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1370323 tn?1309997746 See & I do still take Immodium, but i'm scared it's just prolonging the diarrhea bc I know the toxins have to leave!! Ahhhh, what to do?!?! lol Guess i'll just keep on truckin :) Thanks!!! Jewlz!
Avatar n tn You should have her examined as well as she can get very dehydrated when having diarrhea. A kitten this young can become very ill from diarrhea. Your veterinarian may want to treat for possible parasites, start a prescription veterinary diet that is good for intestinal problems, and start probiotics. Yogurt may have some good bacteria but it may not be active or the kind a cat needs. I hope she gets better soon.
310397 tn?1193971582 I sneeze when I wake up, I sneeze in the shower, I sneeze in the hot tub, I sneeze in the massage chair, I sneeze on the way to the store, and I sneeze sneeze sneeze! Enough Already! TMTC Ahhhh-Cho!
Avatar f tn Ok....I'm on day 17 w/no methadone and day 2 of no Percocet....and all I keep seeing is "Get some immodium"....but what if you don't have the diarrhea!?? I've literally had it maybe two times in the beginning, but none since then. I seriously do not like discussing my bowel habits..but it DOES make me wonder if NOT having it is prolonging my withdrawal? I've considered getting a laxative even...just to get the opioids out of me!! Just not sure though?????
Avatar f tn It's not anything to be ashamed of. It's no better or worse than a sneeze or a runny nose. If your GP is dismissing your diarrhea, she is not understanding your problem, and you need to make sure she appreciates the severity of the situation. It's NOT normal to have such a sudden onset of diarrhea when you are shopping or driving a car or at work. Is there someone you trust that you can take with you to the appointment?
Avatar n tn I am a 52 year old healthy female who has been plagued with chronic diarrhea over the last 5 years but it has gotten worse in the last 6 months. I can not associate it with any special foods or lactose. I am not depressed. I am an RN with a very fulfilling job and have normal amounts of stress. I work on getting at least 25grams of fiber a day. I do not take any metamucil at this time. I exercise almost every day and feel good. I have no abdominal pain.
Avatar n tn About four months ago I began to experience a daily and (typically) single episode of watery and/or very loose diarrhea, usually immediately upon rising in the morning. I do not wake up in the night with symptoms, but in the morning the need is often extremely urgent. I also have had pronounced stomach cramps after eating almost anything, but not consistently, accompanied by gas and bloating. Sometimes the cramps persist throughout the day.
Avatar n tn About four months ago I began to experience a daily and (typically) single episode of watery and/or very loose diarrhea, usually immediately upon rising in the morning. I do not wake up in the night with symptoms, but in the morning the need is often extremely urgent. I also have had pronounced stomach cramps after eating almost anything, but not consistently, accompanied by gas and bloating. Sometimes the cramps persist throughout the day.
9435730 tn?1403758599 Is it normal at 9 weeks to have cramps were I feel like I have to go diarrhea just like when I had my period also is it supposed to hurt when I sneeze?
Avatar f tn Im high risk due to high blood pressure an bleeding. Anyway. Im having bad diarrhea an cramping it feela like a period cramp. My pelvic bone is BURNING with every cough sneeze walk ect.. I have a horrible throbbing headache. Im 21 yrs old ima single parent. Iv had stress related depression. Im confused alone an kinda scared. Please help !
9602111 tn?1443724649 It happened to me one time, I was throwing up then I sneeze and then it happened but it was just one time.
Avatar f tn Peeing on myself like every time I sneeze ): (I sneeze a lot)
Avatar n tn off fentanyl 8 days and since detox have had sneezing bouts...first would sneeze like 8 times less each day now only 3 times in a row. Has anyone else experienced that???
Avatar f tn Im 12 wks but between the constipation and diarrhea, i don't know whats worse. Mind you, when i had my gall bladder removed all food goes right through me.
Avatar m tn I have to stay in bed, either sweating profusely or shivering. Occasionally, I sneeze after the coughing spell, at least in the first stages. Sometimes, if I take Gravol and lay still, I can get over it but other times the Vomiting can last for a day or is accompanied by increased gut sounds and often followed by diarrhea and an upset stomach. This started about 10 years ago but seems to be getting more frequent. Heat and humidity make it more likely as does mental stress.
Avatar n tn ok, so I posted a while back about having diarrhea and nausea, and i was a little worried about possibly missing my period, but my period came like normal, and i even took a hpt just to make sure i wasnt pregnant (it's not something i want right now) and it was negative, yes! ok, so now i feel like a weird twitching sensation in the ovary uterus area when i do something like cough or sneeze and i have been having a yellowish discharge for a couple of days.
