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Avatar n tn Thanks for providing such an excellent service! I recently had an enhanced MRI performed following a first time seizure. The MRI was "generalized", and as such, did not focus on a specific area of the brain.
6680290 tn?1383743809 Sorry to hear about your boy, Sammy. I'll pray he's all better, and for good. I don't see much to go on in that MRI report. I presume you got here via search using T2 and/or demyelination. T2 is a particular pattern of pulsing used by the machines to produce various types of images, or something like that, if I remember right. Regardless, it's a type of MRI image.
Avatar n tn Actually Topomax is what my doctor has suggested I try next. I'm supposed to wait another week until I start it though. I passed out while shopping a couple of weeks ago and one of the bystanders told the paramedics that I had a seizure after I passed out and they wrote in their report that I had a mild seizure. All of my doctors have said that it wasn't a seizure but rather just some twitching which is common when you pass out.
Avatar f tn Ictal headaches, the rare kind that are actually seizure symptoms, will disappear if seizure medicine can control the epilepsy brain waves. The other types of headaches generally must be treated separately from your seizure disorder. Basically there are two medical approaches to treat your headaches. The first approach is to wait until a headache begins and then stop it.
492869 tn?1285018933 I think I described my headache in my previous journal entry, and I posted a couple of my MRI images in my pictures section. My appointment with the new Neurologist is still a month away.
1696911 tn?1306637844 Gl talked about "long suffering" and being given a fourth chance, and then a fifth chance . . .
Avatar n tn been at my doc down at johns hopkins prescribed plus 10 contact for eye he says wear this as the brain will adjust within few months had 6 surgeries for detached retina so he is trying to lessen the image so by then its easier for the brain to adjust what are the stages you can tell if its adjusting do the images get lighter as i do not know much about how this adjusting really works thank you for your help i believe they should know what they are doing at hopkins
3217939 tn?1345929459 There are other types of seizure medicine, just as there are many types of seizures, so you should please ask your doc to try something else stronger on you. I mean, even the old standard barbituates might work better. Some people get feelings or a seizure once in a great while with meds, tho. But if this is something often, your prescribing doc is going to want to know. It's not good for the brain to be seizing or nearly seizing all the time.
Avatar n tn The brain was evaluated with T1 weighted digital imaging, axial FLAIR T2 and diffusion weighted images, coronal proton density and T2 weighted images and T1 weighted axial and coronal images pre and post intravenous injection with 20 cc of Omniscan, Interpretation: Diffusion weighted images demonstrate no areas of abnormal increased signal intensity. There is an incidental small midline posterior fossa arachnoid cyst without significant mass effect.
Avatar f tn im 19 years old i think Ive bin having absence or atonic seizure and some other weird symptoms..i don't know what is going on with me.. i feel a weird tingling in my head and really skared n anxious, then my body feels really heavy n i cant move. my mom also says i stare straight into nothing and after i feal really hot n sweaty n tired. they don't last that long probably like a minute or so..
Avatar m tn it almost seams like a layer of sand covers my field of vision and anything i look at causes sever after images.. i also have had some heart issues such as skipping beats , palpitations, numbness/tingling in arms and chest pain.. ive accomplished nothing in finding out whats wrong with me except 10,000 in debt..
Avatar m tn Hi, I understand your concern regarding the results of your MRI. T1, T2, T2 flair images are types of MRI images which have unique characteristics and can help evaluate tissue composition. There are many factors to consider in differentiating these Images such as the medical history of patient, symptoms and results of other diagnostic tests. It is important that you discuss the results with your attending physician for proper correlation.
Avatar n tn My sister in law who is 25 had a seizure last night. She is in reasonably good health but I suspect that she doesn't always take care of herself. She is some what of a workahaulic. Anyways, I have noticed that sinus infections seem to be one common reason. Is there other types of infections or viruses that can cause this? All her "tests" came back normal. What is it that they test for exactly? I am worried because they just sent her home.
441761 tn?1204826268 Hello there. I recently discovered that the kind of seizure I am having is called a "somatosensory seizure". I was wondering if anyone else here has these types of seizures and if there was anyone here who could give me some more information on these types of seizures and what the best form of treatment is.
564065 tn?1216314613 I was thinking seizure-free, but some people would probaly like to keep track of their seizures.
Avatar f tn Yesterday i had a really abstract distressing idea/image. It was me being completely surrounded by tv static. It was like a very vivid day dream, and I cannot get it out of my head. Am i hallucinating? I am scared because my thought and ideas and images don't make any sense. Please help, im so sick of all of this. No one has any kind of obsessive thoughts like I do.
Avatar m tn He said I looked as if I was having a seizure. During this time, he was talking to me, but I was unable to respond, but I could hear him. Also during this time, I was having a multitude of images going on in my brain. Odd images that were some kind of pattern I remember distinctly. It was some sort of Evolution Pattern. Almost as if I was going through all the evolution stages, humans might of had.
Avatar n tn Also, symptoms of particular types of seizure may be the same also as symptoms during a migraine aura. Hope this helps. Take care and best regards.
Avatar n tn If so, raising your lamictal dose would be one of the ways to control these types of seizure events (if they are seizure events).
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Avatar m tn I had a mamogram they called me back for more images. They saw something on all the images, they did an ultrasound but saw nothing. Now I am waiting for the Doctor to call me. I am very worried.
1211508 tn?1343079605 Last night as I was going to bed after a very tiring day with little sleep the night before, right as I fell asleep I jerked violently (my head lifted forward off the pillow in a jerk-like quick motion). There was also a loud almost ring in my head. Then I woke up. Felt normal. Could that have been a seizure? I'm 39 and I've never had epilepsy or a seizure before. I've "jerked" upon falling asleep before...
704609 tn?1228738656 For the seizure tracker I would like a tracker that could keep track of how often i have seizures and also a way to keep track of the type of seizure the person has. I have four different types of seizures plus I have auras. Also a place to note whether an injury occured from the seizure would be nice. I have given myself concussions from the worst seizures. I also take xanax when I get an aura (when I feel a bad seizure coming on) so a way to track that would also be nice since it is related.
1469703 tn?1372041476 Those jerking ones are usually grand mal and there are many different types of seizures the fainting is prob a seizure as well as the vision problems can be as well. Ct scans can be focused it generalized there is a statistic that in detecting things such as tumors, even with contrast is only about 17% accurate . The person that read and analyzed it may not have been looking for something and dismissed a normal and another radiologist can look at the same scan and have diff.