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Avatar n tn In middle I had a few friends but in high school I moved and couldnt make any friends at all. Then I learned about social anxiety disorder and is sound alot like me and i have other anxiety disorders like hypocondira and OCD. But it could be aspergers.
Avatar f tn It seems you may have a form of social anxiety I actually suffer from it. I cannot make phone calls, have a hard time looking at people when I talk to them, and I am considered a loner. I have no friends, and when I do finally make a friend I end up losing due to not answering my phone. I have a hard tie making appts for myself, and I dread going out. I am also on celexa for anxiety which has helped me out a lot.
1006035 tn?1485575897 jdtm, in my opinion, does know her stuff about the challenge of social anxiety. As I said above, shyness usually improves but social anxiety is a psychiatric disorder. If your child does turn out to have social anxiety, you would want to address it for her sake. She does sound like she is talking some in terms of your comment that she is trying to direct the class. I agree about socializing. My son had some social issues (as many sensory kids do)------- and we worked hard on it.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder last year by my doctor. I also last about 10 - 40 secs during sex (premature ejaculation) and I have a very hard time trying to urinate when I know other people are around. I also seem to have a really high sex drive and I get aroused very easily. My erections come on very fast. I would like to know if SAD could be linked to these problems? I'm not on any medication currently.
Avatar m tn s behaviour appear to suggest that he might be suffering from anxiety - probably social phobia. I might suggest you do a google search of the term "childhood anxiety" or something similar to see if the description matches that of your son. You will find a lot of reading on the internet re this very common mental health issue for children as well as many suggestions on books that can be purchased from the local bookstore, on-line or borrowed from your local bookstore.
Avatar f tn If you find the answer to this question, let me know. Iam the exact same way. People seem to think i am stuck-up, or a b tch. My husband is the only one that gets me. One thing I have learned, when i do talk to people, i try to talk enough to bring up my shyness and it seems after that they know im not stuck-up and they reach out more. I dont take it anymore but when i was on lexapro, i was more confident with who i was and was able to talk more to people.
Avatar f tn I suspect you are dealing with social anxiety (but hopefully not social anxiety disorder which is a more severe form of anxiety). Selective mutism is one of the behaviours of severe anxiety and from what you have written it is possible your son is selectively mute (but if so, it is very mild). You might wish to educate yourself on this issue by googling phrases as "social anxiety and young children" or "how to help your anxious child" or similar words/phrases.
Avatar f tn I had Selective Mutism (which I no longer suffer with, although I do still have social anxiety disorder to a less extreme degree), OCD, co-ordination and general motor movement problems, sleep disturbances and trouble falling asleep (all of which I still suffer with now) and would look away when spoken too by strangers, although this was because of extreme shyness.
973741 tn?1342342773 Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between social awkwardness or shyness and social anxiety. I know parents really worry about their kids as they get older and how it impacts them. What is the difference and what do you do with your kids to help them?
Avatar m tn But, this anxiety disorder is highly treatable - be sure to ask for a specialist with experience in anxiety disorders. After reading the above site (and perhaps other sites on the internet), please write back if you have any additional questions. I wish you the best ...
Avatar m tn Hi I am sorry for your troubles. Your symptoms miminc those of social anxiety disorder. I suggest you check out some info on social anxiety disorder and if needed, get therapy and medication. I have SA and Paxil works well for it.
Avatar n tn Anxiety is an inherited trait and I suspect your son has inherited this gene. It was there at birth so the divorce, although this could exacerbate the issue, did not cause it. Whether your son suffers from separation or panic or social or some other form of anxieity is irrelevant (although I suspect it is social anxiety). Since your son is unble to function in certain social situaitons, it might be wise to educate yourself on this disorder.
Avatar n tn It sounds like he might have social anxiety disorder-- which is an extreme form of shyness, bascially. I think you should bring him to a child psychologist or child psychiatrist for an evaluation. If he does have social anxiety disorder, this can be treated. Good luck.
901222 tn?1399142874 Volunteering sounds great but I am a little injured. I guess I never thought of my shyness as social anxiety. I tend to be very accessible but it is mostly overcompensation and leaves me worn out. I was totally brain storming on how to get in the fray comfortably.
Avatar n tn Sounds like you have a mood disorder and dont understand it. I would recommend you try to get a new psychatrist and see if they can give you some of the newer mood stablizers and you definitly sound like talk therapy would help you understand whats wrong with you. I suggest you NEED A NEW Dr. try a local hospital mental health ward and ask for a referral to a new Dr in your region. OR call the local Health dept and tell them you need a new psychatrist or family mental health center.
Avatar m tn i am facing a bit of social anxiety since my childhood as i am a very shy person but this is not severe as such. I am having a gud and normal social life. Although i feel a bit anxious in novel situations. Yes i am having this problem since last 3, 4 years but it was not noticeable because i did'nt have to confront males in my daily it went on fine....may be tht is the reason for this kinda anxiety. As i am a shy person and was not use to meeting new young males.
Avatar m tn Hi my name is jordan and I have bipolar disorder,depression but why I came to this forum is cause I have severe social anxiety disorder. I am unable to make friends cause its just not my luck the symptoms I have all the time are 1.Hypersensitivity to criticism or rejection 2.Self-imposed social isolation 3.Fear of being rejected 4.Mistrust of others 5.sadness 6.severe low self esteem 7.Extreme shyness/timidity 8.
Avatar f tn It's POSSIBLE that you have an anxiety disorder, but it's also very possible that you're just an incredibly shy person. I would suggest discussing this with your doctor. The one thing you said that makes me strongly recommend this was, "I can't even get on with my own family...." I know some extremely shy people, but it disappears around their family.
Avatar m tn I have had social anxiety for many years now, I never had it when I was a child I think it came onto me because I was a late bloomer in school so I always felt like I wasn't part of the crew in school. I always felt like I was behind the times. I suffer from social anxiety and blushing. Every time I speak to people in public I start to blush. It doesn't matter how many people I talk to, it can be maybe 1 or 2 and it depends on where it is.
Avatar n tn Some attribute blushing to social phobia, tho it differs in that it is not accompanied by a change in our pulse or blood pressure. Blushing is generally thought to be a response to embarrassment, but is the emotion that riggers blushing as broad and general as "embarrassment?" Or are there more nuances to the emotional cause of what Darwin termed "the most peculiar and most human of all expressions"?
Avatar n tn Your son is suffering from anxiety (probably social anxiety) but it does not seem too severe. The difference between being "shy" and suffering from "anxiety" is function. It does appear that your son is having difficulty speaking and inItiatiing play with other children (these are "function" processes).
Avatar f tn It is possible your child is suffering from severe social anxiety - selective mutism. You might wish to check the best site on the internet "" for more information. If the behaviours described are similar to your son, I urge you to seek treatment as soon as possible. By the way, a child who is shy is able to function; a child who suffers from anxiety is not able to function i.e.
Avatar f tn I've been diagnosed - by a psychiatrist - with Social Anxiety Disorder. I've been taking Lexapro for almost 2 months - started on 10 mg and the dosage was up to 20 mg two weeks ago. Also, for the last 3 months I've been speaking every week or two with a licensed professional counselor. My main problem is associating with people that are close to my age range, I'm 26.
Avatar m tn It's ok to be shy. But if you want to change it, get a bit radical about it. Really just step up to the plate and pretend like you don't care how people perceive you, and that you're completely comfortable being who you are (which is how we should all be). Sales people are often the most confident on the outside stereotype we first think of, but I can tell you, from experience, that they're often the most insecure. If they can seem confident, anyone can.