Sore breasts before missed period

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Avatar f tn I was nauseated practically all day and the nose of a blood hound lol
Avatar n tn I would wait till there is a missed period before even testing or worrying about it
Avatar f tn Some women are very in tune with their bodies. I always knew before my missed period and I can't explain why. I have the symptoms to confirm what I already know days before my missed period like being cranky and needing to sleep more.
Avatar f tn Sore breasts! A week before i was suppose to get my period it started. Missed my period and took a test after being 5 days late. All 3 pregnancy tests were positive.
1097577 tn?1262719747 It could be the case but I usually get sore breasts through my whole luteal phase and sometimes they can be really sore. It's a difficult symptom to be able to tell.
Avatar f tn If you are late for your period, then perhaps you are pregnant. Your breasts can also feel that way before your period comes in.
Avatar f tn I did! It was a lot at first just when I did a lot of excerise now I'm getting often and its annoying I've taken a pregnancy test today though and it was negative so I have no idea what's going on.
Avatar f tn what was your very first symptom that made you think you were pregnant? other than the missed period of course.... for some its sore breasts, for some its nausea... what was yours?
1970621 tn?1359591055 Last time i was extremely bloated and had terribly tender breasts. Now im just a little bloated and sore breasts. But the fact that my period is late is I am assuming the biggest clue. I did take a test a week ago before my period was due and it was negative. My husband insists that I am preggers. But I am so afraid that its just a fluke or another early miscarriage. What should I do? Should I wait to test?
Avatar f tn I knew about a week before my missed period. I felt the same way at the beginning of this pregnancy as I did with my last pregnancy.
Avatar n tn I am not currently ttc but my husband and I had a drunk night out and were not as careful as we normally are. I am not sure if it was on my ovulation days or if it was a little after. My question is what does your cm look like before your period. I normally do not pay much attention to it but am concermed because I am due for my period today or tomorrow and have a lot of creamy cm and sore breasts. I usually get sore breasts before my period but can't remember what cm looks like.
421469 tn?1203452328 i get sore breasts about 2 weeks before my period.. maybe thats whats happening or maybe ur preggo.
782747 tn?1236126155 my period is every 28 days since i was 14. this month it has not come at all. i am so tired, my breasts are sore and tingly kinda like when ur milk comes in after birth. my temp has been up since the second wk of feb. i have this dull lower back pain that i have had for the last 3 to 4 wks. i also have these like they look likw whiteheads on my areola' 3 days late for my period. its been 59 days since i have had real bleeding. i took 2 tests in feb and they were negative.
Avatar n tn I was supposed to get a second shot september 13th but decided not to. My breasts have been swollen and sore since late July and I havent started my period yet. I took an at home pregnancy test but it was negative what else could be wrong???
Avatar m tn However, on the evening after the act happened I had severe abdominal pain/cramps where I work up in the middle of the night due to the sheer pain. My breasts are a little sore and I am due on for a period around this time but I haven't started! I am extremely worried and I was just wondering what are the chances of getting pregnant from being fingered!!! I am having very limited amount of discharge then before the day I got fingered! Please help me!!
Avatar n tn but everyone is different, the most common sign is missed period. some women have sore/heavy breasts at first...some cramps, but it really just depends. good luck!
Avatar f tn yeaa im 2 months and i have had all those symptoms even before i missed my first period my breasts especially are so so sore and i am constantly drained no matter how much sleep i have
1038742 tn?1321202084 t show typical pregnancy signs until two weeks after my missed period; nausea, vomiting, fatigue, sore breasts, ect...the only problem with these signs is that they usually mimic PMS signs so you can't read too much into them. The only true sign of pregnancy is to wait until period is due or late and take a test or go to doctor for blood work.
Avatar f tn About 3 days before my missed period my breasts got really really sore n I was extra tired I took a test 2 days after my pissed periiod came out positive girl get a test mite be preg. Good luck!
726324 tn?1324074610 Are there any signs or symptoms you get post ovulation if the egg gets fetillised? I mean like before your missed period can you tell? Thanks!
Avatar f tn normally i get sore breasts 6 days 2 be exact before my period starts this month 2 weeks before im due my period i have tender breasts the have got bigger aswel...i know ppl say it could e obvulation but i never get this...has any1 every had this and been pregnant???
Avatar f tn I had only sore breasts & cramps & I was close to my period date. So I didn't think of it as a pregnancy symptom because I get sore breasts & cramps before every period . BUT my period never came , which never happends either. So I knew I was pregnant .
Avatar f tn So I had my period about three weeks ago and for the last two days I've been having sore breast. I haven't take a pregnancy test yet. But I usually have sore breast before getting my period and its not even close to getting my period yet. Anyone have this problem before?