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Avatar m tn it could help you sleep extremely but i used to take it alot and your body gets addictid to that to im actually now down to 100mg and am slowly getting off , if i dont take it i cant sleep at all its like weed, your drowsey and you get the munchies you just cant smoke it. once your body gets used to it and you dont get high off it anymore is when you should talk 2 sum 1. dependening on your tolerance.
915369 tn?1355318410 Ok so I told my psychiatrist everything that came to my mind yesterday, so most of what's been troubling and how my episodes have been and how long they've been lasting and how severe they are or aren't. She said it sounded like I had rapid cycling, asked me how my low and high I was getting and just kept repeating that they get "severe". I thought I was getting better so surprise surprise for me! Anyways, she prescribed me Seroquel along with my usual Lithium and Gabapentin.
Avatar m tn i have recently got off seroquel for anxiety and i have been off of it for 4 days now and i am itchy, i am having depressed phases, i am very nauseous when does this go away before the 50mgxr i was on 100mg that was 2 weeks ago should i take another pill or just stop like i have been doing?
Avatar n tn So i am day 10 of being sober off of a 6 year vicodin habit of 40 tabs of 750mg a day and cant get more than 3 hours of sleep a night. I just got a script from my doc for Seroquel and he says it will help with my sleep and anxiety. But he says it will be about 3-4 days of feeling pretty poor. I am feeling better every day and the last thing i want to do is go through 4 days of feeling like c r a p. I have tried Lunesta, melatonin and benadryl with no luck.
Avatar f tn my doctor gave me seroquel for sleep also, it does tend to make me groggy the next day,so she said for me to try to lower the dose to 25 mgs, it is a common side effect of seroquel and i guess if it effects you this way then it will always effect you this way, my doc told me this side effect doesnt go away with time. but if it helps you sleep while going through withdrawals than take advantage of the times where you CAN sleep...
Avatar n tn I really hate feeling dissociated, like the feeling you get from benzos. That is what Seroquel did to me. It made me way to sleepy, gain weight, and dissociative. Only made it for about 3-4 days before I flushed them all. I have had anxiety and depression my whole life. It is why I started taking opiates. Since I have quit opiates I have been taking Lexapro and am loving it.
809366 tn?1238753181 if you get to bad go to the er they will get ahold of any pdoc..there should be one on the grounds anyways..but the serquil i had to come off of it due to this and heart rate spiked high 140 sure this wont happen to you..i was on 200mgs made me calm after i went to bed but when they added the lexapro that was it.......................most people can take ssri,s with a mood stabilizer..i cant not a a,ll........rember er to bad!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn I was on seroquel for a while when I was in high school, and the only real problem I had was not being able to stay awake during class. It really kept me sedated, and I wasn't a huge fan of that because I'm an active person. Other than that, I didn't have any out of the ordinary side effects, or complications.
214255 tn?1205639236 Seroquel is also a drug that drug addicts don't like because you don't get high from it, you just go to sleep.
Avatar f tn Seroquel xr does cause weight gain, but for me it does not affect me sexually, I feel if you excersise everyday your weight should be fine. Cymbalta is a wonderful drug for me, lamitcal, seroquel xr, I take them at night so i wont feel tired during the day but trying to shacking it off in the morning is hard thing to do, coffee seems to help. I tried lithium and man i was feeling like a zombie everyday all day, I dont like that feeling. I really dont have any major side affects with these drugs.
518117 tn?1429279873 On this forum someone was talking about there being a tort action lawsuit against the makers of Seroquel. That it is causing excessive weight gain, diabetes, very high blood pressure in people taking this antipsychotic. I am wanting to know further about these complications caused by Seroquel. My 28 year old son has been on this med for approximately 4 years now. He has gained a lot of weight on it. Anyone having further details on this subject, I would be most thankful for your input.
1168718 tn?1464987135 He was a danger to him self and sheesh i could go on and on with all the horrible things that has happened to him whilst on seroquel, he's still trying to get his life back. Just google and you'll find a gaggle of horror stories and warnings, i even asked for help here about a month ago. It was created as a replacement drug for psychophrenia, and as a replacement of what was available, it is better but even people with psychophrenia have a 70% refusal rate because of the adverse side affects.
Avatar f tn I would recommend seeking help from a community/campus doctor if possible, but be aware that they are going to try to get you back on Seroquel. If not possible, rather than tossing and turning or watching tv all night do some research and really educate yourself on what is happening to you. A lot is happening and understanding that will make it easier to deal.
Avatar f tn It's a good reason to get off seroquel because it has been proven that it can lead to diebetic and weight gain issues.. I too am trying to come off it, because I HAVE gained excessive weight without any reason other then attributed to this medicine. It works great for my anxiety, but I have to try an alternative. I read from someone that they are taking effexor and busprone ( which I have been on the busprone); I wish you the best in you search with your physciatrist.
