Sore nipples during period

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Avatar f tn Do you at least track your period and not have unprotected sex during the most fertile time? Let me tell you, babies change EVERYTHING. You should have one when it is the right time and you are ready for it. Not just because you didn't like condoms. Ya know? I probably sound a bit tough on this subject but know so many women WISH they'd used birth control once they find out they are pregnant. Take the HPT.
644974 tn?1312758070 hi , i am 13 weeks 5 days pregnant and my boobs and nipples have been sore and tender since b4 i took a preg test , i just thought at the time it was me due to have my period lol, they are still sore now but i find if am cold they hurt more, i tent to have a nice warm bath or ( may be to much info lol ) get my fiancee to massage my boobs lol hope it helps and good luck on yr pregnancys
Avatar f tn That was my sign of pregnancy i didn't even expect my cycle to come. Only my nipples were sore during the time that i was supposed to be on my period && for sure a preg. test confirmed it!!
1888879 tn?1321249176 my nipples and around nipples r very sore could this be a sign of pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I have VERY tender nipples. It started on the last day of my period and is gradually getting worse over the last two days. I am on birth control and my breasts aren't tender. I exercise, eat well, and don't have any of the signs of pregnancy that my mother or grandmother ever had. Nothing else is weird, it's just that it started getting sore before the end of my period and I haven't ovulated yet.
1806883 tn?1458321004 m breastfeeding my tenth baby, hes 5 1/2 months and all is good, except for the last 3 days my nipples are soooo sore, nothing about his feeding has changed, the only other times my nipples have felt like this when b/fding is when i've fallen pregnant, but i have been using o''sticks and it doesnt look like i've ovulated this month which isnt uncommon as I only had my first period since my son was born on the 20 sept, anyone else had anything like this happen?
613536 tn?1294238447 I do not personally get sore nipples when i ovulate i get sore nipples when i am due to get AF though which is after ovulation. Everyones body is different though so it could be a sign for you but for me its after ovulation when im due on.
Avatar m tn My girlfriend is experiencing sore breast and sore nipples, for the last 5 days now. but her period is not yet due, she had her last period last June 21 and supposedly she will be having her period this coming june 19. I am worried because we had unprotected sex but didn't came in/ sometimes I came but wore a condom but i always make sure that the condom worked. This is her first time to experience this kind of problem. is this a sign that her period is coming up? or is she preg?
Avatar f tn Im 4w+3d and mine are so sore and my nipples are always hard. Sometimes I look down and think how will I ever BF?? LOL Hoping for relief soon!
Avatar f tn They could stay like that, and they could not. Mine were really sore during the first trimester, but haven't been since and I'm currently 30 weeks.
405855 tn?1217100767 im pretty sure this is normal i had/have itchy nipples at the begging and again now. i think its cuz your bobbies/nipples are growing and your skin is stretching and it gets very irratated.
1783159 tn?1450763556 So I took clomid at the beginning of the month and had a few mood swings! Thanksgiving Eve my nipples became real sore and still is and I took a pregnacy test and it came out neg .... Did I test to early or should I give it some more time and then test? Im so confused...
957185 tn?1250540128 re most likely experiencing is ovulation. You can get sore breasts/nipples during ovulation. Ovulation occurs approximately 2 weeks before your next period. Are you having any discharge when you use the restroom?
Avatar f tn My nipples feel sore, not extremely but ive never had sore nipples. Ive been sexually active and on birth control (but he doesnt pull out) there still a possibilty i could be pregnant ?
505857 tn?1329681517 Can anyone tell me how sore do your breasts have to be as a sign of pregnancy. I am due my period on the 7th of July and hoping it doesn't come. I usually have cramp 1 or 2 days before my period with slight breast pain which i can cope with. But the pain i have in my breasts at the moment is unbelievable especially around the nipples i can hardly touch them its unbearable.
Avatar f tn I've had really sore nipples for a few days now. Normally around my period I have sore breast never just my nipples. My period isn't due for a another week. TTC for over a year now.
Avatar f tn Could pregnancy occur without having real sexual intercourse, especially in my situation with the period/sore nipples? (I have never gotten sore nipples before) Thank you so much. Waiting for your reply...
Avatar f tn I am wanting to know if anyone has had that problem with there nipples as today i played my rugby game and also during the game i got a pain in my abdomin and lower back like a period cramp but no bleeding or discharge, where coughing it hurt too but only lasted for maybe 10 - 15mins.
Avatar n tn I had to complement with formula, now after many efforts I switched to breastfeeding only, but my nipples are very sore. He stays in the breast for long periods and when he finishes my nipples look white and flattened like pinched. They hurt so bad that I am thinking about giving him formula again. I always wait until he opens his mouth wide and latch on, but he alwys finish in the nipple and it hurts.
2179622 tn?1337657394 how many days after ovulation is normal for your breasts and nipples to be sore?
Avatar f tn Update 4/19: I finally got the courage to take a hpt and it came back negative. Maybe a very very very faint line but I'm over a week late so it should be accurate by now. Still have sore nipples, slightly large swollen breast and mild nausea so I don't know. It was kroger brand, I'll try again in morning.
Avatar f tn The whole time I have never felt anything in my boobs. But this month, its been going on since Sunday, my nipples are real sore/sensitive feeling. Im currently 9dpo. My question is has that ever happened to anyone during pregnancy or not during?!! Im trying not to get excited but this has never in my life happened to me.
Avatar f tn Soon my lmp was feb 24 but lasted until March 13. However I was fertile after that & me & my boyfriend had unprotected sex. My nipples became very sore on the March 20th I also had a pain in the lower left side of my stomach. After that I also began having other symptoms like bloating, my boobs began peeling, & were very tender. I cramped, & was nauseous for the next week. Then my period was four days late. I cramped & then it finally came on the 30th of this month.
Avatar f tn My nipples been sore since I found out I was pregnant and they itch like crazy ...