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Avatar f tn hi i went to see the oral and maxillofacail surgeon last thursday they can see the screw and it wasn't infected it just painfull will jaw surgery cause my pain i had jaw surgery 7 yrs ago and its really painfull like stabbing pain now i''m getting an mri i hope it can show whats wrong with me the pain is so sever i get really tired durring the day, painfull when chewing,can't sleep on my left side of my face please replay a.s.a.
Avatar n tn hello, i accidently bit the side of my cheek n now there is an open sore which is located back toward my top widsom tooth on my left side now its not only causing pain in my cheek but it also is causing minor to medium pain in my lower jaw... it hurts when i talk, eat or just even have my mouth closed... i believe that the open sore could be infected but still not sure... is there any way to possible help the pain without pescription medicine? maybe anything over the counter i could take?
Avatar n tn Now I have a canker sore on the left, lower side of my mouth (not on the gum), and I'm experiencing jaw pain in the same area, under my neck. I can feel where the vein is pulsating with my fingers. My teeth don't hurt when I chew on that side, and there's no sensitivity to temperature (obviously the canker sore stings when things get into it). The jaw pain didn't start until after I started using mouthwash in addition to brushing.
Avatar n tn OK so I had what i think was an infected wisdom tooth about the last two weeks, the pain has pretty much all gone away but now on the left side of my jaw there is a very hard lump right around where you would feel if you had a sore throat (a lymph node I think). It dosen't really hurt but it is limiting the movement in my jaw and kind of freak me out any help???
Avatar n tn Hi i have found a small lump on the left side of my jaw bone i can feel in when i touch the external side but i can not feel it on the inside of my mouth, should i be concerned? it is sore to touch. Your advice would be very grateful as i am a mother of a small newborn and dont want to go to the doc unless it is necessary.
Avatar m tn A few days ago, my jaw began to become sore to open. The left side of my jaw feels full and sore. There has not been any trauma involved, and I will admit I haven't always been the best with Dental Hygeine.
Avatar f tn after eating ice cream I had terrible 8 to 10 cramping spasm pain on left side. Since then off and on I am experiencing the same pain involuntarily sometimes lasting 5 to 15 minutes. I do not want to take OTC Aleve etc as I have had stomach ulcers. Do you know of other alternatives to reduce pain and inflammation? Also have a little swelling on left side.
Avatar m tn But I did bite my cheek a day or two before i felt for the nodes.I think the sizes are around 1cm on each side of the jaw. They are almost symmetrical.
Avatar n tn It was pretty late and afterwards I had a fat and cut lip on the left side of my face, and my jaw was extremely sore on my right side. This was Saturday night, and today (thursday) it is still giving me problems. The pain is off and on but it is the worst when i move my jaw from side to side, when i chew, when i sneeze (very painful), and occasionally when i yawn or open my mouth wide. Like i said that is only occasionally.
277276 tn?1189874372 About a week ago I noticed that I had this little bump in my nose which of course i am sure it was a pimple we all know how aggrivating they can be, about two days later I got a canker sore in the corner of my lip, then about a day after that I got these little white bumps on my tongue that where very painful, it was about two days ago I had told someone that it felt like someone had just punched me right in the jaw on my left side it was very sore.
Avatar f tn For the last month I have had nonstop numbness on the left side of my head. My left jaw, neck and armpit get very sore and I have tightness or pins and needles in my left arm at different times. I get dizzy moments and night sweats some nights. I experience tinnitus in my right ear twice a day. I have been to a few doctors and had an MRI or my head and neck, X-ray of my chest, EKG, blood testing, and still nothing. I also have what looks like an enlarged artery in my left hand.
Avatar n tn Fluid in inner ear, swollen lymph node below ear, cracking/clicking jaw, sore throat with large swollen lymph node on left side, swollen bottom molar gums. I don't have pain anywhere except for my sore throat especially on the left side. My doctors basically explained it like this: Inner ear fluid is caused by TMJ, throat will get better on its own. This, to me, seems ridiculous as all my symptoms are on the left, and feel like they're all related. I don't know what to do.
Avatar m tn Lately I have been expieriencing some strange symptoms that I've done numerous searches on but found nothing. The left side of my body feels very strange, like a heavy feeling that makeS me feel like its weaker than my right side it does nOt effect my balance or anything but both my leg and my hand get tired faster than usual I can draw a line right sown the center of my body that seperate there two sides.
746512 tn?1388811180 My whole neck and head hurt, mainly on left side. There is also a point on the top of my head I keep on getting a sharp, stabbing pain on and it *****!! I hurt. :'( It's not normally this sore ...
Avatar n tn Not sure if related or not, but I have a constant drainage down the back of my throat on the LEFT side. I can actually feel it. I sometimes have tingling on the left side of my face (was worse before, but not as much now). I am achy in my left arm and left leg at times also. The achiness feels like what I would describe as arthritis (never had it before). My left eye has recently began to feel puffy as if there is swelling behind it, although I can't see any swelling.
Avatar f tn Hi . M 32 yr female. Few weeks back i.e 3 i got sore lyumph node on the left side of my neck , behind the ear and it goes down to the neck . Then i got sore throat on the left side . These symptoms comes and goes. In the morning when i get up sysmptoms n soreness is not there and then comes during the day.... i went to the ENT specialist he said i dont hAve sore throat i have sinus problem . He gave me some antibiotics, nasal spray, sinus medicine .
Avatar n tn The rashes on my left arm are worse then my rash on my right i also have a rash on the left side of my forehead. Now I have painful bumps on my lips two on the top left and two on the lower lip even top to bottom. my left lymphnode under my jaw is also swollen. and my tongue is also sore or the tip hurts when i roll my tongue. And in the past week I seen my doctor and had blood test done and everything was fine.
Avatar f tn For the past month, maybe more, my left gland under my jaw has been excessively swollen. I don't have any other unusual symtoms. No sore throat. All Ican think of is that Ihave weird muscle twitches all over my body; my arms, legs, feet, sometimes neck area.. But my left gland is really swollen, but my right one is normal size. I don't know what this can be fromm.. I exercise daily, eat a lot, Idont get sick often..
Avatar f tn It started off with light muscle twitching on my lower left jaw and i felt this area was quite swollen - then my gums have been slightly swollen and sore like pounding,pulsating! right at the back on my lower left jaw i have a white spot i have been told its not cancer its scar tissue from wisdom tooth removal- however this was there before i had the tooth removed - my glands under my jaw in my neck are swollen & sore thy have been like this for the past year & half!
Avatar m tn I usually have had head aches on my left side. And also a slight pain in my left year... A pain below my left feet.. connected to the second small finger. and also when i sneeze i have a pain below by right abdomen. I have a very week body... What would it be??
Avatar f tn It has been about 2 weeks since i last went to him maybe. Anyway, today i woke up with a headache, and then started to get sore cheeks, mostly on the left side. Later in the day my eye started to prickle and now the left side of my face is numb again. If i still have the symptoms tomorrow i am going back to the doctor. I just want to find out what is causing this problem as it is quite uncomfortable. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but my jaw clicks and locks quite a bit.
Avatar n tn I have a small like grape sized lump under my jawline on the left side and an ache in my left lower second back tooth.