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Avatar f tn I got trigger shot on cd 12 and did an iui that day and then an iui the day after. I'm currently on cd 23 and have really sore nipples. Could this be from the trigger shot? The clomid? Or am I pregnant? I've also had cramping. Thanks for any info. My beta is on Monday 23rd.
1783159 tn?1450767156 So I took clomid at the beginning of the month and had a few mood swings! Thanksgiving Eve my nipples became real sore and still is and I took a pregnacy test and it came out neg .... Did I test to early or should I give it some more time and then test? Im so confused...
Avatar f tn I'm only 5 weeks and since my missed period my nipples have been hurting like heelllll.
Avatar n tn We had sex when ovulating but my partner did not ejaculate, my period is 5 days late I have sore nipples and find myself going to be earlier. Could I be pregnant?
Avatar n tn So whats ur question? Only a test can tell u if ur pregnant hun.
Avatar f tn Hi! If you were my patient, I would once again rule out pregnancy, and then I would check a prolactin level. An elevated prolactin could cause both symptoms and can be treated fairly easily with medication. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Could pregnancy occur without having real sexual intercourse, especially in my situation with the period/sore nipples? (I have never gotten sore nipples before) Thank you so much. Waiting for your reply...
Avatar n tn I have had some minor cramping that comes and goes, around day 45 to day 50 I had very sore nipples, I have been taking the home pregnancy test since around day 43 but they have all been negative. I am also being treating for Hypothyroidism. I am 25 years old but I have not had a skipped period since high school. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn hi my period is 3 days nipples are very sore,and i fear i myt be pregnant.i have taken 2 pregancy test alreday and both showed vigina is swollen and i have back pain..cud this mean im pregnant?
Avatar f tn So I have white discharge sore nipples slight cramps n not hungry at all. Could I possible be pregnant?
Avatar m tn My girlfriend is experiencing sore breast and sore nipples, for the last 5 days now. but her period is not yet due, she had her last period last June 21 and supposedly she will be having her period this coming june 19. I am worried because we had unprotected sex but didn't came in/ sometimes I came but wore a condom but i always make sure that the condom worked. This is her first time to experience this kind of problem. is this a sign that her period is coming up? or is she preg?
Avatar n tn I was just wondering I feel like im havin some symptoms but im not for sure. My nipples have been really sore latley and I have been havin discharge whenever I go to wipe after using the restroom, would you happen to know anything about this?????
Avatar f tn He prescribed a med that would start my cycle 2 weeks after my last pill. I have been real tired, sore nipples, some cramping and mood swings. When I went to the meds the pharmacist told me that if I'm pregnant or trying to get pregnant in the next month not to take the pills. Im scared to take them. What should I do?
Avatar f tn How many days after your period waa due can you class it as a missed period??
Avatar f tn I'm 2 months late on my periods, I've been throwing up after I eat, or when I'm hungry I feel like throwing up, I took 2 pregnancy tests and both came out negative...As of right now my nipples are sore, lower stomach hurts like cramping feeling.. I'm feeling butterflies.. I need help.
Avatar f tn My period is supposed to be on Dec 2 and im late for about 6days. Meanwhile i had usual menstrual cramps, lower backaches, fatigue, little bloated and sore nipples.... I took Home Pregnancy test and it came out negative. Should i have to wait another one week to take test or is this of any other complications? Pls Advise.
Avatar n tn It's been 3 months sinced I had one, missed shot. My period returned within 1 mth but I don't see it this month. My nipples are sore and i feel tingling in my right breast, so I think I might be, I hope so.
Avatar n tn my nipples are itching and somewhat sore am i pregnant i really dont think i can get preganant i was on tha depo for five years and been tryin and is hasnt happend yet
Avatar n tn I've tested twice this week, 2 days before missed and 2 days after missed... got neg. results both times! My period is usually right on (every 28 days) but I'm 2 days late this month.... I took Ciproflaxin for a UTI I had, I'm wondering if thats delaying my period or giving me false results? Any input?!
4438923 tn?1354771782 You really need to take a test, especially if you are 5 days late. Sore nipples could be from anything, but paired with a missed period is an indication of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Was wondering if any of you ladies may have experience something similar. Missed my period for a week now. I have sore nipples and my boobs feel heavy... occasional abdominal cramps and backaches, frequent urination. Frequent feeling of something flowing out rushed to toilet thinking that it AF but it's usually discharge...Tested negative on the 2nd day of my missed period and haven't tested since then ...
Avatar n tn 1st date of last period 19th january,my partner and i had unprotected sex on the 22nd, 23rd jan since then no period,i ve a normal 28dy cycle i have been feeling slightly nauseous, sore nipples, cramping on right side lower abdomen like period pains but no period , peeing quiet frequent,tired sleeping alot, went to gp 1/3 tested negative whats happening?just wld like to kn wats wat, going bk to gp 2wks if no period.
Avatar f tn I have always wanted to but never happened so I lost hope but recently I think I am but I'm not... my nipples arnt sore. Or I haven't thrown up but I've had all the other simptoms...but those two tests were negative.... its October 6th. So I had my period last month (aug16th) now its October 6th. I am really late, I took two expensive tests first response around September 22 and on the 25, both negative.
Avatar n tn nothing just slight cramps and my boobs are SSOO EXTREMELY sore today..and with my period they dont get this sore ever... thanks for your help..i'll keep u updated!!