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Avatar f tn However, I am highly skeptical about the bogus MRI, considering some of the symptoms that you've mentioned here on the forum. I know how difficult it is having speech problems and word recall issues. It was so frustrating that I cried nearly every night when I got in bed. I am a teacher and it really has made my life miserable. What other problems are you experiencing? I know you don't want to keep going from doctor to doctor--it's frustrating.
1352204 tn?1276920586 I have had a broken engagement. Im worried especially for my youngest. He has a lisp. He has had problems at school for two years. School has suggest and needs a psych evaluation on him before school starts. He makes a & bs. The problem is not doing what he is asked & makING a scene. He wont do his homework packet. Its so easy & i encourage him. Pretends to not understand. I let their 2 friends stay the night. He got caught kissing his friend who is 8 a boy.
Avatar m tn He scheduled blood tests and an MRI, as well as an x-ray of the spine. (I have had constant headaches for 5 months so we thought the two problems may be releated). Now, another week later, I am having even more difficulty speaking, feeling a particular tightness in my chin. I can still speak relatively well, with a slurred word her and there, but I feel like I'm having to try too hard. I can still easily open and move my mouth, and shake my tongue quickly from side to side.
Avatar n tn Last week I woke up one morning and noticed that my speech was slightly altered. It was almost as if I had developed a slight lisp. I have to say, I had just noticed several weeks before that my bottom teeth had shifted slightly. Also, two days prior I burnt my tongue VERY badly. I spent a good deal of time that night with it sticking out, fanning cool air on it. It really hurt. Then a couple days later I woke up with this weird speech related problem.
Avatar m tn -Badge -Communication -Duration -Relationship -Dash From my brief research on the topic I concluded that these problems are consistent with a “palatal lisp” and relate to the placement of the tongue when speaking. Again, the issue is very minor but I am quite cognizant of it. That being said, the most bothersome aspect is that I really have no idea how my speech comes across to others; perhaps the issue could be much more blatant than I’m aware because I am used to my own speech.
Avatar m tn Is he having problems physically talking - stuttering, lisp, cannot pronounce words? or is the problem about acquiring vocabulary and forming complete sentences?
541264 tn?1359207111 I'd rule out anything physical (like mouth formation problems, being tongue tied, teeth issues) and also have his hearing checked--hearing problems can cause speech issues, too. Then I'd see if speech therapy is a possibility. Can you have him evaluated--to see if there are any other issues with him? My son didn't speak clearly for quite a while (he spoke later than other kids his age)--then when he did start speaking, he couldn't say his "r's" and he had a lisp.
Avatar f tn I was born tongue tied (never know it was called that) lol I was fine, no speech problems at all. I didn't get it cut until I was 11. Everything has been normal ever since, my tongue is just a little short.
Avatar m tn away from the end of my tongue, maybe less, and I can't stick my tongue out very far or roll my R's. Although I don't have any serious speech problems such as a lisp, I do mumble sometimes when I talk. Now to the point. I feel that if I get my tongue clipped then I will be more versatile with my voice, as I love to sing and am getting more and more serious about it.
Avatar m tn My upper jaw is to one side compare to my lower jaw, I still have my wisdom teeth, my bottom and top rows of teeth don't meet, the inside of the mouth in between the two sides of the top row of teeth is far too narrow among many other rather large problems. As a result, I have a lisp and slurred speech. You following me so far? Anyway, now I want to be a lawyer. A criminal barrister under NSW law. To be a criminal barrister, you need to make speeches and mind blowing ones at that.
Avatar m tn My upper jaw is to one side compare to my lower jaw, I still have my wisdom teeth, my bottom and top rows of teeth don't meet, the inside of the mouth in between the two sides of the top row of teeth is far too narrow among many other rather large problems. As a result, I have a lisp and slurred speech. You following me so far? Anyway, now I want to be a lawyer. A criminal barrister under NSW law. To be a criminal barrister, you need to make speeches and mind blowing ones at that.
Avatar f tn I have recoverd very well in that I am back to work 3 days a week, I drive short distances 10 to 15 miles I have a some speech problems and loss of sensetion in my right hand and foot. I have been very fortunate that I am in good health and I have recovered very well after thepary and lots of support from my family and friends. The doctors have not been able to tell me why the stroke occured after to angiograms. Does anyone out there had a stroke but don't know why it occured.
Avatar f tn I hit the very back of my head 1st, then low back. Blacked out a few seconds then very disoriented etc. I noticed at the ER my speech sounded funny, like a lisp....which went away. Since I have had blurry reading vision (near sighted since about 12, now 33). Opthomologist says my eyes are now misaligned and only way to correct is readers w/prisms. Loss of memory for words, short term memory loss, neck, jaw pain. I grit my teeth at night now.
Avatar f tn She is also behind academically from other kids her age, she has a very difficult time reading and can only read a few small words at best, alot of difficulty printing simple words as well and her teachers have expressed concern. She also tends to act out by kicking and hitting random things alot. She also suffers from a speech lisp.
Avatar f tn After my stroke at age 56, I could not function on my right side, could not find words to speak, had difficulty understanding what was being said to me and had swallowing problems amongst other problems. After months of physical therapy I was able to function fairly well on my right side and speak well enough to give adult training sessions. I hope that you pass on to your husband my experience, because otherwise he will get severe depression which is a whole another medical problem.
