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Avatar f tn He told me anytime blisters are visible, it's a cold sore. The dry patches are just a symptom. Avoid rubbing your lips together, licking them, or picking at them to prevent the virus from spreading. It's tempting to touch the dry patches because sometimes they're awfully dry and can burn/sting. Treat it with over-the-counter ointments/creams. Ask for a prescription of anti-viral medication if it's very bad.
Avatar n tn Besides the obvious cluster of bumps that ooze clear fluid and crust over, what are other possible cold sore symptoms? I developed one of the worst cold sores I've ever had this week, and coinciding with it was a general sensitivity over the same side of my face, which I never had with a cold sore. The area surrounding the sore itself was also swollen, which was also a first time experience for me. Basically, the cold sore is at the corner of my mouth, right side.
Avatar n tn She was sure that when we kissed she did not have anything and she is not sure is was dryness or cold sore (did not have any pain) but she did told me that she had cold sore. That was 11 days ago, and I becoming crazy, I will like to know when I will not for sure if Im ok or not.
Avatar f tn Ive always gotten cold sores on my lips before and I think I just had cold sores on my nose. I went down on my parter and he also went down on me. Now I am worried that it could have spread. My nose didnt touch him or me, but we did kiss. If so when would it show, and does it always return on your genitals once it gets down there. If its HSV 1 does it always come back down below? I am so worried....please help!
Avatar m tn With the negative results would it be safe to kiss my date in about five days or am I being too paranoid, I have trouble telling a cold sore from a zit or ingrown hair on the lip?
Avatar n tn 23 but have never had cold sores in my adult life and don't recall any in childhood. Does this sound like a typical cold sore, something bacterial or allergy related? I have been under some pretty intense stress lately.
Avatar n tn For the past month I have had extremely dry lips and sore. I thought I had a cold sore (never had one before) because I felt itching and tingling but only symptoms is red, dry lips and sore. I have tried all kinds of vaseline, carmax, abreva and other lip creams. Not sure if related but having left abdominal pain too.
Avatar m tn Did not look like a water blister, more like a big pus-filled zit that I would normally squeeze but went to doctor in panic thinking cold sore. Same doctor diagnosed as a sebaceous cyst and gave me cephalexin to take for 10 days. "Cyst" went down and was practically gone after 2 days of taking antibiotics. Never leaked or popped (that I noticed) and only left a tiny scab behind w/ a little bit of dry flakiness, but no ulcer that I could see.
Avatar n tn Hello, From the symptoms it looks like a cold sore but the possibility of an infected hair follicle on the upper border of lips cannot be ignored. Cold sore is a viral infection which is extremely contagious and is extremely painful. I would suggest a dermatologist’s examination as treatment is different for both and confirmation of the diagnosis has to be done. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn She said her last cold sore was approximately 5 years ago. When I kissed her there were no sores present. What's the chances of getting HSV1 cold sores infection from someone who doesn't have any sores present on there lips? Can the virus be spread from saliva in the mouth and if so how likely would it spread to me if her last sore was five years ago? What should I be on the lookout for if I indeed catch the virus?
Avatar f tn Is it a cold sore or a pimple. Yesterday, my lips felt weird. It felt like it was chapped but it wasn't dry but I didn't really worry because my lips are normally chapped. This morning, my lips felt itchy so I scratched it and it appeared. If it means anything, my period just started this morning.
Avatar n tn My partner and I had oral sex last night. I developed a cold sore today. I had been sick previously and my lips were dried out. I put neosporne on them to help them heal, but had not had any symptoms of cold sores, no tingling, no blisters. Today I have blisters and tingling. The contact during sex was brief and minimal. The cold sores are on the top of my lips, not middle or bottom. Is it likely I transmitted herpes to my partner? How long if it was transmitted before signs show?
