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Avatar f tn im 19 years old i think Ive bin having absence or atonic seizure and some other weird symptoms..i don't know what is going on with me.. i feel a weird tingling in my head and really skared n anxious, then my body feels really heavy n i cant move. my mom also says i stare straight into nothing and after i feal really hot n sweaty n tired. they don't last that long probably like a minute or so..
1211508 tn?1343079605 Last night as I was going to bed after a very tiring day with little sleep the night before, right as I fell asleep I jerked violently (my head lifted forward off the pillow in a jerk-like quick motion). There was also a loud almost ring in my head. Then I woke up. Felt normal. Could that have been a seizure? I'm 39 and I've never had epilepsy or a seizure before. I've "jerked" upon falling asleep before...
Avatar n tn Actually Topomax is what my doctor has suggested I try next. I'm supposed to wait another week until I start it though. I passed out while shopping a couple of weeks ago and one of the bystanders told the paramedics that I had a seizure after I passed out and they wrote in their report that I had a mild seizure. All of my doctors have said that it wasn't a seizure but rather just some twitching which is common when you pass out.
Avatar n tn Grand mal seizures also called generalized tonic clonic seizures are the most common and best known type of generalized seizure. Usually, they begin with stiffening of the limbs (the tonic phase), followed by jerking of the limbs and face (the clonic phase). During the tonic phase, breathing may decrease or cease altogether, producing cyanosis (blueing) of the lips, nail beds, and face. You can see the diagram in this link: http://www.epilepsyfoundation.
Avatar f tn What is the type of seizures, focal or generalized? How long was the seizure and was there loss of consciousness during seizure? How was his behavior during and after seizure? What all investigation has been done? What is the level of Serum. Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous and Serum. Sodium in his body? What is the level of sugars? There are seizures which are focal in origin; hence they occur in particular part of body. Keep me informed if you have any queries. Bye.
Avatar f tn I’ll wake up about 30 minutes I after I fall asleep to my head shaking up and down in quick short movements. I’m aware of what’s going on. My eyes don’t open but I get his pressure feeling in my ears before it happens. I know it’s happening I am just to tired and can’t pull myself out of it. I have documented it and it only seems to happen on the day of or after a significant event.
Avatar f tn Hit my head REALLY hard. Pretty decent concussion--headaches and nausea for days. Lame. I CANNOT ALLOW MYSELF TO DRIVE OR GO ANYWHERE WHEN I FEEL LIKE THAT! And if I notice I am feeling that way when driving, or whatever! I need to pull the **** over. Redunculous...
Avatar n tn He was originally sedated, but has been removed from the sedation. He is experiencing seizure activity and is now receiving seizure medication. He does open his eyes and he does move his limbs, but there is no response to verbal commands. He is on a vent, but he is breathing over the vent. The hospital does not know how long he was without oxygen. I would like to know what types of tests can be administered so that we can determine the extent of any brain injury.
Avatar f tn Ictal headaches, the rare kind that are actually seizure symptoms, will disappear if seizure medicine can control the epilepsy brain waves. The other types of headaches generally must be treated separately from your seizure disorder. Basically there are two medical approaches to treat your headaches. The first approach is to wait until a headache begins and then stop it.
Avatar m tn I have tried to cold turkey my way out of taking fioricet 3-4 times a day, this caused me to have a very bad mental break down. My fear is that I will have a seizure, I have delt with someone else having a medication withdrawal seizure (tonic-clonic, or clonic tonic I forget what the order is) and that dreadful noise is forever stuck in my head!
Avatar n tn Her 2nd seizure episode, which in her case is 2 types back-to-back (complex partial and then generalized convulsive) came in April. She was then prescribed Tegretol and diagnosed with epilepsy. We then went for an MRI, which came back normal. The Tegretol is helping, as we have only had a 3rd seizure in May that was not as severe as the first 2 episodes.