803146 tn?1241376300 down in my pelvis for eight weeks so his bottom jaw line is a bit off...I already know we will be encountering speech problems from this if it does not fix itself.....
Avatar f tn There is a very slight drop off (about 10 Db) between the bad ear and the good ear at 2,000 and 3,000 Hz. It is only at 4,000 Hz that the real problems start -- a big 55 Db drop, followed by 60 Db at 8,000. I have no conversational disability. As I mentioned in a previous thread, I got a 100% in "Speech Audiometry" in both ears. When I experiment on myself, however, I do note some issues.
Avatar f tn Well, three years has passed and my dosage has increased to 108 mg/morning. At 72 mg I started developping speech problems and then they worsened at 90 mg. It was so bad, that ny doctor reduced my dose but later on he decided to increase it back up as I was having a lot of struggles. On the 108 mg, my speech problems are actually better than when I was on the 90 mg dosage.
205269 tn?1395537874 He lines up things in the house and doesn't want me to touch them. His speech isn't bad..if anything he may have a lisp and he likes to repeat himself over and over. He hates haircuts and doctors. He throws bad tantrums and has broken two teeth and bit a chuck out of his tongue and he also hits me and his little brother when he is mad. When he has a bowel movement he puts his hands in it and smears it and has recently started eating it. Is eating poop part of a disorder???
Avatar m tn It is a baby tooth, and was supposed to cause no problems at all. I had been nervous about doing it since it didn't cause problems, but he said I'm prone to cavities, it's hard to floss back there, and it should be a speedy recovery. The extraction was done under local anesthesia and very quickly. It came out whole and only had one root. The hole was tiny. Also, there was little to no swelling.
184342 tn?1282592350 the dentist told me that she must have had some sort of trauma to her mouth as a baby, I don't remember anytime she specifically fell and hit her mouth, but that is why there were no roots left on those teeth- she'll be going a long time w/o front teeth I guess! 2nd baby- did Emily have any problems with speech having lost her front teeth so early?
Avatar f tn The pain comes and goes, regularly get stabbing pains under my ear and sometimes around the jaw and cheek bone hurt badly for days/week on end. I have listed below all the problems I have in the last month: Confusion/zone out - cant think of words or spell, struggle to work out how to get where I am going, forget words, find it hard to make a sandwich, lose track of time etc Semi numb/tingling - back of hands, sides of face near ears, lips, tip of nose.
Avatar n tn It seems like any wounds I've had after that age heal perfectly when I take good care of them. What concerns me is if I get a lisp that doesnt go away I would take the piercing out for good. If the tongue is a bad place for scarring, my greatest concern is that my tongue would end up with a scar that feels like a knot in it, or something to that degree. I know it's common to get a lisp for a short period of time after a tongue piercing, but I don't want a lisp for the rest of my life.
1962464 tn?1344610273 My grandson Jaidyn had been diagnosed with recessive/expressive language disorder and developmental coordination disorder. He has since been diagnosed with ADHD, sensory processing disorder. He also has problems with speech as the coordination disorder effects his ability to speak. He also demonstrates traits of autism, flapping, repetitively going around in circles, and putting his hands over his ears and shouting no when the smoke alarm goes off or there is loud static from the TV.
Avatar n tn my son also seems to take things to extremes happy or anger, my son can talk but with a lisp. His eyes have been tested and his ears. The tests can out fine. I don't know what is wrong, but my gut tells me it is something- if not autism then what?
Avatar f tn It can cause severe child developement problems, and several learning disabilities. Just because they say their child is fine does not mean the child is fine. Ive worked with and know tons of people who have had children and smoked weed during their pregnancy and almost everyone of them has a learning disability, a lisp, and even a delay in developement.
Avatar m tn I have been so active, outgoing, social, happy but now all I feel is hopelessness, sadness, lack of being loved, agitated, frustrated and suicidal (on the inside). Relating to the video game addiction, I use it as a way of escaping my issues and problems. It's the only thing that keeps me going mainly due to the fact that it's my only source of happiness, pride, joy, being loved (when someone adores the way in which you play) and friends although they may not be real life ones.
Avatar f tn I found out I was misdiagnosed, never need antipsychotics, and now am on Clonazepam-aka-Klonopin only. Now, I am having problems with speech again, my tongue is moving by itself, and feels numb, my speech is slurred and I have a lisp now. My fingers are sometimes moving and the left hand is very cramped and the fingers seem to keep closing into a fist. I told my doctor I want to get off Clonazepam, they said to take more, and that it's not medically related.
363110 tn?1340924019 (Things were a little different, Treatments for disease/physical problems were a bit different. for example. TJ’s hearing aid lit up like an LED light and blinked….) I got to see TJ all grown up. He needed a hearing aid and still spoke sign language, he had drk blond hair at the tips/light brown near the roots… and Brown eyes (can't remember the eyes exactly)??? He was 22 yrs old and had just graduated high school the previous year. I walked into his room and he was on the computer.
Avatar n tn Hang in there. I did not know my daughter had any problems other than her speech, but since she couldn't say a word or understand a word at 2, the pediatrician caught the problem. Pediatricians I do not think are trained adequately to catch all these developmental delays and I think have only been catching the children who can't talk at all. You mentioned your son is goign to Riley in February. Do you mean Riley Hospital in Indianapolis?