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Avatar m tn 30 p.m. ouch I’m in so much pain I can’t talk, my throat is sore from the breathing tube, my eyes and face are swollen, my jaw and teeth felt like I got wisdom teeth pulled, all I can do is groan. For the next 16 hours or so I got no sleep, way too much pain, I was taking 2 Tylenol 3’s, every 3 - 4 hours, they didn’t do much more then numb the pain a small amount. For some reason I was peeing a lot, every 30 min or so, but I was also drinking a lot of water as I didn’t want to be dehydrated.
3060903 tn?1398568723 but there hath not any , save two , Enoch and Elijah , been permitted to tread that path since the foundation of the world , nor shall until the last trumpet shall sound .' The pilgrims then began to despond in their minds , and looked this way and that , but no way could be found by them , by which they might escape the river .
Avatar n tn then after I got it unstuck by pushing it back into neck was so sore, my throat is STILL sore, and it hurts when I turn my neck...I guess from what happend. It feels like I have a something boney in my throat that gets "twisted" is the best way to explain it, I thought maybe it was my pipe, or a muscle/ligament in my throat that just gets twisted backwards...( I dont know much about my anatomy to know what kinds of muscles ..
Avatar m tn at the moment, very bad chest pain and feels like my food tube is very sore, pain under my arms, pain that shoots into my sides under arms and goes again, pain up side of neck that goes into my throat and ears and my ears can feel blocked, dizzy/lightheaded, pain in upper back, pains can be worse on moving or not!
Avatar f tn Last October I noticed a little numbness in my chin before i knew it i had the burning numbing tingly sensation on the left side of my face, from my lips to my ear, and now I to feel as if my teeth are being pushed together.I did have it checked out by the dentist last April and was told that everything looked fine. I have had an MRI and an MRA and once again everything looks good. After reading all your posts I have decided that maybe it's time to see a new dentist.