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Avatar n tn , what i got after a year was a condition where my lips were permanently sore and cracking and then i got yellow spots filled with puss that were about 2mm diamter, i stopped taking the medicine about 3 months ago and my lips have stopped cracking but the spots are still coming and have to b squeezed to get rid of but they keep returning any ideas?
Avatar f tn I have developed about 3 white spots on the outside of my lips and have noticed 5 more on my chin They are about the size of a large spot and one filled up with yellow-green pus and was very painful - this has now burst and left an open sore.
Avatar f tn Hello, They can be Fordyce spots or cold sores on the lips. Fordyce spots are small yellowish-white granules on the inner surface and border of the lips. The spots are a form of ectopic sebaceous gland, and are not known to be associated with any disease or illness and are of cosmetic concern only. They are non-infectious and a natural occurrence on the body.
Avatar m tn sore throat with white spots on tonsils. No fever, to my knowledge. Told doctor my STD concerns, but he still just diagnosed as strep. (No swab.) Gave me injection of antibiotics and also a one-dose prescription of azythromicyn (4 pills) to alleviate my throat gonorreah fears. 3. Three weeks after exposure: formed single large-ish whitehead looking bump (sore to touch) near corner of mouth. Not touching lip, but just underneath.
Avatar f tn i had a flu ware i had a bad cough , sneezes and sore throath and sore eyes and now its starting to go but i noticed ive got little spots on my top lip :/ there worrring me and ive a small rash around my mouth :/ wat is this ??
1078230 tn?1269651417 My lips have been bothering me for days. First I started out with a cold sore on both sides and put some honey on them to heal them. I also put a little campho-phenique on them to heal them faster. They went away but now my lips hurt. No chap stick or anything is helping. They itch and feel really tight. When I look at them closely, it looks like there are tiny little spots on them. They itch more on the outer rim of the lip line though.
5789562 tn?1374462629 The corner of my lips are raw and sore. My lips feel like I have a strip of tape on them. I have been using blistex medicated lip ointment occasionally and I take allegra daily. I don't know if this is due to the recent increase in my thyroid medicine, but if you have any suggestions I'm all ears.
Avatar f tn one of my friends is having the same concerns. her lips get really sore and swollen 2-3 times a month, and it lasts about a week every time. they get really chapped and dry. she can peel layers of dry skin off her lips and they get VERY sore!! she was told by her doctor that it is not allergies, she has taken antihistamines (sp?) and it has helped a little with the swelling. it doesnt happen at a particular time, it is very random. it also gets chapped and sore around the lips as well.
Avatar n tn I was put on antiviral medicine(zovirax) for about 10 days. The red spots gradually disappeared. Later on, my lips started to have red inflamed area (underneath the lower lip skin and started peeling off in the region of vermilion border when contacting with water or liquid. I can not soak my mouth as normal people,otherwise it would create more peeling.
1178440 tn?1296099798 Hello, From the symptoms it looks like Fordyce spots and not cold sores. In cold sores, pain, burning, tingling, or itching occurs at the infection site before the sores appear. Then clusters of blisters erupt which break down. Fordyce spots are small yellowish-white granules on the inner surface and border of the lips. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn Hello, Recently I've had sore lips which I've put down to them being dry and cracked, I get the odd burning/tingle in them, a couple of days ago I noticed white spots had formed and was wondering if these relate to anything or are normal? Maybe herpes? I have had oral sex with new partner so not sure if related, never had cold sores etc. Images: https://ibb.
Avatar m tn If the spots I see just inside the mouth on the mucous membrane were not there before ( definitely did not see them earlier and I have looked closely) can new Fordyce spots appear. My outer lips have plenty of them and there are some way in the back of my mouth according to my dentist. But I do not know if new ones can appear as one gets older. At first I thought these were just injuries due to cheek biting, but they DO SCRAPE off as dead skin from biting normally has in the past.
Avatar f tn My mouth is sore, everywhere! My gums, cheeks, tongue, throat, lips are all swollen. I have red spots on my palate. I had a white sore on the tip of my tongue that swelled, then split open from top to underneath my tongue. I am very fatigued and have an awful headache. I have been cleaning my mouth by gargling hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash...this keeps it from getting worse, but other symptoms are increasing, such as , my lungs are getting tight.
Avatar n tn As far as HSV-2 is concerned, before she performed oral sex on me and before we noticed she had the cold sore we kissed wouldn't this mean that I should get a sore on my lips as well? Are my assumptions correct and what are the chances that this is in fact a herpes infection on my glans? I have always been very careful when engaging in sexual behavior but her cold sore developed over night and we didn't notice it.
Avatar n tn I made the mistake of peeling the dry skin off and the next day the spots were there. My lips are still sore even though I regularly moisturize them and always have. I have pink lips and the spots are very unattractive. What caused it (as I've never had this problem before) and what should I do to make the spots go away?
