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Avatar f tn However sometimes I experience some problems with my speech. This last weekend before new years day. I said key in blanket but wanted to say take my contact out of my eye. I was somewhat stressed thinking of some work i had to do. we had been on a weekend away and I did not want to come home and we did come home a day earlier then planned. I remember I just unlocked the door and was thinking about getting my key back from my neice who was house sitting.
Avatar n tn Could you please comment as to speech problems and MS. Is it common for these to occur in early MS? For the past year, I have experienced on/off tingling in both sides of chest/back/shoulders, on/off vertigo when walking (feels like the floor is tilting a bit), and occassional weakness in ankles (lasted for only 1 day). For one day I had a buzzing right where my eyebrows meet, but that only lasted 1 day and then disappeared. Recently, I feel that I slur my speech on occassion.
Avatar n tn I'll had mixed emotions when it comes to Lexapro and memory. I had memory problems before taking Lexapro. They were depression and anxiety related. After taking Lexapro, these memory problems improved. I used to always forget things. I think it was because I never paid attention. I never tried to remember things due to my depressed mood. I will still forget things now but not nearly as bad as before. My mind used to go blank when I was under stress. Lexapro has reduced my stress.
Avatar f tn Since then I have been experiencing problems with my memory and retention. More than usual. And I am now starting to have problems with remembering simple words. I will try to say something like " where is their house?" and will not remember the word house. It can take minutes of me stumbling and grasping through my mind before I can remember. Even though it is a common word. Can the being hit all my life & memory issues be related? Or is it because I am older (almost 40)?
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, Do any of you have memory loss? For example you are talking and then all of a sudden the next word you were going to say has left you. Or you are talking and feel like you are having a stroke, your mouth feels numb and like it is not forming words correctly?
Avatar f tn The father was not around during most of my granddaughter's infancy and he said he read that it is not unusual for children to have speech problems when the father is not there because the father has influence over the child's speech. Any truth to this?
Avatar n tn Some of the symptoms i experienced included memory loss, headaches(that are always there), concentration problems, fatigue, slurred speech and many other symptoms including personality changes. I also experience a brain fog at times which makes it almost impossible for me to think. I then decide to stay silent not to embarrass myself. I went to a doctor but he did not find a diagnosis for me. For some time, my health improved but was not solved in any way.
645800 tn?1466864555 This test checks your ability to decode (ability to quickly and accurately process speech), Tolerance fading memory (ability to understand speech in noise and short term memory), Integration (ability to pull together auditory information), and organization (organize and sequencing of auditor information). Basically they present 4 words that you have to repeat back, but they say other words in the opposite ear at the same time. Again I had horrible test results.
Avatar n tn ) Eyes/Vision Double, blurry or dim vision Increased floating spots Pain in/behind eyes, or swelling around eyes Over sensitivity to light Flashing lights Optic neuritis Ears/Hearing Decreased hearing in one or both ears Buzzing or clicking noises in ears Pain in ears or sound sensitivity Ringing in one or both ears Pressure or feeling of fullness in ears Digestive and Excretory Systems Diarrhea, irritable bowel Constipation Irritable bladder (trouble starting, stopping) Frequen
378497 tn?1232147185 Lately, I've been doing a few things having to do with speech that are kind of weird. 1. When I try to say a word that has an "s" in it, or especially to "s" sounds, I go ssssss and kind of stutter and stumble. It's really strange. Reading that sentence out loud would probably make me have a stroke. Anyway, I teach, and this is becoming really noticeable to me during lecture. 2. I am having THE WORST TIME accessing words.
Avatar n tn He also saw a pediatric neurologist at age two who told us to give him some time. My concern is the way he echos the speech of others and his memory recall (memorizing books and lines from movies, ability to recite the alphabet backwards). I have asked the therapist if she thinks he's autistic but she says he is too social and has excellent eye contact. He has reached all other development milestones and there is really nothing else unusual about his behaviors.
Avatar f tn She had lost her speech ability for10 days and has since slowly regained some speech to the point that she is fairly understandable except when she is tired or under pressure to speak. She does have slight weakness on left hand side of body but it seems that these previous strokes have passed by unnoticed.My question is - does this having many strokes mean that she is developing dementia is that a typical eventuality?