Avatar n tn seroquel gets rid of my insomnia and anger, but now I hate food! and my viens have shrank massively they use to be the diameter of dimes! stiking out all over I was as healthy as an ox! now I feel like the nothingnes has swallowed me whole like the rock man on the neverending story. I have meloncolly and my viens are micro scopic like an 90 year old diabetic women.
607502 tn?1288251140 The change is because Seoquel isnt working as well as they want - Im deepressed and starting to get suicidal again. This pretty much ***** as seroquel has been a ife saving drug for me. Laimictal is my pdocs fav MS and I heear so many good things about it.
Avatar m tn Since birth I have been especially cranky when I get woken up before I'm done sleeping for the night. Lately, Seroquel has been making this crankiness much worse. ...more like an alcoholic rage. I feel confused, very angry, and frustrated with my inability to articulate. I scream and curse but don't remember it in the morning. My live-in girlfriend said it makes her afraid for her safety.
Avatar m tn I've been on allot of medications for bi-polar, including lithium (which gravely affected my stomache), but now I'm on lexapro, seroquel, and temazapan. The seroquel with the temazapan helps me to sleep well, and I don't go thru the tremendous effects of anxiety (expecially when you feel like you are losing your breath with no known reason to do so), but I have gained allot of weight, and I don't eat that much. I have read that seroquel is not all that good.
605458 tn?1265086851 I just started on Seroquel XR for Panic Disorder, what's the difference between XR and normal seroquel? I suppose it will help with my Borderline Personality Disorder/Chronic Depression aswell, considering it is prescribed mostly for Bipolar, and Bipolar and BPD run on par with each other. I have been on nearly every med known to man for panic disorder/depression/sleep since I was 12 and I'm only 18.
Avatar n tn Now, if I go Psychotic and Delusional - I HAVE to take it but that's only happened once since I started my little combo of Topomax and Seroquel. I'm not on a very high dose of it, though. I tend to think less is more in some instances but a lot of PDocs are all concerned about "theraputic levels". The problem being that "theraputic levels" are all different for all people. I am a TINY person. I mean TINY!
Avatar m tn i ve been on many AD prozac paxil zoloft effexor cymbalta and savella none of them worked so my pdoc put me on seroquel 600 mg and lexapro 20 mg and wellbutrin 450 mg i started feeling a little better .......but when should i feel the full effects?
1021784 tn?1306366611 I am now at 600 mg. Over long periods of time u will get immune to lower doses. I take seroquel xr which is extended release where u take it at night and the benefits last all day. Not just at night. U won't be sleepy all day, just at night when u first take it. I have taken it for long term because it helps a lot. But you will need to have blood work Avery three to six months while taking it because it can cause sugar problems. I have yet to have that problem though.
766412 tn?1234896883 Hi everyone (especially the original poster), I'm new here but I actually joined this whole MedHelp network for weight loss DUE to seroquel. Over the past six years I've reached a high dose of 400mg, and now I'm starting to experience some of the side effects: massive weight gain, slowed metabolism, messy lipids and cholesterol levels, and a bunch of other stuff that is starting to put me at risk for Type II diabetes.
802234 tn?1237833736 My 34 year old son's eye doctor said one of his eyes is getting so bad that he may require a cornea transplant. He has been taking Seroquel 5-600 mg for 5 years. Should this have any effect on the health of his eyes, as I have read that seroquel effects the eyes.
Avatar n tn The ER cut all my meds in half[dc'd the tizan]. I never want to go that high again. I couldn't remember my grandchildren!!! I did get withdrawals from it.[Was jumpy/agitated/anxious]for several days. I'm on 150mg now. My dreams at night are vivid, and it's like being in a reality show!
999828 tn?1250126526 I take seroquel in 150mg and it don't do **** at all any more i have to swallow 2 pills to knock me out I.
Avatar n tn What happens when someone with no mental illnesses or symptoms takes 50mg of Seroquel regularly?
1563533 tn?1345369896 I take 25mg seroquel at night and 200mg zoloft a day also. I plan on going to FL for vacation in July and when I get back I have to start Hep C treatments, I am going to drink one last time. Can I drink while Im on this med? I know that since I have been taking the seroquel I feel ALOT BETTER!! I was extremely depressed but now Im doin okay. I cant skip this med, Im afraid of that sever depression, but I also want ot let my hair down one last time. What would you suggest?
1965148 tn?1354982234 Hi Elinah, I am on Seroquel and have been for nearly 2 years now, I also take Depakote which is a mood stabiliser. My doctor prescribed me the Seroquel as I am a very "agitated" person, whether I am high or low or in between there is always a lot of irritability.
1134609 tn?1269275800 I have tried Seroquel, Seroquel XR, Zyprexa, and Lithium, all in the space of a few weeks... I thought that they were causing me to cycle harder, but I have realized that I am getting the akathisia side effect from them.. When the sun is down, they bring up my mood, but when it's bright out, I get very agitated.. All of these drugs have this side effect as they work on dopamine. I am at a loss right now; has anyone else had this problem? I am slowly running out of medications...