Avatar m tn they go away after a couple of days, but anyways, I picked at this one and squeezed it until it got all red and felt like a regular small cyst, no pus or any sort of fluid came out, I just picked away the top and then it scabbed over and has all healed over in like two days. like a pimple. not like a cold sore. anyways, my lips were still extremely chapped from this allergic reaction or burned lips from spicy food or whatever had happened in the first place...maybe bacterial infection?
Avatar f tn I received a red spot just a bit up from the vagina lips and noticed it was an in growing hair but the red spot is still there but it looks like a scar, the past few weeks more have appeared in the upper top left but they haven't turned out to be in growing hair, not really sure if its the shaver I'm using but some are really sore if you press on them but nothing comes out of them there's just like little holes in the middle of them as if they've been squeezed but they haven't?
Avatar m tn hi all, I have sore throat for 9 months and 2 white spots on my tonsil. I had a protected encounter with a CSW. I kissed her (no exchange of salive) for few seconds. I had a break in my lips and after 30 mins from kissing her i had a very strange feeling on my lower lip. After a week, i saw an ulcer inside my mouth along with 4 pinhead red dots which was healed in 2-3 days time. Please tell me what it is? I was tested NEGATIVE for hiv 1&2, hsv 1 &2 (IGG), Syphillis and Hep B.
Avatar n tn My 1 year old cat develops canker sore like lesion at the lips. I have taken him to the vet 3 times. The vet said he has allergy. He had received 3 cortisone shots with no improvement. Has anybody had similar problem with his/her cat? Any suggestions how should I treat this condition. By the way, my cat has no symptoms. He seems to be playful and has good appetite. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn Hello, The red bumps can be due to folliculitis of small hair follicles around the lips and the dry lips can be due to cheilitis. Folliculitis starts when hair follicles are damaged by friction from clothing or blockage of the follicle. Topical antibiotics such as mupirocin or neomycin containing ointment are also useful.In case the symptoms persist then oral antibiotics may be needed. Please consult a dermatologist in that case and get cold sores also ruled out.
Avatar f tn Can a cold sore on the lip start off as what looks like a tiny split that's usually caused by chapped lips.?
Avatar n tn I went out with my friend from work and we ended up kissing, the next day I noticed a small red blotch on my lip and thought that it may have been a cold sore so I freaked out and took acyclovir, it went away and ive been using chapstick alot because my lips have been dry, i woke up this morning with red spots all over my lips, i went to the hospital and they said they dont know what it is, idk what to do, it doesnt hurt, itch, like a regular cold sore, ive had them before..
Avatar m tn But Yesterday I noticed that I have itchy red acne on my back (Around 25 spots), and I started developing a white tiny spots on my upper lip from the outside. Also, I am still having the sore throat since Monday (31.10.2011) which means over 10 days already of continuous throat pain, Also, Feeling so sleepy and tired most of the day (Though I sleep 13+ hours daily). And the feeling of a chronic flu. I am really afraid and panicking - Please tell me what should I do, Should I go to doctor?
Avatar f tn It started with a broken tooth that got sore, then the gums, then my cheeks and tongue swelled up nd inside of mt lips, I developed a white sore on the end of my tongue and it split open from top to underneath. Really bad headaches nd now my throat is sore and my lungs are tight. I gargle and brush with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, which keeps it somewhat under control. What do you thinK? O, and I am extremely fatigued. I almost forgot to mention that I have red spots on my palate.
Avatar f tn For over 3 years or so I've had this recurring burning lip episode that comes and goes at random intervals. My lips swell and get bright bright pink/redish. They burn and tingle, and then get dry and crack. I feel tingling/burning in concentrated places on my lips but never see any visible blisters or bumps!! I've never had any cold sores or fever blisters. I've been tested via Herpeselect IgG 1&2 blood serum tests and the results have come back 0.3 for both!!
Avatar n tn I have had swollen vagina lips and they are also got hard lumps and white spots what could it be..........
Avatar m tn But, I am very much worried about my kiss on the partner's *****. I had slightly broken lips. But my lips were very dry when I gave a kiss on partner's *****. This kiss hardly lasts for 1-2 secs. When I kissed I had partially broken lips(due to biting habit) but were very very dry that time since I didn't wet my lips for few hours before kiss. Is there any chance of HIV transmission ? Please let me know. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Also, I'm noticing other marks, blotchy almost cold sore looking on my lower lips...I've never had cold sores so unless I picked something else up its gotta be the meds. I take extremely excellent care of my mouth. I had cancer 12 years ago so know the importance. The inside of my mouth is fine. Early on I started using Biotene which is awesome and cured my mouth sores. For the lips, I'm currently using Super Lysine Cold Sore Ointment (its all natural and has tea tree and zinc oxide).