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Avatar f tn "For lips I found good old-fashioned bag balm to work wonders" Not gonna say it. No sirreee. Just gonna mind my own business over here. Yup. The silent majority. That's me.
Avatar f tn My mouth is sore, everywhere! My gums, cheeks, tongue, throat, lips are all swollen. I have red spots on my palate. I had a white sore on the tip of my tongue that swelled, then split open from top to underneath my tongue. I am very fatigued and have an awful headache. I have been cleaning my mouth by gargling hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash...this keeps it from getting worse, but other symptoms are increasing, such as , my lungs are getting tight.
5432782 tn?1368810556 Hi guys I'm now in week 17 of 24 weeks of triple with incivik, problem is now my mouth is starting to get really dry and sore. I think i need a prescription mouth wash ,but problem is its a long weekend here in Canada and can't get into see Dr till Tuesday . If any one has suggestions it would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn Mucocele is usually inside the lower lip,under the tongue or the inside of mouth and caused mainly by biting the lips or trauma during eating of food. Usually it goes away on its own. But if it does not, then corticosteroid injections and surgical removal by scalpel or laser are done by a dermatologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar f tn It started with a broken tooth that got sore, then the gums, then my cheeks and tongue swelled up nd inside of mt lips, I developed a white sore on the end of my tongue and it split open from top to underneath. Really bad headaches nd now my throat is sore and my lungs are tight. I gargle and brush with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, which keeps it somewhat under control. What do you thinK? O, and I am extremely fatigued. I almost forgot to mention that I have red spots on my palate.
Avatar n tn I had harpies on my lips and everywhere in my mouth but after i got over it the bump keeps appairing in the side on my lip I don't know what it is. Can you help me?
Avatar m tn I have severly chapped,sticky and sore lips.
Avatar m tn What if both partner have mouth sore, chapped lips and they do french kissing, is this a way to transmit HIV?
Avatar n tn Hi recently like 3 weeks ago my mouth stated to burn. My tongue, roof of mouth, lips and i had a sore throat this lasted for 3 weeks. Then this week all of a sudden my tongue started to get sore again and i noticed a small tiny white dot that hurt for 3 days. The pain went down but the white dot is still there. Then 2 days ago my lips started to burn so much as it was sun burned. This happened for a few hours then i applied vaseline too soothe it.
Avatar f tn I'm having one at the moment, and I've been trying not to wash my mouth/lips by traditional means, but last tuesday, the scab came of, and i though I could finally wahs it normally. SO i used my hand, water and soap, and i washed it thoroughly, with the necessary friction. Today, the area aroung my mouth is quite red, and a pimple like thing is growing, right next to the lip, and hurts when i touch it. it doesn't feel like herpes, but my doubt remains.
Avatar m tn Hello everyone, Few days ago , A prostitute kissed me on lips and few hours later I started feeling tingling/itchy lips .A week later I had canker sore in my mouth and my lips are slightly swollen . Do you think it is a case of herpes ? It appears to be healing but I am extremely worried . Any ideas ?
Avatar n tn For the past month I have had extremely dry lips and sore. I thought I had a cold sore (never had one before) because I felt itching and tingling but only symptoms is red, dry lips and sore. I have tried all kinds of vaseline, carmax, abreva and other lip creams. Not sure if related but having left abdominal pain too.
Avatar m tn I have now suffered from a sore tongue,sore and dry mouth.burning sensation in my nose and shortness of breath for about 9 months now.Antibiotics and anti viral drugs have been tried without any success.
200956 tn?1425595139 I am going into my 6 the week of triple with Incivek and am developing sore mouth and lips. Would like to hear what others are doing and address it b4 it gets worse. The sx just keep coming.
Avatar m tn This morning i woke up and my lips are red and quite sore, it got me quite paranoid and i ended up searching on the net and things like herpes was popping up. Is this a possible sympton?
461838 tn?1255793816 I couldn't sleep last night, had a dry mouth, have bit and chewed tongue and some sore places where mouth and lips are so dry have ocurred. I havn't had diarrhea since Sat, some nausea, side pain, GI called and said my stool cultures were negative, I have an appointment this week. Just fatigued and real sleepy about an hour after morning riba than foggy the rest of day so far.
Avatar m tn hi i am so stressed out because my mother has canker sores in her mouth, on her lips and on her tongue,every time one seems to get better another will grow. and this keep on happening for over a year now. and all the doctor did was give her antibiotic that doesnt seem to work.
Avatar f tn Or any other std for that matter. Hsv rarely is in the mouth. Always on the lips. Plus the areas you describe don't come in contact with your partners skin.