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Avatar n tn Staph is not limited to HIV patients, non-HIV patients can receive skin infections from staph as well. The horror stories on the web about staph infections are due to staph aureus - which is normally found in a hospital setting. Dicloxicillin is normally a pretty good antibiotic for the treatment of this. Other medications to consider would be Keflex (Cephalexin) or Augmentin.
Avatar m tn However, everything I have read about mrsa does not discuss how to disinfect healthy skin of staph, only to keep wounds covered. We are ok with abstaining while I am healing but we do not want this infection to compromise our marriage. What should we do?
Avatar f tn There is a ball type feel to it on the outside and the inside of the eyelid has a light shape to it, like a healing sore. Recently I had an eye doctor visit and was told it was a staph infection. I was instructed to apply a hot compress and massage it, putting a drop of Vigamox two times a day for 7 days. It has not seemed to change other than less dryness at night and throughout the day. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn There is a ball type feel to it on the outside and the inside of the eyelid has a light shape to it, like a healing sore. Recently I had an eye doctor visit and was told it was a staph infection. I was instructed to apply a hot compress and massage it, putting a drop of Vigamox two times a day for 7 days. It has not seemed to change other than less dryness at night and throughout the day. Any suggestions? .
Avatar n tn Facial staph infections</a> was started.
Avatar n tn Can you tell me what I’ve described around my face could be symptoms of Herpes or is it possible that some kind of Staph infection can be the cause of either the mouth lesions, the chemical smell, or the itch and the cuts on my face. 4. What is the best medication to take (Valtrex, Famciclovir, Acyclovir) and what dosage to take when one is having an actual outbreak vise suppressive therapy. 5.
Avatar f tn My daughter had a staph infection after having a c-section. At the time she had the infection and before it was diagonised, she was unable to stand or walk. Seems it settled in her hip. This was a year ago, and she still complains every once in a while of pain in the hip. Could this be long term effects from the infection? Will this disease cause long term effects?
Avatar f tn And one other question...I heard from a lady at work that when you get a staph infection in a knee replacement, or any replaced joint, that you will always have staph dorment in it, and an injury or even stress can cause it to flair up again...does anyone know if this is true? I can't seem to get a straight answer from my doctor - I don't know why.
Avatar m tn Hi, A urinary tract infection with Staph. aureus can be treated with antibiotics that the organism is sensitive to. If the bacteria are present in small numbers, it just means there are small in number. Pain in the pelvis can be a result of the infection. Pain in the testes can be due to an infection of the epididymis. Since your unprotected sexual encounter was 3 years ago, it is possible that any infection with HIV would be detectable on ELISA test.
Avatar f tn Hi: For the past 10 years or so, I would get a pretty nasty staph infection in or on my nose. Bactroban did nothing, so I would end up on Bactrim, Cipro, etc. The round of AB's usually took care of things. I began to notice that these breakouts happened whenever I got a lot of sun. These infections happened only 2-3 times a year and I didn't usually worry about it. My doctor sent me to an ENT, who was pretty useless (she just told me to keep my nares moistured..???
974371 tn?1424656729 Anyway, doctor called me this evening to say it was Staph/MRSA and the Bactrim was the right antibiotic. Scared the hell out of me ( ESP with all the news coverage of that poor girl). So it is about 3 weeks out with this and he said if it were going to get worse, would have done so by now. I noticed just today that where he took the culture there is a very small pustule coming up. The original scratch and the one under my arm seem to be healing.
Avatar m tn staph aureus is actually normal bacteria that is on our skin at all times. if you had staph in an urine test, odds are it was contamination. typically we don't even treat it. this is normal what is going on with your penis.
577106 tn?1219842945 The sore on my leg looks like it is healing but very slowly. If the sore is not completely healed by Friday should I go back in? I don't have insurance and it cost me $65 a visit plus perscriptions if necessary and I have already paid for 2 office visits over this. This is beginning to get very expensive but I want to get rid of this. This is the second abcess in about a year on the same leg so this may be something that has been around for quite sometime.
