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Avatar m tn I've never had an outbreak or any signs of symptoms. I've only been with two women in myentire life. The first woman i had sex with, i am now back with. We got back together a week ago, and today she told me she had swollen painful lips. This triggered a thought in my mind that my throat was sore this morning. (I recently quit smoking and my roomate told me the nicotine gum was causing my sore throat.) This afternoon after my nap, i can see pus pockets on my tonsils.
Avatar n tn well herpes isn't curable so once u get the virus it stays in your system for the rest of you life.
Avatar m tn Actually, slight revision to my timeline: the cyst/sore that appeared on my mouth was actually closer to FOUR weeks after exposure. (30 days, precisely.) I think my concern there was that the strep throat I got at 2 weeks was a "primary" oral outbreak, and then the sore that showed up under my mouth 2 weeks after that was a recurrence.
Avatar f tn Also, if I shake hands with someone who has a cold sore is there a chance I can get a coldsore on my lips if I touch my hands to my lips? What about herpetic whitlow if there were very noticable cuts on my hands? There are websites that say those with cold sores should not shake hands with others.
Avatar f tn at first it only showed up once in a year, now for the last couple years it's gotten worse. I have a sore almost all the time. in between actual sores I have that itchy sensation in many areas around my lips and my nose, then eventually it breaks through, sometimes in multiple places. lately once one is healing, another one is starting! I can't even kiss my children or my spouse, it's horrible and I am worried about spreading it to the eyes etc..
Avatar f tn I didnt know i had the herpes virus until i was pregnant and got my first outbreak on my tounge. Its really uncomfortable. Im 26weeks any mommy going thru the same. Any home remmedies?
Avatar m tn Is it possible to have an initial outbreak 10 months after possie infection? I had both unprotected vaginal ( condom broke I didn't realize until after) and oral sex 10 months ago with a girl I met at a bar. The next day I had an itchy, burning sensation on my penis and scrotum. It has burned and it bed every day since. Also a frequent sore throat. There havent been any marking on my penis or my mouth. However 4 days ago I came down felt ill and think I have strep throat.
Avatar m tn I keep reading that burning is a prodrome syndrome. Can it also accompany the outbreak itself for the duration? I am doubly perplexed because I'm not *sure* I'm having an outbreak. I've got some things on my lower lip that I suppose *could* be blisters, but I can't say I'm entirely sure. (Or, rather, sometimes I'm absolutely sure they're herpetic lesions, and other times I look at them and think I'm just being neurotic.
Avatar f tn I was recently diagnosed with type 1 herpes and had a horrible cold sore outbreak. I took valtrex and they went completely away. A few days later I woke up with bright red lips burning and there is redness above and below my lips as well. There are no sores...they look like chapped lips but feel like some kind of allergic reaction. I had started using vaseline...has anyone heard of this producing such an allergic reaction? Or could it be from the herpes?
Avatar m tn You didn't get oral hsv from protected sex or using the towel. Your lips were not exposed. I would revisit the Dr and get it looked at again. If it was a cold sore my bet would be you've had the infection for a long time.
Avatar m tn I did not know what this feeling was because I've only ever had the standard single cold sore in the corner of my mouth before. After this, I had a HUGE outbreak all over my lips, chin, mouth, etc.. I didn't even know cold sores could get like that. It eventually went away with time but it was so painful and horrible looking .. This was over a year ago Fast forward to about two weeks ago when I decide to use my original person (not the one who hurt me and caused the previous outbreak) ..
Avatar m tn A while back I had an outbreak on my genitals and it was diagnosed as herpes simplex type 1 that I figured was from my boyfriend performing oral while he had a cold sore and was treated with some antiviral medication from my doctor, he now has a cold sore again and I have another outbreak on my genitals again! Im not sure if it is the same thing again but if it is could I treat it with cold sore medicine or does it have to be treated as if it was simplex type 2 as before?
Avatar m tn If she did not have any lip sores at the time your risk for oral herpes from kissing is close to zero. Also since the first outbreak would be at point of contact any sores would be on your lips not inside your mouth or throat.
Avatar n tn I have some 5% hydrocortisone cream which I can put on now, but would that hurt the condition if it does turn out to be the cold sore virus? Also, can it be the cold sore virus if the sore is entirely over the whole lip area as opposed to circumscribed sore(s). I am a nursing mother so I am reluctant to take the anti-viral if I don't have to. I do have eczema (on my ears exclusive to date) and wonder if you can tell me more about li eczema (no listings when I googled that condition).
