn I was prescribed paxil because of my anxiety becoming more and more severe. I have a mild platelet dysfunction that was diagnosed around 10 years ago from a slightly increased bleeding time test. I'm also struggling with two stomach ulcers that were diagnosed early February from an upper GI. They were not bacterial and I have an appointment for an Endoscopy in early June since they haven't improved too much.
Avatar f tn Hpylori bacteria is the bacteria that causes ulcers and stomach cancer if left untreated, I had this treatment twice in two years.
Avatar m tn Just yesterday I had a endoscopy done he gave me a copy of the report and told me to follow up with him in 2 weeks and after 2months he wanted to perform another endoscopy on me to make sure the ulcers go away. He took a biopsy of the 3 ulcers to make sure they werent cancerous and he assured me the type of ulcer i had is not cancerous, but he took a biopsy anyway.
Avatar f tn Gastric cancer and small lesions are often not visible on CT scans unless the lesion is large - the larger the cancer/primary tumor, the more likely CT can identify it. That is why endoscopy is often performed to evaluate ulcers and to look for cancers via direct visualization. Have you seen a gastroenterologist yet? Have you had an endoscopy yet?
286124 tn?1214938528 i have a question about the stomach. do lorect or any other pain pill that has tylenol in it cause you to have ulcers like preferrated ulcers? can they damage your stomach? i know they reek havoc on your liver, but just wondering about the stomach. i'm clean, but just have that nagging question. thanks for any feedback!
Avatar m tn I am a 30 year old male, 6' 0" and 137lb (tall and slender runs in my family, but I'm probably the skinniest male). I've had stomach problems for about 9 years which I have just over the past few years attributed to high anxiety. After my first son was born (3 years ago) I vowed to find out what was going on with my stomach problems. I went to a Gastroenterologist and he ordered the gambit of tests. I did the stool sample first --- negative.