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Avatar f tn Around 3 or 4 days ago something showed up on the side of my calf. At first I thought I had just cut my self and didn't think twice about it, until I noticed more bumps showing up in the same area. Now there are maybe 6 bumps ranging in size. They are slightly pink/red, slightly warm to the touch, and only itch every once in a while. On one of the bumps there's what looks like a scab. I often am outside at the river and go on hikes in Northern California.
Avatar m tn Could be a skin staph infection. Itches quite a bit and if you scratch at it, you open the sores and it will puss over. Mine was treatable with a heavy duty anti biotic and went away in about 2 - 3 weeks. Aside from anti biotics, make sure you keep the area clean and dry.
Avatar n tn This sounds like a minor staph infection, and shaving is only making it worse. You need to get this checked out by a doctor since its not going away.
Avatar m tn This may lead to the rash that you may have noticed. Staph infection is a common infection of the skin and is treatable. A rash from laundry soap is probable cause in case of an allergic reaction. However, nothing can be said for sure. Hope this helped. Let me know if you may need any more information/help.
Avatar f tn She has been fine (except poorly diagnosed colic) up until 3 months ago when she got her 1st staph infection. Along with the staph she developed lethargy, high fever and a mild rash, this lasted about 3 days and she was better. A month later almost to the day, she got another staph infection, this time worse having to be lanced, the fever shot up to almost 105 and rash was bad...she stayed sick for a week and then better.
Avatar f tn Yes. Staph infections are from a type of bacteria- staphylococcal. It can cause TONS of different problems and is easily spread to others. For example- have you ever heard of MRSA outbreaks? That is a kind of staph that is drug resistant and it can spread very easily. Toxic Shock Syndrome, when a tampon leads to a build up of bacteria that gets into the blood stream and shuts down the body, is another kind of staph infection. This doesn't mean you definitely have it, but it's possible.
Avatar n tn The new doctor said the rash back in November may have been herpes, and then I caught a staph infection at the same time. Any advice on what the tests mean? Any advice on what to do next? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Sometimes you can also get a mixed infection such as staph with strep. It can look like a rash. I would see you doctor for this. It may recur due to reinfecting yourself. Is it a small area or lage area and is it on one side of the back or both?
Avatar f tn Im currently a serving member of the australian army and went out on an exersize and got a staph infection. The infection was treated with antibiotics however the rash then popped up. The rash is red and bumpy and looks like heaps of tiny blisters. Its extremely itchy.
Avatar n tn How do you know it is a rash and not a staph infection? you may want to get have doc take a look at it. Try not to scrach if it isn't infected it may get that way.
Avatar n tn I had a break out in my mouth last week and by Friday I had a sore on the bottom of my foot that woke me up because of the pain shooting up my leg. Went to doctor and he thinks it is a staph infection put me on antibodic and gave me a shot. Told me if it got worse to go to hospital. I have had these same sores for over 8 years and repeated upper respiratory infections.
Avatar m tn I am very worried as I am not sure if this is an allergic reaction to maybe my detergent, a staph infection, dry skin, or maybe even nummular eczema that i have read about online. Please can someone help me to pinpoint what this could be? I am going to get some Benadryl tonight just in-case it might be allergies or hives in an early stage or something or even possibly an allergic reaction to the medicine. Included are some pics (and some additionally here) Lower Back Rashes - http://img684.
Avatar f tn About 1 week ago, started developing rash like pimply mark on right side of forehead followed by 3 swollen lymph nodes in neck, right side. Went to the nurse, she told me to change my earrings- didn't help. Next few days, started getting right sided migraines, extreme fatigue, eye pain(right side) and a general lack of appetite, also it was like my eyes moved slowly & I was sometimes disoriented. Went to doctor they told me "your body is working" and gave me ibuprofen.
Avatar n tn Fish Oil does work as an anti-inflammatory...However, in a 3 month old puppy, you need to rule out Mange &/or Staph infection....Both are common in young dogs......A simple skin scrape (From your Vet) will rule out Parasites (Mange) & he/she will be able to tell by looking if it's a Staph Infection..... Both conditions must be treated early ( With proper medications) or the battle is awful!!! Please, see your Vet ASAP.......
846787 tn?1238685926 Has your vet thought that she might be dealing with a staph infection and not an allergy? It is absolutely possible for staph to produce grape-sized bumps like you describe, along with a red, "prickly-heat" type rash. It's most often found on the abdomen and insides of the hind legs. A good, broad-spectrum antibiotic will take care of a staph infection, but some of them can be quite tenacious and unless you find the source of the staph, she could keep just reinfecting herself.
Avatar n tn we went to the urgent care center because about a year ago he had a severe staph infection and was treated pretty easily with an antibiotic injection (rocephin??). at this visit they said it was folliculitis and tinea something (ringworm). the dr. gave a rx of doxycycline twice daily for a week and told us to pick up some cream for athletes foot.
Avatar n tn s routine and she has developed this rash, then my guess is that it could be a staph infection. Dogs develop staph infections fairly easily and the belly and insides of the hind legs are the prime target areas. The most common causes of staph infection are stress, a weakened immune system, allergies (flea bite allergies, for example) and hormonal problems (ie hypothyroidism).
Avatar f tn About a month ago, I had an ingrown hair near my vagina, and I attempted to pluck it. Long story short... it got incredibly infected, and I ended up with a staph infection. I took Sulfameth and Doxycycline for a week, and the skin in the area absolutely freaked out. The staph infection cleared, but I got this bumpy rash immediately adjacent to my vagina.
Avatar f tn Last week I got food poinsoning then 6 days ago two small bumps came up on my buttocks that then turned into one big white rash about the size of a quarter. Three doctors looked at but could not figure out what it is. They said anything from Moloscum to staph to strep to shingles to a very slight chances of herpes. Yesterday I went to the dermatologist and after looking at it for 10 secs she very rudely said you have HSV 2 and did not give much info on the std.
Avatar f tn It sounds as an infection, and it sounds serious enough to have basic blood tests.
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Avatar m tn t keep a piece of mind thinking that I have herpes one doctor thinks I have a staff infection and the other an infection I think I might have scabies or chiggers since I can stop itching if someone has an Idea what I have I would appreciate it
Avatar m tn I shaved my arms once in late September and nothing was wrong for several weeks. After about a month i developed a red rash as shown in pictures. The severity of the rash fluctuates constantly. I ended up visiting the doctor in early November and I was then prescribed antibiotics. The antibiotics helped to clear the rash a very tiny bit but after the round of antibiotics was up my rash came back once again, but this time worse.
Avatar f tn Yes i have been sexually active, but use condoms. But can anyone tell from the pictures in the link of what it could be? Is it a chancre. You might need to copy past the link to your browser to look at the 2 pictures.[/img][/url]
Avatar n tn It is your duty as parents to have this properly investigated and all possible tests taken to find out the cause of this rash DO NOT assume it is Herpes just because it looks similar to pictures on the Internet rashes can be caused by many things not every rash is Herpes related in fact most are not ...... Have him checked over as soon as possible.
Avatar f tn 2 brothers had a rash appear (and after swimming in a public pool) it has become severe and after several visits to a couple of different doctors it has been diagnosed as a staph infection. They are currently taking antibiotics for this. However, a skin scraping was not taken. Now, the health dept. and the parents are requesting the test to identify exactly which bacteria it is. Will the results be altered by already having the antibiotics on board?