Avatar f tn Omg I have been sneezing all day, why do we sneeze during w/d. I'm sneezing with the stomach issues. Well other than that I'm ok. I will tell u telling ur dealers not to answer ur calls or don't call u does work, one of them thought I was state evidence or something. They were scared, or only worried about jail. But I told them, I just want my life back. No more calls! I'm tired but glad I get to see my 3yr old. Pray for me I have my kids this weekend and the w/d are kicking my but.
Avatar m tn About two weeks ago I had protected sex with a female I met online during intercourse I noticed a foul odor coming from her vagina that I never experienced and it began to cause my erection to decrease so pushed deeper to keep me aroused i noticed that the condom had began slipping down past a wart that I have at the base of my shaft after I ejaculated I pulled out the condom was still intact and hadnt come off but slipped down little bit a few days later I began to have diarrhea and a small red
Avatar n tn You see I'm only an adolecent and I have diarrhea daily and sometimes three times daily, at the most. I'm also always thirsty. Also I have (at least I think) and overactive blatter. I'll go pee before I go somewhere but when I laugh I go pee in my panties. And it even happens sometimes when I cough, sneeze, yawn, or just doing some athletic activity. For instance cheerleading. I have no idea what's wrong with me? I HATE going to the doctor and I'm actually kind of scared to.
Avatar m tn Nicely stated!!! The diarrhea should stop here shortly. That seems to want to hang on for a while. The sneezing can last for months. I thought i was going to sneeze half my brains out there for awhile.....maybe i did??!!!! Congrats on the clean time!!!
11129330 tn?1430882208 Oh and I had diarrhea for two weeks straight right before. But honestly I never felt better through pregnancy till then!
Avatar f tn And when that happend people around me will sneeze, caught or scratch their throat. When I speak some people will sneeze. Sometimes I pass gas when I sit down without knowing it. I fart a lot. Sometimes I can't contain my gas. When I fast this thing begins to rebels by farting every time and people will sneeze like crazy. In the beginning I couldn't understand it. But I started to do water fasting so frequently to heal myself.
Avatar n tn My dogs has had diarrhea for 3 days she won't eat but will drink water. her activity has changed some not that much. What should i do?
Avatar m tn The symptoms of 2009 H1N1 flu virus in people include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. Some people may have vomiting and diarrhea. People may be infected with the flu, including 2009 H1N1 and have respiratory symptoms without a fever. Severe illnesses and deaths have occurred as a result of illness associated with this virus. What are “emergency warning signs” that should signal anyone to seek medical care urgently?
Avatar f tn after that in 1 week i had diarrhea for 3 days and also very bad cold and fever. but soon i got beter. when i came to home country i started feeling scared and could not sleep for nights..moreover after that i also develped dry skin on my testicles which went away in 2 days. but soon i developed a ringworm infection on my buttock. i was am so scared i got tested in may which is almost 4 months later. the test was negative for HIV and STDs.
Avatar m tn Causeing the sneezing and the not so fun diarrhea. Not a good've been though withdraws many times and this last time was the first for the sneezing. I would sneeze hard like 3-4 times at a time. It let up after about a week or so. It sounds like you have been through the ringer. I hope some day you will find an alternative to narcotics for pain relief.
Avatar f tn I am like you and don't feel morning sickness, I'm sure everything is fine, you've been to the Dr and heard heartbeat. Everything is ok, I sneeze alot more, go to the restroom constantly, am tired.
Avatar f tn 35days later I feel my throat not comfortable, feeling my respiratory tract has a lot mucus, headache, sneeze a lot, no coughing. I think I am having low fever off and on. never had a night sweat, didnt see any rash, but feel extremely hungry all the time and heart burn. And having Abnormal bowel sounds for two weeks already. Didn't have any diarrhea...and my arms feel kinda this ARS?
Avatar m tn and has a running nose, and i started sneezing and coughing a bit, but only lasted 1-2 days so i dont sneeze and i can finely breath from my nose but however i still cough a bit but im pretty sure its a wet cough and not a dry cough cause when i cough theres this booger taste in my mouth and sometimes it comes out green so its a wet cough right? or is that a dry cough?
Avatar f tn I also practically sufficate, can't catch my breath, and I sneeze a lot and immediately get a plugged up nose as if I've been sick for a few days. The first time I took benedryl (spelled wrong probably) and the second time it slowly went away (I didnt have anymore medicine). Someone at work told me it could be something in my colon or something, like there is something in there. Can this happen? Am I starting to be allergic to... myself???