Avatar m tn I had a cold sore on my lip about a year ago. The sore cleared up but now I have a flat, sore, thick patch of skin on my lip that refuses to go away. It is constantly white & peeling and I inevitably end up chewing on it to remove the white skin. I use lip balm constantly and a thick layer of Carmex at night but no matter what I try, it just won't go away. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Within 2 or 3 days he started to form a cold sore... Now that it's been a week, the coldsore is now blistering and starting to heal. So am I at a big risk of getting herpes from this situation? And how soon will I start to see symptoms? I heard that you sorta feel flu like symptoms for your first outbreak? Quick responses will be greatly appreciated!
Avatar m tn It would be even more unusual to get a whitlow recurrence every time you have a cold sore recurrence. best thing to do is be seen next time you have the finger symptoms within 48 hours of their appearance ( you can't take any antivirals to speed cold sore healing either ) for a lesion culture and typing.
Avatar m tn I'm healthy 25 year old male who has a small pimple around the middle of the mouth by the lip. I checked every available website regarding cold sore symptoms and pictures and my pimple does not look like any of them. It's just right on the lip line so its pretty visible. It started on monday night and it came to a small head so I popped it. By tuesday it was healing but still red. Today is wednesday and it looks like its still healing, though not as red as before.
Avatar m tn I kissed another guy on his penis shaft 4 or 5 days ago but did not give fellatio. Yesterday i noticed cold sore on the corner of my mouth and a dry area in the middle of my lips. Both are real as opposed to the imaginary symptoms that panic sometimes causes. HIV seems unlikely in both cases particularly the last case. So i will get tested for this in a couple of weeks time just to be sure.
Avatar f tn I described these symptoms to my dentist 1) happens every 1-3 weeks 2) numb pain behind right eye and right cheek 3 pain on gums.... He told me it was a recurrent cold sore???? Now when I look or feel in that area I see white blisters/cuts all the time like in never goes away.... Is this cold sores or something else?
Avatar f tn Hi, This could be a cold sore or a pimple. Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus, and they're contagious. Signs and symptoms of cold sores include: -Small, painful, fluid-filled blisters on a raised, red, painful area of your skin -Pain or tingling, called the prodrome, often precedes the blisters by one to two days -Usual duration of seven to 10 days Cold sores usually appear on your lips. Occasionally, they occur on your nostrils, chin or fingers.
Avatar n tn I get a cold sore in the 1st trimester of every pregnancy... (3 times now). WEll I just started levelen a week and a half ago and last night a cold sore popped up (well my lip is HUGE.. hasnt opened up yet) unexpectedly... I had none of the normal symptoms like tingling and stuff so I had NO idea this was coming HOWEVER my lips felt very dry and leather like yesterday Anyhow, I have a dr diagnosed bartholim (sp?
Avatar n tn Never had any symptoms (ie. bumps, tingling, itching, etc.) since possible exposure. Now this new possible cold sore doesn't itch, tingle, burn, etc. like cold sores are suppose to as i have read. I'm wondering if its possible for cold sores to not itch, burn, etc. though i do know they say that surgery is a supposive trigger for herpes outbreaks.
Avatar m tn Alot of ppl are and don't have any symptoms! I think that there would not be much risk here. Usually you get cold sores by kissing someone. And usually ppl get it before they are an adult.
Avatar f tn since then im constantly on edge that im getting a cold sore and its really effecting my day to day life. what i want to know is how can u tell cold sore is coming on or knowing if what i have is cold sore without running to the dr every time. I know its different for everyone, but ive read they start with a tingle or whatever the hell that is and turns into a red painful bump before turinng into a clear fluid filled blister. They also tend to be on ur lip.
Avatar m tn It was only sore when I opened my mouth and because I have never had a cold sore, I assumed it was a result of chapped lips. Unfortunately, the boy I am seeing has come up with a small blister on his lip a few days ago. He has never had a cold sore either. By the time I noticed what he had on his lip he had already given me oral sex. I had also given him oral sex a few days earlier whilst my mouth was still sore.
Avatar m tn I'm healthy 25 year old male who has a small pimple around the middle of the mouth by the lip. I checked every available website regarding cold sore symptoms and pictures and my pimple does not look like any of them. It's just right on the lip line so its pretty visible. It started on monday night and it came to a small head so I popped it. By tuesday it was healing but still red. Today is wednesday and it looks like its still healing, though not as red as before.