Avatar f tn The foot is red and swollen around the wound, I don't think it's healing correctly and has some yellow puss discharge Is there a possibility the staph is coming back? Recommendation? Meet with surgeon next week, should I seek medical attention now? Thank you.
4584130 tn?1356830891 This think is so gross, and looks like photos I looked up on staph infection. To make it worse, there are two smaller places on my hand that have formed blisters as well. Please help me with this!
Avatar n tn She just looked inside my nose and said that it's a sinus/staph infection. She said it's not the serious staph and that everyone has staph in their nose. She put me on a second round of antibiotic right away instead of messing around with the first round because she thought that they swelling was unusual. The antibiotic I'm on is called "Avelox" and I saw improvement with the swelling in <24 hrs. The swelling and paint is almost completely gone! What a relief!
Avatar m tn It swelled up like a grapefruit and off to the hospital for IV antibiotics for a Staph infection maybe evem MRSA. I am out of hospital and have a few more days of oral antibiotics. How will I know when it is gone? I still see a red, slightly puffy area the size of pain. How do I know if it got to the joint or the hardware in may foot? When can I use the air cast again? Is this going to come back? Help.\ Thanks, Lisa I just want to walk again and have a normal life.
Avatar f tn Today I read that rubbing alcohol and vinegar are good for healing staph so I've begun to clean him with that as well. Last night we began giving him claritin too. Any advice would be greatly appriciated. We haven't had much with doctors who are willing to listen lately, and I'm feeling very frusterated and scared.
Avatar n tn My mom told me I had this big watery blister looking like bump on my hand and when one doctor opened it he gave me infection to a whole body. So then I had them all over my body. My mom told me I was in a really bad condition. I took antibiotics and used lots of creams. Now at 19 y.o. I have severe acne problem. Mostly I have these acne that are big red ones and it's like they rise from inside of the skin.
Avatar n tn Wondering if it could be a yeast infection as I've been on lots of antibiotics recently. Although it seemed to all start 8 hours after oral sex, but I also started a range of antibiotics around that time for a staph infection in a completley different area, e.g. right groin...that has since healed!! Any ideas what this could be...I could have a blood specific hereps test but if it's positive for hsv 1 I still won't know the location. I would appreciate any help or advice.
Avatar m tn My doctor has said the previous tests may have been false negatives since we may not have caught it early enough. I really don't if it is Herpes or a Staph infection. Can anyone assist?
Avatar n tn The first Doctor should never have given the steroid injection if there was any possibility of infection .... it can very easily spread the infection. The staph was present before your visit to the hospital. and Keflex 500mg every 6 hours for ten days should have taken care of the infection. Two aspirations of the bursa is what it usually takes. over the counter pain pills and advil should be enough to reduce the pain and swelling ...
Avatar n tn I am scared, the test came back it is not staph or the new metricl something infection. Thank you for your time. Sincerely Scared.
2074873 tn?1331721062 Antibiotics did NOTHING, i took two different sets of antibiotics (changed to second one after finishing first prescription without change) 9. I'm thinking staph infection? but alot of peoples symptoms have sounded quite different to mine which makes me unsure.
Avatar f tn My world was rocked on December 24, 2007 when I was told that I had a staph infection called MRSA. Since then I have been trying to get rid of this skin infection by taking two antibiotics, taking bleach bathes, getting lots of rest, eating right, drinking lots of water.
Avatar n tn But I am on some other drugs that cause Neutropenia that may alsl make me a slow healer. Do watch out for the infections, though. I got a nasty Staph A infection from an improperly clipped toenail, of all things! It was a long time and a lot of antibiotics to get rid of it.
Avatar f tn It could indeed be a staph infection as they are commonly transmitted at gym's since everyone is touching the equipment and not washing their hands etc. Staph also does have pus and so does strep. Impetigo is usually a combination of Staphylococci and Streptococci. This antibiotic (Keflex or Cephalexin) should do the job although some staph strains can be resistant. I hope it works for you.
Avatar m tn also what were you given to treat the staph infection? did you have the staph infection first and then get a herpes recurrence or did you have a recurrence of herpes and they swabbed it and found staph?