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127512 tn?1193745816 I was just wondering does anyone here get social security for their anxiety/panic attacks? I have suffered for many many years and can no longer work. I also have a heart murmur and miteral valve prolapse.
1263071 tn?1270297845 My MRI is clean and I keep hearing you might want ot consider conversion disorder over and over again. I am discouraged though because I have been to a psychiatrist that ruled that out. So I have half drs saying MS and half saying conversion disorder. Has anyone every experienced this and do you ever feel like you leave your dr office like you have just had the wind out of you? How long have some of you had to wait for your diagnosis? Did people say you were nuts?
Avatar n tn I have had panic disorder many heart rate was a common complaint but in all my years I never noticed the skipping til one day I was ehausted and dehydrated.. I am getting better and have learned to ingore them..I still do tend to notice them after excercise. I have just come to the conclusion I have probably had them but neve noticed them before. I am managing panic/pvc's without medication but it is so hard when your heart is racing close to 160 bpm...
Avatar m tn Thank You sooooooooo much. I am going to try your suggestions. I to, used to be able to drive the freeway like a crazy person. I actually LOVED the freeway & driving itself now I fear it everyday. I take back roads to work & have not driven the xpressway in a year but I want to so bad. I try to tell myself that this is NOT going to control me & some days are good & I feel like I can drive forever...but most days are a real challenge. I have trouble at stop lights....
181575 tn?1250202386 I am reposting articles / summaries on the treatment management of chronic HepB. "cajim" located these articles which are quite informative. I thought about putting them on a seaprate Health Page but didn't think it was appropriate since we didn't write them. Let's make this a sort of "Unofficial Research Thread" or "URT" for this type of information. Let's keep this URT free of comments.
Avatar n tn I have a panic and anxiety disorder. I get all kings of head feelings..pressure, ear plugs, ringing, constant buzz, balance, no headaches though..but feel like in the clouds. I've been doing very well until the last couple of weeks and it all hit again. This time dizzy and vertigo. My doctor says I don't need a MRI but I asked for one anyways. Had it done today - with the panic attack. I shook like a wet dog and twitched, sweated, palpatations, got very dizzy.
Avatar m tn This is Part 2 of a 110,000 word (270 page font-14 or 350 page font-16) longitudinal, retrospective and prospective account of my experience with bipolar disorder and some other mental health problems over 70 years:1943 to 2014. Notes: This is a personal and idiosyncratic, medical and clinical study of what some life-study students call a chaos narrative. This study focuses on an aspect of my life involving several mental health issues, mainly bipolar 1 disorder.
Avatar f tn I am going through the same thing, I have panic and anxiety disorder, and just the past 2 months I have noticed the shaky hands, I went to the dr, and she ran all kinds of blood tests, and to the chiropractor, and now they are going to send me to a neurologist, meanwhile my doctor still thinks it is my anxiety acting up. I was good for a long time, no all of a sudden my hands are shaky.
Avatar m tn 1 This brief and general account, at least brief in contrast to a whole book that some people write on the subject of their bipolar experience, summarizes both the long history of this illness and where I am at present in what has been a life-long battle. I think it is important to state, in conclusion, that I possess a clinical disorder, a bio-chemical imbalance, having to do with brain chemistry.
Avatar n tn I am so glad that I found this site. I will be 50 this year and I can't tell you how long I've suffered from anxiety disorder. Four months ago, I had such a bad anxiety attack that I wound up in the ER. After a bunch of cardiac tests, my heart is healthy -- thank you, God -- but that doesn't keep my mind from questioning the results. My parents are elderly and I have much stress in my life. Lately, I had to up my medication to 100mg of Zoloft, splitting it in two for am/pm.
Avatar n tn m thinking i have ptsd, but at this point im not entirely sure. Ive done some research and have also found i have symptoms of death anxiety. Ive been taking a vitamin b supplement which helps regulate the nervous system, it isnt really doing much but is giving me energy...I suggest it.
Avatar m tn 1 Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a neuropsychiatric disorder characterized by either obsessions (recurrent or persistent unwanted thoughts, images or impulses) or compulsions (repetitive behaviours or mental acts often performed to relieve anxiety or distress). The obsessions and compulsions of OCD cause significant distress to the afflicted individual. In my case the distress is minimal.
774736 tn?1311334985 were nothing more then my bodies reaction to what would shortly after be diagnosed as an acute anxiety disorder. I take medication now, after going to the hospital once again for the same reason (I refused the medication at first until my second ER visit) and I have not had to even come close to calling the ambulance again. All the symptoms I had first attributed to normal stress are now gone. I have no adverse reactions to the medication and I am a happy person.
Avatar n tn I always bring water with me, just for the fact that if i dont sip on anything while im out, i start to panic (and when i mean panic, i have had panic attacks due to this, mostly anxiety attacks now) This situation makes me wonder if i have some kind of disorder affiliated with anxiety or anxiety is just being manifested because of the mucus. My anxiety only seems to go away if i vomit, and i usually do end up vomiting due to the gagging.
