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5549102 tn?1376526273 That's why speech therapists do not typically do full evaluations for speech until the age of three unless there are other problems. There is a wide range of normal. but I personally would watch closely. My son's speech issues were indicative of his developmental delay.
Avatar n tn But, with this in mind, the more the severe the loss, the more the severe the speech problems, social problems, learning delay etc etc. AuD.
Avatar n tn -Likes to show us what he wants (brings cup when thirsty, points to fridge when wants snack, waits by door to go outside) -Very loving, loves to kiss and lay with us on the couch in the evenings -Has no feeding problems, self-feeds, working on spoon use. -Thumb-sucker beginning at 7 months. -Babbles incessantly, nearly all the consonant sounds, most vowel sounds, newest sound is "-st" -Points. Also, he will follow my eye direction when I point to something.
Avatar f tn In fact I tend to think once past the development delays, aspergers and PDD NOS are practically the same thing. You can also try reading things written by autistic adults/adults with autism and see if there is anything you identify with. That can help you be able to put your thoughts/experiances into words to share with a professional.
Avatar f tn my son doesnt speak to well most people cant understand what he says most of the time. he is very very shy around adults but good around kids. he is a extremely picky eater,my family keeps telling me they think he has autism but i just not sure about that. he also just turned 5 he cant say his alphabet andgets his counting mixed up.i just need advice as to whats wrong, im taking him to doctor but i was just wondering too..do you think he has something wrong???
Avatar n tn My son is 4 yr old.He didnt talk until he was 3 yr old.He was then dx with severe speech apraxia which he takes speech for three times a week.I have seen some improvement on the speech.But I know he doesnt talk about things like a four yr old does.He only talks about the present.And only broken sentences of two or three words.All single syllable."Go home" He is also in special ed prek.He also has sensory intergration disorder and autistic like behaviors.
Avatar n tn which is hand flapping, spinning around in circles, that sort of thing. There are lots of reasons for speech problems. Really only having a speech therapist help diagnose is only way to figure that out. Sometimes kids just pronounce things wrong and need a speech therapist for a few years. Sometimes it will straighten out on its own... but again, you really need a speech therapist/speech pathologist to assess that, if you have concerns. If you live in the U.S.
Avatar f tn Sometimes, I notice my fingers and toes sticking together. What I'm wondering is do any other adults with mild CP have these symptoms? The dr's have no idea what is causing my issues.
Avatar m tn Hi, My seven-year old son has problems with pronunciation of some sounds. Particularly, he has trouble with "th" at the beginning or end of a word, i.e. "bath" and "third" come out "baf" and "fird", but can say the th sound correctly in the middle of a word, i.e. "brother" and "father" come out normally. Sometimes the inital th comes out like "d", as in "dat" for "that".
168006 tn?1241016561 By the time he is 4-years-old his speech should be understandable to non-family adults. And it could also be a personality-thing. The evaluation should be able to tell you if he's doing it on purpose or if he seriously needs help. Most speech problems are corrected but I honestly think you're little one is too little to be evaluated. Some children just develop at different rates. Unless your gut is telling you something is wrong, of course, because I believe in mother's intuition.
Avatar n tn His language and speech skills are delayed. He says approximately 30 words like juice, down, up, apple etc. He has been evaluated by the EI program of the state and was found to be delayed in expressive, receptive and cognitive skills. He will be going to Special Ed Preschool 4 days a week for 3 hrs each day, starting this fall. We also have enrolled him in Private Speech Therapy last month. I am very worried and concerned with the situation.
Avatar n tn Honestly, it sounds like "just' a speech delay. Children with autism have problems with social skills. Most have sensory intergration disorder (SID/SPD). Many do have speech delays but not all. It's just one symptom in a list of many. If you are concerned about autism though, or even other things, I would make sure that when you were looking for a speech therapist that they also had a occupational therapist there as well.
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Avatar f tn I am experiencing similar problems, at the moment I am looking into the possibility of it being speech apraxia, has anyone suggested this to you???
