Sore nipples during period

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Avatar f tn Do you at least track your period and not have unprotected sex during the most fertile time? Let me tell you, babies change EVERYTHING. You should have one when it is the right time and you are ready for it. Not just because you didn't like condoms. Ya know? I probably sound a bit tough on this subject but know so many women WISH they'd used birth control once they find out they are pregnant. Take the HPT.
644974 tn?1312761670 hi , i am 13 weeks 5 days pregnant and my boobs and nipples have been sore and tender since b4 i took a preg test , i just thought at the time it was me due to have my period lol, they are still sore now but i find if am cold they hurt more, i tent to have a nice warm bath or ( may be to much info lol ) get my fiancee to massage my boobs lol hope it helps and good luck on yr pregnancys
Avatar f tn That was my sign of pregnancy i didn't even expect my cycle to come. Only my nipples were sore during the time that i was supposed to be on my period && for sure a preg. test confirmed it!!
Avatar m tn My girlfriend is experiencing sore breast and sore nipples, for the last 5 days now. but her period is not yet due, she had her last period last June 21 and supposedly she will be having her period this coming june 19. I am worried because we had unprotected sex but didn't came in/ sometimes I came but wore a condom but i always make sure that the condom worked. This is her first time to experience this kind of problem. is this a sign that her period is coming up? or is she preg?
Avatar n tn since i've been around 40 (so for the past 3 / 4 yrs) on an off and increasing on, both my breasts feel bruised internally, heavy and my nipples are sore some days they are fine, other days it's agony when i take my bra off.
4499377 tn?1373559485 I have had my latch checked but am still getting sore cracked nipples. My little girl was only born on Aug 1st and I am having to resort to pumping to give her breast milk because the pain is so intense it reduces me to tears. I'm not really bothered by that except that I would like to be able to breast feed instead of feeding breast milk thru a bottle. However I have also noticed that when I pump, in only get about a 1/2 ounces every 2 hours between both breasts. Is that normal?
Avatar n tn Hi there. First of all you need to take note during what period of the month are you experiencing these symptoms. Breast fullness and tenderness usually peaks before you have your menstruation. This has something to do with the response of the breast tissue (ducts and lobules) to hormones (especially estrogen). Lactation also causes this fullness and soreness. However, I suggest you take this to your doctor to find out if there are other thing wrong with your breasts.
152339 tn?1189759427 I read that if you suddenly develop sore nipples after weeks or months of successful feeding, it is usually thrush (a kind of yeast infection). Apparenly, according to "The Nursing Mother's Companion", by Kathleen Huggins, R.N., M.S., a book which you should all get if you don't have it, when you have symptoms like shiny, reddened, swollen, tender, and cracked nipples and it develops after months of feeding successfully it is usually thrush.
405855 tn?1217104367 im pretty sure this is normal i had/have itchy nipples at the begging and again now. i think its cuz your bobbies/nipples are growing and your skin is stretching and it gets very irratated.
Avatar f tn Could pregnancy occur without having real sexual intercourse, especially in my situation with the period/sore nipples? (I have never gotten sore nipples before) Thank you so much. Waiting for your reply...
7278983 tn?1392141805 We also had unprotected sex during my ovulation period from Feb 6-10 n now I have very very sore nipples.. What could be the cause of this??
Avatar f tn other times with a condom. the last week or so I have noticed my nipples are erect and sore (not bad, just irritating, kind of tingling feeling to the touch), I have had watery vaginal discharge, no increase in appetite. Some morning I feel a bit nasaus after having a drink of water (i dont eat breakfast). but this isn't daily. I few smells make me feel nasueus, but subsides quickly. I have lower back aches occasionally, not constant.
Avatar f tn So why my boobs sore before during after period as well as extra moody before during period first time its happened? But been under stress. Help one side of boob hurts feel they got bit bigger had liquid come out of the pores on nipples a bit happen once only?
Avatar n tn Having a period means you are shedding the lining of your uterus. So I would say, it's not normal nor possible. Some bleeding can be considered within normal limits and so can some types of cramps. If you feel like this is a REAL period, and the bleeding and cramping are plentiful, I would suggest contacting your OB for a check. How far along are you?
1629552 tn?1299645288 But, for almost 2 weeks I have been sick to my stomach throughout most of the day, I have been getting cramps ( which usually never happens, even during my period) and my nipples are Extremely sensitive to anything. Even my bra hurts them to an extent and the lightest touch or bump puts me in slight pain. I have been reading up lately and started wondering, could I be pregnant? Can anyone help me here?
