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Avatar f tn For the last month I have had nonstop numbness on the left side of my head. My left jaw, neck and armpit get very sore and I have tightness or pins and needles in my left arm at different times. I get dizzy moments and night sweats some nights. I experience tinnitus in my right ear twice a day. I have been to a few doctors and had an MRI or my head and neck, X-ray of my chest, EKG, blood testing, and still nothing. I also have what looks like an enlarged artery in my left hand.
Avatar f tn Hi . M 32 yr female. Few weeks back i.e 3 i got sore lyumph node on the left side of my neck , behind the ear and it goes down to the neck . Then i got sore throat on the left side . These symptoms comes and goes. In the morning when i get up sysmptoms n soreness is not there and then comes during the day.... i went to the ENT specialist he said i dont hAve sore throat i have sinus problem . He gave me some antibiotics, nasal spray, sinus medicine .
1724105 tn?1309577226 The sternocleidomastoid muscles are most likely those which are giving you problems. There are two of these muscles in the superficial layers of the anterior (front) portion of the neck that make the shape of a ā€œVā€, and they are primarily helpful in rotation, flexing and extension of the head. They run from the center of the sternum (breastbone) and the clavicle (collarbone) up to the mastoid process, a bone in the skull located behind the ears.
13831784 tn?1431660603 Way in the back on the area where the top of my jaw intersects with the bottom of my jaw on the left side. I have had it for literally at least 3 months and it will not heal. It hurts so bad. The sore itself hurts, but it is making my whole jaw ache. Also my left ear is swollen at the opening. It is almost swelled shut. I am not sure if they are related. I do not have insurance so that is why I have not seen a physician. I do not even have a regular doctor.
Avatar n tn (If i feel for it) which the doctors say they cant. And also when i lie down on my left hand side only and feel my jaw on a certain point it gets quite painfull , when i stand it goes away THIS IS WEARING ME OUT PLEASE HELP !!
Avatar f tn I think you can see that something in there is swollen, with yellow splotches mostly on the left side (well, right side in the picture), behind the teeth. (Also, not sure if the roof of my mouth looks normal?) This might not be important, but I want to mention everything, in case it might be connected in some way.
Avatar n tn I have a puppy that broke her jaw on the left side my vet quoted me at 500.00-1000.00 I was denied for care credit and I do not have ccrd. I have no family that can help is there any assistance programs that may be able to help. I am the only one working and I only make 400.00 every two weeks.
Avatar f tn Have weakness and numb feeling on my left side includes my left eye and jaw. Had MRI and spinal tap results are normal. This has been going on since 2012 and nobody is helping me find the answer.
Avatar n tn Well I started biting down on my jaw (left side only) and now the muscles on jaw and in my neck on my left side twitch. Of course I have the jaw pain and ear pain associated with the biting down on my jaw. But I have never had muscle twitches in my neck. Anyone have any answers?
Avatar m tn Hello everyone. After some opinions. I have a dentist appointment in 5 days time. I've had suspected Labryinthitus for about 5 weeks, which has given me mild vertigo and Tinnitus. Last week I've had a sick bug and what now feels like a sore throat; all three of my children have had the sick bug and cold/sort throat. I still have the sore throat and generally feeling unwell at the feels like a cold/flu.
1527510 tn?1392301344 i thought at first i might have bumped my head or something because it was sore to touch but then it moved right down my left side to my jaw and hasnt went away since!
Avatar n tn The next day my gum started to swell where the shot was given. The swelling has went down but now there is a sore there and the left side of my cheek and jaw hurt. I've never experienced this before. What could this be?
Avatar m tn The problem I have is that I can not turn my head to the left properly,I have pain up to the back of my neck on the left side, to under the skull, the back of my throat on the left side is swollen.When my tooth was playing up,which is the top back left molar,my throat was swollen on the left side,down to my lower throat.The socket took a year to heal and stop leaking,I was on penicillin for a week the decay had got into my jaw ,and I lost a little bit of my jaw around the top of my back molar.
Avatar f tn Since July 2013 I have noticed swelling on the left side of my face. It is there every day but sometimes it is far worse. It is always swollen just along the top of my jaw/bottom of my cheek. I had thyroid cancer 5 years ago and had a complete thyroidectomy. 14 lymph nodes were removed and 3 had cancer. I was on levoxyl but was switched to synthroid when levoxyl was no longer available. I noticed the swelling around the time of the med change. My thyroid Dr. says there is no relation.
Avatar f tn I have simular problems as you do.I have a pain in my jaw.I had a x-ray done and they found a growth on my jaw bone.Now there's one on my head too behind my ear.this might be your situation.They don't know what it is yet,but i'll keep you posted.
Avatar n tn t shut my mouth. the swelling had started on the inside of my jaw as well as the outside. it got so sore that i couldn't even stand for an ice pack to touch my jaw. they did a ct and found out that it was an abscess. it was 1 inch by 3/8 inch big. they gave me iv rocephin and drained the abscess. they put me on 250mg of keflex 4 x a day and 300mg of clindamycin 4 x a day for the next 10 days. talked to my dentist this morning and have a follow up appt. with him on weds.
Avatar f tn I notice that the pain comes soon after I chew gum or eat something sugary, or at night after laying on my left side with my face on the pillow. Sometimes I can even be doing nothing and the pain will begin. Unless I take a Tylenol, it takes about 15-20 minutes for the pain to subside. My dentist ruled out cavities, sensitive teeth, and a cracked tooth. Would anyone know the reason for this to be occurring?
Avatar n tn and i noticed yesterday i have a swollen lymph node in my neck just below my left jaw.. and my left ear aches sometimes.. my throat today only hurts on the left side.. is there anyone familiar with this??
Avatar n tn I have a small like grape sized lump under my jawline on the left side and an ache in my left lower second back tooth.
Avatar f tn You have to press on muscles to look for sore points. Then massage these points with short strokes. To massage the masseter muscles on each side of your jaw, place your thumb inside your mouth and squeeze the thick muscle in your cheek with your fingers. To massage the jaw muscles inside your mouth, use your index finger to probe and massage these spots. Moist heat or cold packs on the face, vitamin supplements, or biofeedback are useful for some people.
Avatar f tn When I open my mouth to chew my left side of my jaw hurts up near the ear, I do get a lot o colds and sore throats, would it be a tumor tho?