Why are my nipples sore before my period

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Avatar n tn I am 17, i have never had sex before, im on the birth control pill, and im on my period, and i have purple nipples, im a little worried, i kind of thought that it may have been a circulation problem, does anyone have any ideas??
Avatar n tn (. Even my bf said the felt very firm n full. I am on no contraception and do have unprotected sex. Have been since November 2012. What's going on with my body? Please help.
446156 tn?1275859576 I had spotting 13 days before my expected period, sore nipples, very tired, light headed twice, heart burn, emotional, and some cm. I haven't cm for about a week. But today I went to take a shower and I had a little bit of white, thick, CM. And, not to sound nasty, it had a smell. It had the same smell that I always have the day my period stops. Could I be pregnant? And when should I test? Please help.
Avatar f tn My nipples have been super tender lately. Only my nipples, my breasts aren’t. They’ve never been this sensitive before even while in my period. I don’t really get a period anymore due to the UTI and I’m pretty sure I’m not pregnant because of that too. What could it be? Should I be worried? How can I make them feel less uncomfortable? Thanks!
Avatar f tn A month ago I thought I was pregnant because Precum was on my vagina and 7 days later I got my period. I've recently noticed that my nipples have been getting darker and I have no idea why. I'm afraid it's the pregnancy thing but I already had my period and it's really unlikely that I've gotten pregnant with Precum. Everywhere online it says it's pregnancy but I'm hopeful that that is not the case.
1537413 tn?1293046794 Hello, i am 28 yrs old and my question is my nipples are sore and i have a small withe discharge what could be the calls of this, could this be signs of pregnancy?
613536 tn?1294238447 I had a lot of CM (looked like EWCM) yesterday and a bit the day before. They just got sore yesterday morning and are really sore today. My bbt has not risen yet, so that is why I was guessing ovulation...
Avatar n tn I took two pregnancy tests (because not only was i late, but my nipples where also extremly sore/tender and bright pink) they both turned up negative. So my question is number one, why are my nipples so bright pink/tender and sore? Number two, they say you get cramps because your uterus is contracting... well, your uterus is on your lower stomach, so why are my cramps below my ribs? And did having sex last month have anything to do with this?
Avatar f tn During my first pregnancy, I started feeling extremely nauseous before I even missed my period. My breasts and nipples hurt. I was moody and emotional. All that was horrible to go through. I'm 6 weeks pregnant now according to two apps I have on my phone. MedHelp's pregnancy app and a second menstrual calendar app that has an on/off pregnancy mode switch that calculates everything for you without you needing to input anything. No morning sickness. My nipples are a LITTLE sore.
Avatar f tn I'm 30wks, haven't had any tenderness, no sore nipples, no leaking, occasionally a dull pain when I'm cold but nothing serious, will they still work?
Avatar f tn This month I have noticed symptoms I have never had before. 2 weeks after my LMP 6/4 I got cramps, sore breasts/nipples and mucus. Now my nipples are still sore. If your ttc, you could take a test. Implantation bleeding, not all women get this. But it also isn't heavy like a period flow, more like spotting and normally happens around the time of your expected period. But I think this might have just been one of those wacky periods this month for you.
Avatar f tn Today my period came on and my nipples are still sore and erect. Should I go to the hospital and let them draw blood to see if I'm pregnant or not?
1475238 tn?1288133496 I noticed my right boob is realy sore and it makes me wanna cry all the time also I can't be pregnant coz am on the control birth pill so yy do they Hurt can any1 tell me plz xx
Avatar f tn s done to the point where it hurts, but I stop when it hurts too much. Both my nipples are sore now when I press on them. I do not start my period for another two weeks and it feels different from when my breasts get sore a few days (to a week) before my period. Could I be pregnant? I've read articles about it so I'm worried. I'm hoping my nipples are just sore because they were handled in a rough way. Thank you for your time.
Avatar f tn Ok so i really thought i was pregnant. My boobs are super swolen. The nipples look weird and are very sore. However i took a pregnancy test and it was negative. Then i passed a dab of bright reddish pink blood and thought i started my period. It happened on the day i was supposed to start. But thats all i passed was the dab. Why didnt i start my period? Could i still be pregnant? Any ideas? Im going to make a doctors appointment i just need some advice to ease my mind in the meantime.
Avatar f tn I'm five weeks. This is my first time.
Avatar f tn Its now 4 days before the day im suppose to get my august period, and my boobs are really terribly sore, my nipples are darker, and weird bumps are appearing around my nipples. i took a test and it came out negative. Did I take the test too early? Am i pregnant or are these just symptoms for my period?
Avatar f tn my period returned the next day and I had it for another nine days which is un usual as that has never happened before. my period went away on the 1st or 2nd of august since then I've been having un protected sex with my partner because neither of us like condoms and I can't take any contraception cause everything I take irritates my stomach and makes me sick. anyway on the 28th of august I noticed soreness to my nipples but only to the touch.
Avatar f tn Congrats. i am so happy for you. me my husband have been ttc for almost 2 years. Blessings for you and your baby.
Avatar f tn you could still be pregnant getting your tubes tied is not 100% effective, or it could be your period even skin irritation if you have skipped your period take a test or if the pain continues see your doctor
4438923 tn?1354768182 im 5 days late my nipples are sore and I have had on and off period like cramps..my fiance notice a change in the size of my nipples too..Ive been to stubborn and a non believer but does this sound like Ive become pregnant?
Avatar f tn The only thing that confuses is me is the weird noises I hear in my stomach, my itchy bellybutton, and my breasts for which on the past month have been terribly sore- and the past week extremely painful. The past month I also noticed my nipples look bigger, and there is what looks like bruising around them, and also a very small white lump on the tip of my areola. I may be paranoid but I also feel that they have become more inverted the past month.
Avatar m tn My girlfriend is experiencing sore breast and sore nipples, for the last 5 days now. but her period is not yet due, she had her last period last June 21 and supposedly she will be having her period this coming june 19. I am worried because we had unprotected sex but didn't came in/ sometimes I came but wore a condom but i always make sure that the condom worked. This is her first time to experience this kind of problem. is this a sign that her period is coming up? or is she preg?
Avatar f tn My nipples been sore for two weeks now and my period supposed to come on March 30th.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone knew why my nipples were sore before I started my period and even still after my period? Am I just having side effects from my period or am I pregnant ? I tested a few days before my current period and it said negative.
Avatar f tn I have VERY tender nipples. It started on the last day of my period and is gradually getting worse over the last two days. I am on birth control and my breasts aren't tender. I exercise, eat well, and don't have any of the signs of pregnancy that my mother or grandmother ever had. Nothing else is weird, it's just that it started getting sore before the end of my period and I haven't ovulated yet.