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Avatar f tn I haven't pin pointed exactly what I'm allergic to, but I will sneeze anywhere not just in my own home. I take an over the counter allergy medicine to help and it does help some. My question is...Why do I start sneezing as soon as I get out of bed and stand up? My symptoms seem to settle down as the day progresses and I don't sneeze while I'm in bed for the night. But as soon as I get up it starts up right away.
Avatar m tn D I'm not a girl, I'm a guy lol but my wife is also wanting to know when we can get back to the love making.
Avatar n tn When you have seasonal allergies that make you sneeze or blow your nose alot, it can sometimes cause nosebleeds. The vessels on the inside of the nose are close to the surface of the mucus membranes. These membranes are delicate and line the entire nasal passage.
Avatar n tn For the past one year, I am suffering from sensation of sneezing but sneeze does not comes out. This is very irritating. Looking at bright light was of no help. First, I have been to a homeopathic doctor. He gave me the medicine to suppress the sneezing sensation. My throat went sour and I have to discontinue the medicine. Then I went to another homeopathic doctor but the medicine was of no help. According to an ENT specialist this was no problem at all and advised me not to bother.
Avatar n tn Thank you for all of your support, help and guidance! It's over! My FNA wasn't too much fun but at least it's done! Now the wait. It is so nice to be able to come here and get answers and support from you who have been through it. Thank you - Thank you!!
490443 tn?1236651856 Oh, come on, not "awesome" - "grumpy" - you are spelling it wrong. :-) I know I PM'd these to you but I'll repeat some of them here for others in the same situation: -Watch for tingling and numbness after - sign of calcium drop (page a nurse ASAP and demand calcium). -Talk to the anesthesiologist before the surgery and tell him/her that you want a *small* tube for the intubation.
Avatar n tn I am the endometriosis queen. Yes, it hurts in all kinds of places. Sometimes when I sneeze it feels like a rubberband is pulling on my ovary. It is crampy, it feels like a knife is stabbing inside of you during intercourse. Typically the only way to diagnose it is with a laproscopy. DON'T PUT IT OFF, especially if you want to have/more children.
168348 tn?1379360675 Hi Rodeo .. yeah, I found that article and clung to it as validation that WHAT I WAS FEELING WAS ok to feel ...... it was and is ok this is Cancer .. big or small .. that simple word changes one life forever .. it is part of your history now and one that is revealed whether you like it or not at every doctor visit. On the flip side .. they don't even dismiss a sneeze in the office and everything you ask or mention is noted on your file ......
Avatar m tn she is the queen of my heart. i just wish i could be the one supporting her.
5628321 tn?1376277193 Pee** myself.
Avatar f tn Nurse will clean ur down there. They will give u a belly band incase u cough/sneeze. You will be like the sanitary pad queen. Haha. You will stay maybe 3 days or more, depends. And btw, meals are free but dont drink prune juice!!!
378497 tn?1232147185 friend thinks it makes her feel old. She can't cough or sneeze without a little poot. Or a big bag of poot. And some days it feels like she's full of air, just like the hot air balloon you describe. Fortunately, she's not a big meat eater, so they don't smell too badly... otherwise I couldn't hang out with her! ;-) Maybe it's beause of weak muscles in the rectum. Maybe it's a digestive balance problem in the colon. Who knows!
1742220 tn?1331360327 ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this body is run down later days, medhelp I hopes u r well do you love the Stones? you do? god bless you, medhelp! oh you aint sneeze? ahm sorry. I DO love the Stones! color me uncool. u are so uncool Meegy. ty. I heard a 20 song block of them on the radio this morning. yes!!! or was it 12? I cant remember. I am semi alive in the morning. anyway it was way dope. what is the first line of honky tonk woman?
544292 tn?1268886268 Day 33 Tramadol Cold Turkey Withdrawal; Immune System Breakdown ... I guess when the cat is away, the mice they will play. Last night I was alone in the house and steadily starting to believe I had a cold in the nose starting. Got rapidly worse. Searched for the Z-Pac, found the Z-Pac. Took the first dose. Woke up this morning thinking OMG I am so tired. But I didn't feel the "I feel like crawling in a hole and dying" thing. Progress!!
Avatar f tn Should I be worried. She's acting normal other than a little conjestion and a cough and sneeze here and there. Maybe her weight is leveling itself? She's 4.5 months and is 16lbs 26 inches long. Way above average. MY friends daughter is 1 year old and shes only 21 lbs. She's not over weight the dr says, because she's growing length wise too. 2nd question, Since my daughter was about 1 month old, she's been sleeping in our bed.
Avatar f tn I'm a carer by nature and loving and caring for him come naturally, he also is beautiful to me and treats me like a queen. I no in myself that the first sign of drug use will be the time to turn and run, I understand and have told him that it's the not relapse of herion that I'm worried about but all the lies and deseption that come with it. He has gone 7 months now without herion I want to stick with him reach the first year together. Any suggestion on how to manage the migranes?