Avatar n tn I initially went to the doctor for the body jerks and he subscribed Klonopin which does work, but makes me feel terrible hung over. Now with the increased head movement I am wondering if I am having some sort of seizure. This also happens when I am extremely stressed or have not had my usual 8-10 hours of sleep (I need this much just to make it through the day!). I have always been a very deep sleeper and dreamer.
Avatar n tn With the news of Florence Joyner dying in her sleep due to a seizure, I am feeling frightened. Can you recommend what types of test one has to determine seizures etc.? I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, have severe Endometriosis and for that last few years have had extremely low white blood counts.
Avatar n tn MRI scan? In my case, two Doctors read the same scan - a full head scan following a first-time seizure - and both came up with different conclusion. What are the characteristics of both types of conditions on a scan, and what is the likelyhood of two different opinions being made? Thanks for your time!
Avatar n tn see your doctor because it sounds to me like it could be related to a non-convulsive seizure disorder. in these types of seizures, electrical shocks are sent through your brain. i'm not a genius but that's what it sounds like to me because i have convulsive and non-convulsive seizures. talk to your doctor soon.
3217939 tn?1345929459 There are other types of seizure medicine, just as there are many types of seizures, so you should please ask your doc to try something else stronger on you. I mean, even the old standard barbituates might work better. Some people get feelings or a seizure once in a great while with meds, tho. But if this is something often, your prescribing doc is going to want to know. It's not good for the brain to be seizing or nearly seizing all the time.
183202 tn?1219853659 I know I have had some weird seizure-like auras with body numbness/head tingling and body tingling and pins-and-needle sensations, lightheadedness, etc. from black lights and a flashing movie I watched on YouTube once. So I also have some photosensitivity going on, causing these weird reactions. All the docs kept telling me it's my panic attacks and that the situations just caused a panic reaction of the head tingling and stuff.
Avatar f tn He had a grand mal siezure in January 2007 and has 3 since then. He has undergone various types of tests and fortunately, they have all come back as negative for any brain damage or injury. He has never suffered from any type of head injury. He has suffered from extreme headaches and migraines since his first seizure and also has frequent episodes where he becomes very vague, distant and non-communative.
Avatar f tn t say anything but afterward she kept asking if it bothered me and if i felt like i was going to have a seizure. She also seemed to type everytime i felt something weird in my eues and head. I won't know until Friday of my results, but was curious to know if it sounds like anything was abnormal?
Avatar n tn About seven years ago I had a car accident and snapped my head back, then bumped my head. My head hurt but no injuries could be found at the time and I had uncontrolled type 2 diabetes. After months of passing out at work I was being diagnoised as having a syncope disorder with hyperglycemia. My glucose became normal yet I kept passing out, once at work after awakening I became incoherrent and wet my pants.
Avatar m tn Then, in 1975, I had a lacerated scalp injury and blunt force trauma to the right side top of head. It was an open head wound. It required 8-10 stitches to close the wound. Within 6 months I started seizure like symptoms. I would suddenly stop breathing, my back would arch up-ward and I would row off the sofa onto the hardwood flooring gasping for breath. I was nervous and jittery the rest of the night. At first they came only once a month. Then, in 1977, I had another accident.
Avatar n tn Is there a name for a Concious Siezure And discription. I have no warning, Water fall feeling through head and gone . Lasts 35 Secs. To 90 Secs Or longer .
Avatar f tn Since you have had an injury to your head, you may need to be evaluated for seizure activity. Seizures post head trauma may occur up to 5% of patients with closed head injuries. The risk of developing seizures post injury is related to the severity of the head injury. Severe head injury is defined as loss of consciousness or amnesia. I would suggest you follow up with your neurologist to discuss your symptoms.
Avatar f tn s been @ night both times. okay, this is as best as i can explain this its in the middle of head is tingling. it's starts at the back of my neck all the way to my chin and it almost feels if it comes together that i may start convulsing> The whole time i'm fighting it... the last one i was telling myself to move almost like when ur so scared u can't move like You've seen a ghost and are froze up>>> I hope someone can help me! I am only 27 also, my Mother has Epilsey.