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Avatar f tn hiya im 21 and was born with ip. i still have rashes and skin pigmentation on my legs. they have never faded the only time they change is if im ill n then they get worse.
Avatar f tn s warm up or humid, I always get this rash looking thing on my legs. My legs start to break out so bad. And I have tried lotion, but it hurts or burns especially after i shave. And sometimes i would put lotion after i shave, and it hurts. But my question is why do i get strange rash looking things on my legs?
Avatar n tn This allergy is a kind of red bump /rashes and it’s very itchy and it was mostly around my forearm and legs, the itchiness will be gone after a minute that I’ve applied the calamine lotion, but the rashes are still there and it will leave marks on my skin after it healed. The rashes are not so many it is only few, it develops in every part of my forearm and legs every minute and hours. This has often come and goes over a month or so and this make me feel really unease.
Avatar f tn In two cases, the red rashes turned into permanent scars under my skin which look like skin discoloration. Apart from that, I have reddish and brownish spots UNDER my skin on my right arm near the elbow which are permanent unlike the rashes which come and go, albeit very frequently. The red rashes worsen after I have a bath. I changed my moistureizer and soap to Sebamed and use Johnson's baby shampoo.
Avatar m tn Hi, i had a sex with several prostitutes , 5 to be precise, all were protected, first intercourse was in January 2012 followed by severe itching in my lower abdomen area ( Legs), last intercourse was happened one month back , i have visited a skin doctor for some opinion about skin Rashes in my Leg & Back (Spinal Area) he advised me of TSH ( due to Skin rashes & Hair lose)& wrote an ointment to apply on the rashes & itching has stopped but their are some rashes which have become
Avatar f tn their slightly raised pinkish red splotches. (they're not bug bits. i looked for any sort of puncture wound but...nothing) they start at his little thighs and go down his legs (they don't cover his legs they're sporatic) and are on his upper arm, elbow and forearm and also on his cheeks. it doesn't look like chicken pox (and i don't know where he would have caught them from...and no he has not been vaccinated against it yet.
11246063 tn?1420951832 Two days that I'm itching on my back, arms and legs. No rashes though. I took cetirizine thinking I'm having allergies but the itch did not lessen a bit. What do you think it is?
Avatar m tn hi. after 12-13 days from my risky sexual relationship, i have rashes on my upper leg. they're dark red (i have brown skin), but they are not bumping, itching or burning. can it be acute hiv symptome?
Avatar f tn I have been waking up with rashes and red patches under my arms and the creases of my legs.
Avatar f tn A month ago, I got these little red dots on my back and stomach. they're really itchy. suddenly, they've transferred into my arms and legs. after sometime they're gone, my skin became "chicken skin". and now when I feel itchy and scratched my legs, red itchy bumps will appear. They're like mosquito bites. But when I stop scratching, they will be gone after few minutes. What could these be?
1364874 tn?1277892473 Hi, i have done a very lousy waxing before and cause my skin to have bad rashes. Ever since than, i have this rashes problem for a year. It does not itch, but it will have red spots on my skin at my lower legs. I have seen a lot of doctors and they only give me antibodies to eat and steriod cream to apply. It doesn work until my General Practice doctor give me steriod to eat, 3 days and its gone,,,,,,,,,,, But after a few weeks my rashes on my legs came back again.
Avatar m tn But i still have them on my legs. No itching no pain just t rashes. The rashes are tiny n black in my legs (between ankle n knees), n pinkish on my thighs. Its disgusting to wear shorts. Thats my only problem. I've no other problem becoz of the rashes. Any idea if this is just kind of dry skin or due to pregnancy n delivery or really the Autoimmune Disorder?
Avatar f tn I have multiple bumps on my inner thighs and I do not know the cause. They appear about 2 or 3 days after I shave, not right away. I don't have them anywhere else on my legs, that is the only place. The bumps cause irritation and if I wear pants that hug my legs they constantly itch. I do not know if the issue is the shaving or if it's from wearing tight pants. I feel that it may be a combination of that and also my skin gets dry easily and is sensitive.
Avatar n tn For about three weeks now I've been getting these little red bumps on my hands,legs and sometime in back. They sometimes appear in small Cluster headaches and sometimes are single bumps here and there. They are itchy. It often looks like I've been attacked by a bugs. Now last two days i have a fever. It may be caused by BUG ? We have a bed bug problem in house. Generally the rashes disappearing two or three days.
Avatar f tn the only part on my body itching has been my legs. I have no rashes, no bumps, and nothing like shaving seems to be the cause. I have not changed soap, detergent, or lotion when I started having these problems, but have since tired different soaps like oatmeal, dry skin, and sensitive skin soaps. I have tried benadryl, and even put a humidifier in my room. It sometimes wakes me up at night, and my only option is a cold rag to sooth it.
Avatar n tn I have extemely itchy skin but NO rashes. It started on my arms behind my knees and my inter legs. What can I do to stop the itching. My girls are also having this problem now.
Avatar f tn i have been having itching between my legs, not on my vagina, just the skin in area on each side , no rashes or bumps, it feel like its in my skin...any ideas?
Avatar n tn I had a hysterectomy 10 years ago, believe me my skin is not the same.
Avatar n tn This sounds like eczema. This is a skin disease that causes extremely itchy dry skin with scaling and sometimes blisters. The biggest thing you can do is moisturize. Diet plays a big role. since yours is seasonal that might not be a part of your problem. You need to keep moisture in your house and in your skin. Hot water will dry out your skin more. A short cool bath with a mild unscented soap. look up eczema there seems to be billions of people suffering with this horrible disease.
Avatar n tn hi! i have this rashes at my inner thigh and some part of my legs.. i consulted a dermatologist and prescribed a corticosteroid..but sad to say its not yet gone.. hope anyone could help and give me opinions..thanks in advance Photo link:
Avatar f tn Rest of the skin is normal.They seem to grow in size..She doesnot have rashes neither she has itchiness.I can see them more clearly when her skin is very dry.
4950316 tn?1394184585 Only 5 days in on triple tx, with Incivo (incideous I call it), and I'm getting rashes inside my arms etc. As my nurse says it's too early for the Incivo rash, is this a Ribo rash? If so, do they last the length of the treatment, or come and go? And when may I expect the Incivo rash to come a knocking (IF it is!)? Also, you talk about Tylenol, which here is Australia it is Paracetamol, is this without codeine?
Avatar m tn Hello, These non itchy red rashes on legs and arms should be evaluated and possibilities like dermatitis skin and psoriasis should be ruled out. Psoriasis is a long-term (chronic) skin problem that causes skin cells to grow too quickly, resulting in thick, white, silvery, or red patches of skin. It is thought that psoriasis occurs when the immune system overreacts, causing inflammation and flaking of skin. Without a biopsy skin it is very difficult to confirm a diagnosis.
Avatar f tn For two years I have suffered from a skin rash which mimics scabies. I have had various tests including biopsies. The rash now covers my entire body and itches a lot. For many years Ihave been on thyroid medication for nodules on my thyroid. Could the rash be related to my thyroid? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Skin rashes</a>.
Avatar n tn I have had rashes and dark skin on and around scrotum and inner thigh for last 5-6 years. In the beginning rashes and small cuts used to appear between inner thighs and they would heal themselves but they left dark and loose skin when they disappeared. But for last 2-3 months these rashes and cuts started appearing again in ferocious way and these have extended on testicle skins too. When they appear it itches too much that results in small cuts with small blood. i m very depressed.