8137637 tn?1396689660 Hey i'm in a relationship and i really like the guy i'm with , when we are toghether we are really happy we really like each other , and when i'm with him he makes me feel like a queen .. well the thing is as we talk abwt awer relation he mentioned that he wants to have physical relation as well with me but i really don't want to know right know i want him to earn my confidence so i could be able to do that with him .
Avatar m tn Sara you just made me laugh so hard I had to rush to the bathroom---LOL
Avatar n tn People are not allergic to you. They are not touching you or reacting in an "allergic" way. It sounds like they are reacting to an odor. They may be reacting to something on you. They may not like your cologne, after shave, perfume, whatever. I have seen rooms full of people react to strong scents. They may not like something on your clothes. Do you have dogs or cats or other pets that may have left hair on your clothes?
Avatar n tn She has bumps on her fibs but the docs have done CT scans and ultrasounds and Xrays, they cannot find a thing wrong with her. She cant cough or sneeze and now her right breast feels numb when she lifts her arm. Its a ll so confusing, I feel very bad for her and just want her well. This all developed during a spell of bronchitis. My daughter also has asthma, pectus excavatum, abdominal issues (gastroparesis), and is currently in a lot of pain due to thiese bumps on her chest.
Avatar f tn The Sphenoid sinuses are located in the body of the sphenoid bone. This is located just behind the eyes. The inflammation of this sinus often is felt as a nagging headache behind the eyes or on the side of the head. A sinus is an air pocket within a cavity of a bone and has a narrow opening for blood vessels. These vessels are very very small and blood must pass one cell at a time.
Avatar m tn We gave her the best life we could and pampered her like a queen but most of all we loved her. I held her for hours that evening while she was trying to breathe. I was selfish not wanting to take her to be put down. I haven't been able to sit still all week at my job and I work from home. I go sit on the couch and curl up in a ball and my lab cuddles with me. My stomach knots up. She's gone, is all I can think sometimes.
Avatar n tn 00AM Have you had your eyes checked lately? Try to remember back to the "beginning" of the problem and think if you got something in your eye(s). Do your eyes seem somewhat "sticky" in the mornings when you first wake up? Have they been watering more lately? Does it seem like you have a film on the eye that can be blinked away? You may have a unhealed scratch on the eye that is causing the eyes to water.
Avatar n tn I feel lackluster and boring, nothing, not even watching tv is remotely interesting without a pill or five. Some wierd things are I sneeze for a few days, I sweat a lot( just think of it as your body purging the toxins... it sort of helps me) and also get a strange feeling of vertigo. I have found that increasing my B vitamins, taking a daily B complex with Zinc and vitamin C, tryptophan and tyrosine (amino acids that can help recovering addicts with mood and sleep) help.
Avatar n tn Dear heart I know exactly how you feel!--I think I'm the relapse Queen!-But it's exactly like the forum doc has stated--you have to really be ready to quit--This past week I came very close to losing the man (my husband) that i adore due to those demon pills! I was taking 12-14 hydrocodone per day!--Pure and simple insanity--Soooo a choice had to be made! Was I to continue down this road of hell (how many pills did I have-How could I get more-What pharmacy would I use?
Avatar n tn You could see an neuro, but your pain is consistant with SI joint problems. As this has been going on for a while, you may have some arthritis in the joint as well as inflammation. Ask your doc for some antiinflammatories or arthritis meds and see if those help with the pain. When sitting you could try a pillow or sitting on something very soft, like latex (sold in mattress stores), which will cushion your bottom and not press the bones together.
Avatar n tn Schmorl's nodes are not an uncommon finding on spine radiographs. If you look at the picture, it will look much like a bite has been taken out of the bone. Most of the population has them and doesn't know it. Your sister has probably had these all her life. Schmorl's nodes do not impinge upon the nerves of the spinal cord or cause bulging discs. There is no treatment for them and they don't change or go away.
237300 tn?1231458318 My cramps come and go, they are very mild, but when I sneeze and tense up I get this bad cramp, in my groin area almost as low as where my thigh begins. I've been having these since the very begining. the pain goes away in 15 seconds. Last night after dinner, all of a sudden I was so sleepy and tired, and I had a better night sleep tonight. Only woke up once to pee. All in all my symptoms are still minor. I keep weighting myself, but so far I haven't even gained a lb.
Avatar n tn People always say it smells literally like dog ****. and everyone turns into a drama queen and makes a huge deal lol. i am in highschool and bceome depressed on some days. this problem comes and goes on any day. dont know if i have the problem untill im at school or any where in public when i pay attention. On days where i do not have the problem i feel very relieved. i havent seen a doctor yet but i will do so next month. i have had this problem since grade 8 by the way. Any help appreciated..