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Avatar f tn My breast have been sore for the past month. I recently just started a new birth control could that be why? I am currently on my period so I don't think it's pregnancy, is it?
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in Aug. That is exactly what mine was a sore lump under my armpit on the side of my breast. My sis and I went for mams and mine was cancer.
Avatar f tn Leaking breast isn't necessarily a sign that you are pregnant. i would sometimes have leaking breast and I never ended up being pregnant. I believe that it is also a hormonal imbalance. when is your AF due? If you are pregnant maybe you tested to early.
Avatar m tn please if any one who have this condition tell me any more information about it and symptoms becasue i get very bad pain and sore , and what treatment been take ? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Breast-Cancer/-dense-breast-parenchyma-/show/1106359"> dense breast parenchyma </a>.
Avatar f tn I noticed a red pimple like spot about 2 inchs below my armpit and aout 3 inchs from my breast onthe left side around 3 pm today. It does not itch and only hurt if touched. By around 7 pm it started to look like a small whole, no I did not try to pop it. I tried to keep my arm from touching it because of the pain. Around 8pm it started to burn but the redness was going away. Should I be worried or not? It still hurts if touched.
Avatar f tn I'm 12 weeks pregnant and my breast are not sore, is that normal? When I was pregnant with my first they were sore by this time. I don't know if that's normal.
Avatar f tn My breast are so sore I can't even wear bras :( is that going on with any of u ladies ? I'm only 17 weeks!!!!!
Avatar f tn Do you moms have any suggestions to sooth sore breast? I've tried warm rags and showers but I still have sharp pains especially at night... help!
4722829 tn?1358377222 Can anyone help me? My breast are super sore is there any advice to ease the pain? Also im having the worse heartburn ever...
Avatar f tn They could be sore just because you are getting older and your hormones are changing. What I would be concerned about is the brown circles. Are they moles that have just appeared or what? I do think it would not hurt at all to go and get a check-up to find out what exactly is going on just to be on the safe side. I began to notice in my mid 20's that both of my breast would become very sore the week before I would have my period and sometimes it is worse than others.
Avatar f tn I have been having sore breast for 2 days now and I don't know what it could be I stopped taking birth control like 5 months ago took a pregnancy test it was negative any suggestions....
Avatar n tn im currently on my period i thought i was pregnant but then I started my period but my breast are very sore and I don't know why can somebody please help me I recently had a miscarriage and when I found out I was pregnant my mouth watered a lot and my mouth is waterin again that's why I thought I was preggo but if I'm on my period I don't know what's goin on
Avatar n tn Hi im 23yrs old and my last period came on the 30th may last month, which was late, Its now 28th.6 (still waiting for my period) and my breast have been sore, litterally having to hold them when asleep or even when moving around the house to stop them from moving ( trying to keep them stll) its now been acouple of days which isnt usual for this to happen before getting my period. No lumps or anything like just maybe a slite change in size. What could be the problem?
Avatar f tn Ok, ladies, my husband and I are trying to conceive and I ovulated on October 18th and my breast became sore on the 24th and they are still sore now. I alwasys get sore breast 5 days before my period, but this time it was 11 days before. I am not due until November 3rd, could I be pregnant????
Avatar f tn hello, i am 24 yrs old. I been having sore breast for over three weeks now, at first i figured it would be my period coming soon since that always seems to happen a couple weeks before. But i still havent got my period. im getting kind of worried since it appears i can handle it while i have a bra put on, but every time i take it off i even have to hold them. I have always been big sz but only had that problem before each period. i am also single i definetly know im not pregnant.
Avatar f tn Usually hormonal changes are what causes sore breasts. I get some soreness before AF too, but during pregnancy it's 10x worse... I could barely stand a shirt touching me.
Avatar f tn I was cramping last week and was having cloudy discharge and now my breast r sore mostly on top. Could I be prego? And can u get prego while on yr period?