Avatar n tn hi,im 20yrs old & my period was 7 weeks an 5 days late. finally it came last night(4-13-08) it started off light pinkish color then in the morning it was reg.color now today i used the bathroom an a blood clot the size of a quater came out of me like a dark purple color! is sumthing wrong?i took 5 hpt an 1 blood test all neg. so i dont think its a misscarrige,im scrared.. please w/b.
Avatar n tn Hi guys(: Well I need some help! && opinions please. -okay you see usually I start on the 6th or 7th.. Well it's now the 9th so I'm 3 to 4 days late, I have cramps here there that feel like period cramping ,, but no period yet to come! I also have the sore nipples && breast. No getting sick yet though,, ALTHOUGH !! I feel like this lump in the back of my throat like I want to get sick but I absolutly HATE throwing up lol.
Avatar f tn I am 43 years old with sore nipples that occurred before during and after my period. This pain has been going on for about a week now. To add I am not pregnant and have had a tubaligation for 16 years now. Any idea what the problem could be.
Avatar f tn I have been having sore nipples that past couple of days. But during the afternoon my whole breasts start hurting. Does anyone know what this might be? My nipples kinds feel like there burning. Its never done this before my period so i dont know if thats it or if its because ive been off my b/c for a month now and my body is changing.
Avatar n tn Your nipples are extremely sore, burning, itching, red, or blistery. You experience shooting pains in your breasts during or just after feeding (especially during your milk ejection reflex). The usual remedies for sore nipples aren't working Yeast infections can be very persistent. Use the full course of medication suggested by your doctor, and continue using the home remedies for several weeks so that the infection will not reoccur.
Avatar n tn I was doing that burning nipples thing and then on Tuesday Feb. 21st I got my period. Well I usually only have a 3 or 4 day period. Well I went for 6 days this time. It kept acting like it was going to stop but then I would start again. I am NOT having the burning anymore but my nipples are still tender. Did your nipples look brown around the nipple and light pink/red in the center of the nipple?
Avatar f tn my nipples been hurting for 2 days now and i don't remember when will my period come.
Avatar f tn There is too many too count and that is the only place they are located. My nipples are very sore but not the rest of my breasts. I've been trying to search the web and the only thing I see is pregnancy or something but I don't really think I am. I can see other signs possibly but not enough for me to really believe. I am just wondering what it could be and if anyone else thinks this is just normal?
Avatar n tn It could be both, i was on nueva ring, my doctor made me get off it til i had a regular cycle, before this period i never had sore breasts/nipples, and i found it wierd that they wore sore this time while off birthcontrol. keep trying girl, and take a test every two weeks, (i work at a medical clinic and get advice).
Avatar n tn Could my breasts be growing? My breasts (not nipples) had been really sore a few weeks ago and I chalked it up to a new sign before my period. But now they are sore again, and it gets worse when I take my bra off, and I'm only an A cup. But I am now two weeks away from having my next period and they are really sore again. And I know that I am not pregnant, tested earlier today because my ankles were also swelling. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn i too have/am experiencing dark hairs growing around my nipples. i am 20 and this started when i was 18 or 19. at first there were only a couple, so i would pluck them, then i think i may have started plucking any hairs in that area that seemed darker or even noticeable. this was probably a bad idea i think because i think when those hairs grew back they grew back darker and thicker. and more noticeable.
Avatar n tn since i've been around 40 (so for the past 3 / 4 yrs) on an off and increasing on, both my breasts feel bruised internally, heavy and my nipples are sore some days they are fine, other days it's agony when i take my bra off.
Avatar m tn Q: I am wondering what are my chances of getting HIV through that exposure?? A: Absolutely none.
Avatar n tn (Topic doesn't quite match my concern but I couldn't find anything closer) I am 25 years old and I regularly have sore breasts and cramps a week before and during my period. The breast soreness even disappears before the end of my period. However, I had my period just under a week ago and my breast soreness has reappeard. It's tender around my nipples and very sore. I also have cramps that won't go away. I'm suspecting gas for the cramps, but not sure.
Avatar n tn I am 19 yrs old married and just stopped taking my bc pills in october and i have been exsperiencing white spots in my nipples,sore and tenderness also. They hav been this way for about a mnth or 2 should i be worried? Or go to the doctor? Just took a pregnancy test it came back negative.