Avatar m tn We both went for the kiss and did it two or three times and he opened the door to leave and the light turned on and I noticed a clear outbreak on his lips!!! I had a panic attack and he didn't understand why and I had to tell him he obviously has an out real on his lip and he didn't think that is what it was (he thought it was a cut from shaving several days ago). I had to explain to him that it was a cold sore and asked if he ever had that happen before and he said never.
Avatar m tn I think I got it from kissing this girl on new years. I have never had an outbreak or initial outbreak. I have however had pimples near my lips before. Tuesday night I noticed a red bump on my lips that didn’t hurt or tingle or feel sore. As of Wednesday I felt a slight tingle so I did what I always do for pimples I use rubbing alcohol on it. The bump is not even really red its been flesh colored unless I irritate it with the alcohol.
Avatar n tn Talk to your doctor about having a prescription for acyclovir or valtrex on hand so that if you start feeling an itch or tingling on your lips like a cold sore might be starting , you can take the cold sore dose ( 1 day ) to help ward it off or at least speed healing of it. Lots of info on cold sores on the valtrex website under the cold sore section for more reading.
Avatar f tn I have been in a long term relationship so i hadn't kissed anyone other than my gf recently. And can't remember sharing any drinks, i typically don't share.
Avatar f tn 1) Was the outbreak I had my primary outbreak because it was my first visible cold sore? Could I have had a primary outbreak in the past that was so mild I didn't notice? 2) My big question: Even without knowing the exact type of test I had, should I be confident that since the test was type specific, that I have antibodies for hsv1 and that I've had these antibodies for quite sometime? Does this mean I couldn't have autoinnoculated?
Avatar f tn If your referring to a herpes outbreak from putting the active herpes virus on your lips, no it does not act that way.
Avatar f tn The initial outbreak was almost over when I was tested so I don't know if the acyclovir aided in clearing it up or not. I was told to take it 3x a day whenever I first notice symptoms and continue for 7-10 days, longer if it isn't cleared up yet. I've had at least 2 more outbreaks in the same spot since then and been taking the acyclovir for about a month straight right now. This latest sore won't go away and the itching of my ENTIRE genital area is driving me insane!
7996069 tn?1410156918 Last week I was on vacation and noticed two small bumps on my vaginal lips, I am very careful so I assumed it was nothing to worry about. I of course told my partner abs agreed there was no need for concern and had they not got better by time I came home I would go to the doctor. Through the week the bumps turned into a small white ulcer, very itchy and painful. I again assumed that was from scratching it. I came home Tuesday and went to my doctor Monday..
Avatar f tn It has always been unprotected sex. I was ignorant at the time of what a cold sore really was. I never had one. I had a date with a new partner when I believed my outbreak was gone and I still had what appeared to be just chapped lips. My last encounter with my affair was about a month before. My antibodies for hsv1 were 37. So, my basic questions are what are the chances I have genital herpes. What are the chances of me having givien my new friend herpes? When will he know ?
Avatar m tn A woman with two open sores on lips kissed me on the cheek. 2 days later I get a painful area on lip and it looks like a white dot, 3 days after I notice it's still here and though the first night pain it diminished at one point but now it's returned. Is this possible just the one?
Avatar n tn Went back to second GYN with blood tests, he said it meant I probably had a cold sore once before (I had canker sores sometimes but never had a cold sore on my lips or on the outside of my mouth), and then he told me that the HSV 2 1:32 was so close to the cutoff point, that it didn´t mean anything. He told me I didn´t have herpes and to stop thinking about it. Day 26: pimple like bump on the corner of my mouth, never really got a white head, just barely scabbed, lasted about a week.
Avatar n tn They only seemed to spread, so I fear they might be herpes lesions, but from what I understand herpes presents a blister, breaks, and leaves a sore (I have had HSV1 on the lips in the distant past). I never noticed any blisters, and I did notice some warts on the scrotum in areas that appear to touch the crural region when i'm sitting, so i believe that I might have autoinoculated myself there (not to mention by scratching a bit). I have had the crural lesions since friday.
Avatar n tn In fact, while one sore was being treated, another would pop out on the other corner of my lips. Stopped using and have been fine ever since - tiny obs which heal quickly and which are mostly unnoticeable..
7166590 tn?1408355016 She could have complications from having a genital outbreak n is abt to give birth but theres no complications with having a lil outbreak on ure lip. Their diff types. Honey look just ask ure doc n theyll tell u cz theres nothing they can give u for ure cold sore theyll just tell u not to mess with it n buy abreva its nothing to worry abt or get stressed over. As long as u dont mess with it n put medicine on it ull be fine it will go away.