Avatar n tn He was born very healthy and did everything normal as a child but his speech is delayed.He has no behavioral problems, but only says a few words.He's never called me mummy even though he knows am the mum,the funny thing is that his dad is rarely at home but he calls him all the time by his real name and is very fond of him.He also calls her big sister by her name and they really get along.
Avatar n tn Numbness, Dizziness, Loss of Hearing, Memory Loss, Severe Fatigue, Slurred Speech, Motor Skill Problems He did have an MRI and CT scans with no results or abnormalities. All neurological tests and blood work has come back with no results. His wife is already making plans for his death as he worsens with no diagnosis. I told her not to quit and keep searching for a diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Do any of you have slurred speech or nasal sounding quality to your voice from MS?
1704542 tn?1307509184 , Numbness of face, tongue all left side of head. Excruciating headache, blurred vision, loss of balance, difficulties with speech. Symptoms lasted 3 weeks, saw doctor 2 wks after onset of symptoms. MRI & lymes test done : large brain lesion found. Stroke and Lymes disease ruled out. Lumbar puncture performed: abnormal results 3 months after initial "attack", shooting pains started in hand and feet, progressively got more frequent and worse. Cognitive skills deteriorating.
Avatar f tn I have had problems for over a year with headaches, vision problems, numbness and weakness, and most recently Slurred Speech and memory problems. I've had CT/MRI and and EEG the EEG came back with abnormal brain waves. Now they want to do a 3-5 day study which i've been waiting on since the end of August. Please help!
Avatar f tn i have worked with some children ages 3-5 with sensory integration problems. i am happy to hear you have an OT who is helping you with this struggle. What exactly are her sensory problems? http://www.sensory-processing-disorder.com/sensory-processing-disorder-checklist.html may help you name it. From there I may be able to share some things that we found to work.
963268 tn?1312903915 when I tell my neuro, PCP etc about my cognitive / memory problems, they really don't pay much attention because I'm on lithium. (Lithium also can cause these symptoms) I've been on and off Lith a couple of times - I know what it's like and I really don't feel that it's causing these symptoms. I guess I could be wrong but...I just want them to really check out everything. Zel.
Avatar n tn He may have difficulties understanding receptive language (what is said to him), he may have auditory processing difficulties or auditory memory problems. These should all be assessed by a speech and language therapist - they should also assess all social skills and put together a programme for that as well. At age 7 my son had to be given a picture board to take with him to the toilet to make sure he remembered what he had to do.
Avatar n tn I am 35 and I lost all my memory when any body ask anything hurriedly or loudly. I cannot remember dates, figures, telephone numbers etc. My memoray is being lost day by day. I became under pressure when facing my superiors and cannot talk property. I cannot speech and my voice is broken after few seconds. The situation really harmful for me and I am going backward day by day. Any body help me in recovery from this illness .
Avatar n tn I read that only like 5-10% of stroke pts have siezures down the road. He also has a bad short term memory.. and loses track of keys,phone etc way more than normal and forgets simple things that he has talked about. Can I expect for the memory loss to get better or worse? please help..
Avatar f tn Hey Everyone, Does anyone ever have studdering problems, on top of the cog and memory problems? My daughter watched my put sugar in my coffee 2x, and I still did not remember or realize I did it. Wonderful experiences like that? I've been also studdering, some days alot some days not so much, but it never completely goes away. I am not yet dx but, my sister had the studdering problem and she has recently be dx. Anyway, the floors yours!
Avatar f tn I wanted to ask what his speech was like. Is he putting sentences together? Does he want to interact with you or does he just wander around the house destroying stuff? Does he throw tantrums that seem an over reaction to the thing that triggered them. Do you feel he is doing this behaviour to get attention, or does he just want to tip up stuff and isn't at all interested in your reaction and seems either oblivious to you or appears not to understand what you are saying to him?
1053987 tn?1279308110 Go off what I'm feeling right then or the next day, but after 1 day I can't remember how I felt unless it was sever. If I'm having racing thoughts, pressured speech, pacing around, 1etc. I will mark manic. Even if I was just a little hypomanic, (since they don't have hypomanic.) I go off of my symptoms and how I feel. If I feel speeded up, I put manic. If I feel slow and like I want to not talk to anyone, dragging my feet, I put depressed.