Sore breast after menopause

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Avatar f tn Stress can also affect breast pain. You are more likely to have breast pain before menopause than after menopause.
Avatar f tn I have a combination of pms-type symptoms, but I'm 53 and post-menopause - no period for 3 years. It's not unbearable but (1) is this normal and (2) what could be the cause? The symptoms are both breasts & nipples generally sore (almost as if my milk had come in) and (after 3 years dryness) vag discharge, the stretchy ovulation kind. Been going on for week-10 days. Could the cause be ovarian? Surely I can't be ovulating 3 years post menopause!
Avatar f tn Could this nipple pain be related to menopause? I still have both ovaries but hysterectomy many years ago, I was told it as likely that I would go through menopause earlier than normal. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Breast-Cancer/Sore-breasts-after-a-hysterectomy-/show/387073">Sore breasts after a hysterectomy </a>.
Avatar f tn I am a 49 year old female. I had a hysterectomy when I was 40. The last two weeks my breasts have been extremely sore (bring me to tears sore). I don't ever remember them being this sore except maybe when I was pregnant or right before I was getting ready to start my period. Could this be premenopausal symptoms? Last year when I had my Mammogram done, they said they could not read it because my breasts were too dense. Should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn I dont think they are growing. Your 30 so you just finished lol. Are you sure you are not prego. And you say your not expecting your period, why is that?
322529 tn?1224945949 So different from the usual pain and more intense, so Im starting to wonder if it is worth doing a test now or waiting for a few days after AF is due?? Or could this new pain be the start of menopause? Please tell me any of your experiences and advise....if these are pregnancy symptoms does this mean a test would show positive now?? I`m anxious and confused.
Avatar f tn Hopefully you won't get breast cancer I have the same thing as Angelina Jolie so I have a 87% of breast cancer.They wanted me to have a double mastectomy but I said not until I get breast cancer. I have learned to not think about it, but is big fear for women. They found a lump a few months back and I sweated it until they figure out it was a lymph node. You have lymph nodes near your breast too.
Avatar m tn Hi Paulio, I too am experiencing changes in my breast and noticed that I'd never had pain before in the lumpy structures that are new to the breast. I'm 48 yrs old, am in surgical menopause since 2005, not due to cancer but due to other chronic conditions that were adding up to trouble. My uterus, ovaries, tubes and cervix were removed. I could not for the life of me handle the sudden menopause. so my gyno put me on the estrogen patch. I've been on this now since 2005 mind you.
Avatar n tn I have had introductal cancer of my left breast and had radiation therapy 5 years ago. For about two weeks now the base of my right nipple is very sore to the touch. It hurts if I brush up against something. It is not red and I do not feel any lumps. I just had a mamogram in January. Should I be concerned? I have been in minipause for about three years now.
Avatar f tn My breasts are sore for 3 weeks a month - very, very sore and full. Well, after my surgery, I was expecting easier periods but the day after surgery I began bleeding again. Now, 4 weeks later, I'm premenstrual again and miserable. My gyne told me the average age of menopause in the USA right now is 52 yrs., 2 mos. It doesn't look like I'm going to be average. I have never missed a period!
Avatar f tn preferably a Breast Specialist if possible. All of the many other symptoms I feel are unrelated to the breast discharge issue. Regards ....
Avatar n tn The appearance is abnormal after the menopause. The doctor then referred me to see a gyno which I had been waiting for over a month and went to see her today. The gyno told me today that she needs me to do another u/s as the other u/s shows a volume of 17cc which she says that she need dimensions so this is why she wants me to do another u/s and probably to see if it has grown.
596192 tn?1225446998 i am due to see the doc on the 11th and will be told what they think they have found i have been told over the last few weeks that it is a tumor a cyst a mass i just dont know my CA125 is up and i feel very down... what i want to know is what will my sex life be like after they take it all away ....
Avatar f tn Two months ago I discovered a very small lump in same breast - turns out it was another tumor - 3mm in size. I just had a double mastectomy and now my doctor is recommending removal of my ovaries.
Avatar f tn should i start prenatal and folic acid, or is this menopause starting. no sore or tender breast just queasiness, feels like pressure on my bladder, fatigue, and i have to keep something like lemonade to settle my tummy.
Avatar n tn t had a natural period since till last month. I had all the symptoms of a menstrual cycle from the cramping, sore breast, discharge and bleeding for 3 days. I went to my gyne and they did a test by taking a piece of my lining and testing and I was told the results say I am still post menopausal and that it's like my body was remembering what it use to do, but this month I also experienced cramping but nothing else and I keep reading and hearing these are potential cancer symptoms.
Avatar f tn I'm 46 and my tubes have been tied for 13 years. I've had 2 d&c's in the last 5 yrs because my menstrual cycle won't stop. Suspect the onset of menopause, but my breast have become very sore and I am producing colostrum. Leaking very slight amount but I'm wondering if this is normal during menstration?
Avatar f tn t let me get started on the memory loss at times,very emotional all the time,weight gain, sleeping is a problem usually i would sleep right through but now no way, omg breast are so sore like a burning sensation .... Please help me as I'm not to sure if I could be going into menopause..
Avatar f tn old and prior to becoming post-menapausal, I always had fibrocystic breasts (very lumpy) but never a diagnosis of distortion. After menopause, the lumpiness was much reduced. All I know is that after each of these recent diagnostic tests, my left breast (the one in question) really hurts. Prior to all this testing, nothing at all. Could this be a sign of a cyst, an inflammed lymph node or just muscular soreness from the compression? I was uncomfortable for 3 months in May, now this Oct.