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Avatar m tn I have taken on many children in the past that have gone past the same things your daughter has some of the children have had more problems then what your daughter has I am sure you and your wife are doing your best the thing is what she is doing is very normal and do not allow anyone to tell you there is something wrong with your daughter like she is not right in the head because in fact she is doing what is normal in a child of her age i know it is very hard for you both but she is really nora
Avatar n tn The neurosurgeron said that they typically put shunts in the right side because the left side of the brain is smaller and controls speech. PLEASE GIVE ANY FEEDBACK---- To others who asked about shunt headaches.... He says that he can feel the pressure right at the start of the shunt above his eye. He then gets pressure on his neck, and within 10 mins of it start, he basically goes into a comatized state, becomes weak with hands shaking and can't move at all.
Avatar m tn I can see many of the problems - she does not share and often takes things away from others, she still engages in parallel play, often playing in the center but not with the other children. she also has a speech delay. I feel really badly for her, and I've tried to encourage the other girls to play with her, but so far , nothing has worked. The epitomy of it all was that they all had a play date aftrer school this week, but left her out. What can I do to help?
Avatar f tn the devopment doctor is saying she has a speech imparment a development delay which cases her problems to learn she has a torce foot and goes to susan at midlands orthapedic for that and sees dr johnson for the development delay but he has not yet spoke to me as her violent behavior in school and at home and she sees a speech theripist and ot'pt at school and she was just tested for a mri of the brain and that came back normal at palmetto health childrens hospital i just dnt know wat to do for t
Avatar f tn his teachers and family members including his dad (we separated 6 months ago which I feel has made his behaviour and problems spiral and become more severe) are unsure if he has a problem. my youngest son is 2 in 2 weeks and receives 2 1/2 hours play therapy a week to help support him with his global delays but I don't feel it is helping him a great deal.we still have no diagnosis even though he has been assessed at a multi disciplinary team meeting.
Avatar n tn My 5 yr old son is having big problems at school. He is a very strong willed (always has been) very forward thinking, but he cannot behave at school. Constantly talks over the top of teachers, goes on and on and on about the same things. Runs of from the teachers. When he is told of he does not seem to care at all - grounded from going out at playtime and he does not have an issue with it at all.
Avatar f tn his teachers and family members including his dad (we separated 6 months ago which I feel has made his behaviour and problems spiral and become more severe) are unsure if he has a problem. my youngest son is 2 in 2 weeks and receives 2 1/2 hours play therapy a week to help support him with his global delays but I don't feel it is helping him a great deal.we still have no diagnosis even though he has been assessed at a multi disciplinary team meeting.
Avatar n tn I'm certainly going to talk to mine when I go back and tell him about this forum and we've all got the same problems, being treated the same, and no relief. I, too, have problems walking like in malls and large spaces, with my balance.
Avatar f tn Tantrums are absolutely normal for that age and you describe a boy that has difficulty with speech so you will see a lot of this. Hard to convey anger,m frustration, sadness when you have no words to use for it. I would read books on emotions with him to give him language. I'd say "oh, you look mad. What can we do?" And then have things he can do to help release the anger appropriately.
Avatar f tn She started pre-school at age 3 where she was receiving speech therapy and the speech therapy continued until 1st grade. They kept her on the IEP because she was having behavior problems in school starting in 1st grade. It never really affected her school work (she usually got A's and B's) until this year. Her last report card was C's and D's, which is very concerning to me. Perhaps, the guidelines are different in other states, because I was on an IEP and I was an honor roll student.
Avatar f tn She was lucky though. Most of the children born with this disorder have much, much worse problems. One of the other defects of this disorder is that most children are born with two different color eyes. Or worse. Her daughter was born with just the hearing loss and the two different eyes. One brown, one blue. Thank God! She is such a beautiuful little girl. It's heartbreaking to see them have to go through this. The Jr.
Avatar f tn A simple common sense behavior plan will eliminate the issues that you have identified as problems. Best wishes... I am a clinical social worker as well.
Avatar f tn From reading on here i didnt see many symptoms that my son is having other than the memory and cognitive problems. He is a very active little boy and doesnt complain much. I am concerned however because when he tries to learn and process information he says his "brain hurts" I have read that many of you say your dr say epilepsy and Chiari are not related but it surely seems like a coinsidence that so many people have the same problems if they arent.