Avatar m tn I've read that smoking raises blood pressure and therefore exacerbates anxiety/stress, so it's a no-brainer that the social-smoking needs to stop. I also read that it's a good idea to cut out caffeine (no more Diet Mt. Dew *cry *throwfit *repeat). So if you are reading this looking for how to stop anxiety and panic attacks after a night of drinking, the simple answer is to STOP drinking.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder back in my early 20's. I am now 35, male, married with 1 child and one on the way. My work is stressful beyond the imagination. Financially, i am always worried about things. I've been walking around thinking that the feelings I'm experiencing are only me - and lately, i've been thinking that i'm crazy. But now, after reading these posts, i don't feel alone. I have feelings of burning in both legs, my sides and even my arms.
Avatar f tn You may have other things wrong with you that are overly amplified because of anxiety disorder. I think of anxiety disorder as your nervous system having a bad sunburn. If you have ever had a bad sunburn then you know how things can effect you and hurt that didn't hurt before being sunburnt. Just touching your skin hurts badly where before you'd barely even notice. So too it is with your nervous system. No it isn't 'burnt' in the same way but the effect is the same.
Avatar f tn Body odor aside, your life will be better if you fully address your anxiety disorder. This may include medication prescribed by a doctor for you as well as talk therapy by a psychologist. As to the body odor, they do make deodorant that they say is clinical strength for stress that they sell in the drug store/grocery store and your doctor may have a suggestion. I've heard using antibacterial soap under your arms can help, shaving regularly also might help. Have you ever read about Patm?
Avatar m tn dizziness and nausea, back-ear-and-eye ache, headache and some two dozen other symptoms that we have put down on paper to try and monitor on a daily basis and to try and find some patterns. Sometimes, with the aid of steroids or some new drug, or some alternative medical treatment like clinical psychology, she seems to recover for a time, but her symptoms have eventually returned, sometimes mildly and sometimes not-so-mildly. 8.1.2.
Avatar m tn Hi there...okay...first thing is that since you cannot see a professional, then you have to find other ways to learn the tools you need to help yourself. So first off, I'm going to suggest a book. The OCD workbook: Your Guide to Breaking from of OCD. I got mine through Amazon here in the hopefully you can order it online. OCD is basically irrational thoughts that are accompanied by fear. Once you take the fear out of them, they go away.
Avatar n tn ECG's (too many to count) Stress Test Echocardiogram (ultrasound of heart) Event recorder (one month) Upper GI MRI of brain 2 Chest X-rays Chest CT Scan Abdominal CT Scan Blood work (too many to cover here, all normal) After all of these tests they have NEVER found anything wrong with me! Everyone always says anxiety.
703031 tn?1398966907 Okay, so this is my first ever journal entry and I always have a hard time putting my thoughts down on to paper (or computer, lol) because my mind usually moves much faster than my fingers but here it goes. Basically, our second daughter, Lexi, who just turned 18 months has some developmental delays. We've already been in touch with the Early Intervention program in NJ, she's had her evaluations (except Physical Therapy which is today) and she's been accepted into the program.
Avatar m tn 80 mg is a very high dose and way beyond the usual prescription for social anxiety indications, especially if it is the first time taking it. Another name for it is Inderal. Could you please research it,read the drug insert that came with your prescription, or talk to the pharmacist who filled your order about it? Then, definitely call up the prescribing doctor or whoever else is working at the clinic today and question the dose?
242516 tn?1368227505 A fascinating research study was published today by Irving Kirsch of the University of Hull, questioning whether or not 4 popular antidepressants are any better than placebo, and found that they weren't any better. Here's the study:
Avatar n tn PART 1 According to 2015 Cornell University research published in a Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine research letter, moviegoers who watched tearjerkers ate up to 55 percent more popcorn than those who watched funny films, both in a lab and in a mall movie theater. “Sad feelings make us feel lonely,” says Susan Albers, Psy.D. So if you do watch a film with a not-so-happy theme, she advises doing so with a friend or loved one.
Avatar f tn I may be "way off base" here but your posting has many elements common to children suffering from social anxiety - the sensitivity, the anger, the perfectionism, the "slow to warm up" to others (especially adults), the controlling and manipulating behaviour, the need for physical activities, the impatience/frustrations, and the tantrums. Does your daughter have toileting, sleeping or eating issues? These are also common problems/issues to children suffering from anxiety.
Avatar m tn Each time, the doctors would give me treatement for Anxiety and seizures but, would not put the words Epilepsy or Generalizied Anxiety or Agoraphobia down on paper. Go figure. The US Government. will not given me any further help until I get a government doctor to write down on paper officially that I have Epilepsy, Anxiety, and Agoraphobia.
1241622 tn?1268342149 To describe my self socially... seems impossible. I have periods of social recluse, awkwardness, outspoken high self-esteem, and what at first appears to bottomless sense of motivation followed by suicidal depression and everything between. Sometimes it feels like existence would have to implode just to phase me, like i can take on anything and other times even the simplest remark or expression can leave me filled with anxiety.
Avatar f tn The fact that you did not speak until 10, in my opinion, should mean a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder (ie. somewhere on the autistic spectrum). But as many websites point out, if a high functioning autistic child learns to speak competently then there usually isn't an awful lot of difference between the two as adults.