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Avatar f tn These headaches are called pre-ictal because they occur before the seizure activity starts. They are one type of aura, the symptoms that warn of a coming seizure. These headaches are generally brief. They can be throbbing, steady, or sharp. Pre-ictal headaches are said to affect about 20% of people who have seizures that are difficult to control, but they may be under-reported because the seizure may interfere with memory of the headache.
Avatar f tn Diagnostic tests such as EEG may be done for proper evaluation. There are different types of seizures and medications and it is important that you have this checked by your doctor. Seizures can be triggered by a variety of factors including stress,anxiety, hormones, lack of sleep, alcohol,smoking and caffeine.While this condition cannot be cured at present, for some people it does eventually go away.
Avatar n tn Based on the symptoms you describe I cannot make a diagnosis of your condition. Certainly patients with a history of seizures have a propensity to have seizures in the future, and in your case this should be investigated. Sensory symptoms like the ones you describe sometimes can correlate with auras that precede seizures, however these sensory symptoms are very nonspecific and can accompany other conditions not related to seizures, or even could have no underlying illness.
1000946 tn?1253811447 The nausea is always present to some degree or another, since I have migraines everyday. I haven't tried any of the newer medications for FM. I am using a low dose of Nortriptyline at night. I don't think it works all that well on the migraines, but it does help with sleep--somewhat. The neurologist is trying to keep the dose as low as possible because I am so sensitive to medications and so I won't be any sleepier during the day time than I already am.
Avatar n tn The medication Keppra was perscribed because it fits the criteria for treating certain types of seizures. You failed to report if the medication was working. The repeat EEg's are to see the progress of the medication, a holter monitor is used for the heart and the only other option would be a long term ambulatory EEg. These are hard to find in many areas. It hardly seems necessary if the neurologist if doing serial EEg's. It would not show anything different.
Avatar m tn Are you taking any type of medications? Some can cause very vivid dreams or sleepwalking, esp. if one has a CNS disorder of any kind. It sounds to me like you had a nightmare. I have had something similar (though not frequent thank goodness) where I was crying in the dream and then woke to find I actually was crying. Had you actually had a seizure while sleeping, you wouldn't remember it or be able to describe the image of laying in the floor in a ball.
Avatar n tn Since you have such a strong clear motivation to get off of all medications, you are certain to be successful because you know how to stick it through. Xanax can be particularly difficult, but not always. You are on a high dose now, so tapering slowly and switching to klonopin at the end and some anti seizure medication the very last week is what you have to do, and have all of this monitored closely by your doctor. I would suggest tapering in phases...
Avatar f tn Most often, behavioral changes in children with epilepsy are the result of their seizure medications. Some seizure medications, such as leveteracetam (keppra) but also others can lead to a variety of behavioral problems such as irritability, aggression, and impulsivity. Discussion of your concerns with your child's neurologist is recommended.
Avatar n tn Do older people just start having seizures because of an aging of the brain? Is the personality difference ( a sort of anxiousness, also almost a more "child-like" attitude...less patient, more petty- definitely uncharacteristic of her!!) possibly due to the drugs? What is the role of stress in causing seizures (other than compromising your immune system for a possible virus) Of course, we are hoping that this will not be a permanent thing for her...
1653487 tn?1303527762 Since you're new to the epilepsy community, and are learning about epilepsy/seizures, it's good to do as much research as you can, and familiarize yourself with different types of seizures. It's amazing how many different types of seizures there are, affecting b/tw 2.
1098760 tn?1266451497 there are also many different types of seizures (see below). Those affected may have one or more types of seizures, which may vary in severity and frequency. * "Generalized seizures" affect both sides of the brain. * "Localized seizures" or "partial seizures" affect one part of the brain. Partial seizures are the most common form of seizure in adults, affecting 6 out of 10 people with epilepsy. * Epilepsy is NOT a "mental illness.
Avatar n tn I'm questioning whether i'm having seizures or anxiety. I've been doing a lot of on line research and i'm getting concerned. i have no appetite (it's like i forget to eat) and i've been smoking a lot.
316350 tn?1193628295 Did the docs do EEG and other electrical tests and diagnostic films including MRIs and function studies on you? There are various types of medications for particular seizures. I would continue to seek a "good" neurologist. Sorry I cannot help you more. Be safe and God bless.
Avatar f tn Actually, these type of seizures have nothing to do with epilepsy. I know that there are 2 types of non epileptic seizures. The psycogenic non epileptic seizures are actually caused when a major traumatic event happens in your life. It has such a big impact on you, that you have seizures...
Avatar n tn i have epilepsy(seizures)complex partial )they are right there are many different types of seizures some of which you can remain completely aware of your suroundings .it seems to me you need to go to a neurologist or a neurosurgeon and have them to look at her ,a reg doctor is not going to be able to diagnose her i am at lost if they have not already refered her to one. what needs to be done is a mri to find any lesions the blow may have caused, in most cases it can be seen on mri .
Avatar f tn I know this is an old post but for others in the future who may read this... This doesn't require investigating into his food, etc. as it is obviously epilepsy. He has epilepsy in his family background. His brother knows he isn't quite right, which is why he growls at him. The girl dogs are more empathetic (kind of like human chicks are) while males tend to be more of the, "get over it/buck up" types.
Avatar n tn 1) Why do you say "GOod Luck"? Why do you capitzlize you "O"'s on so many posts? Is there an actual reason, or is it just a typo? Thank you for your help!
Avatar n tn There are websites that will tell you the different types of seizures, some being where the person just sits and stares. If you cannot show her the video of herself, then I would ask her who her doctor is, and SEND HIM A COPY OF THE VIDEO and ask him/her to please help you! Or show it to your own doctor and ask what he/she thinks is the next course of action. Good luck, and please keep us informed. Thanks.
Avatar n tn There isn't alot of information out there on these types of migraines so I just wondered if someone else experiences the same symptoms. I have suffered from headaches since I was a kid, and I am now 31. The seizures didn't start till 5 years ago though, and it is getting progressively worse. My MRI's have been normal, as well as my EEG's, and the spinal tap results got lost and i refuse to have another one.
Avatar f tn It is definitely not the norm or even remotely common these days for MRI's to not find any type of lesions anywhere and keep in mind your symptom list is too extensive, just the number of different types of symptoms and the wide spread symptom pattern you are experiencing is untypical of MS, and to be all happening in someone young, MS would be even more unlikely to be at the top of the potential causation list.
Avatar f tn of Dilantin and have not had any grand mal seizures since, however I have experienced other types of seizures. My husband seems to think that I have had these other types of seizures between the times of the grand mal seizures, we just didn't know what they were then. I do experience auras with smells and vision changes.
Avatar n tn Zonisamide is used in combination with other medications to treat seizures in adults with epilepsy. Zonisamide is in a class of medications called anticonvulsants. It works by decreasing abnormal excitement in the brain. Neurologist will probably start you on a low dose of zonisamide and gradually increase your dose, not more than once every 2 weeks. Zonisamide controls epilepsy but does not cure it. It may take 2 weeks or longer before you feel the full benefit of zonisamide.
Avatar n tn One lists all the different types of seizures, and will tell you all about them. The other, lists all the different types of epilepsy, and tells about them. This one lists all the different medications available. maybe there is something that will work better for you. Also down the side of the page, is a list of other therapies that may help. http://www.epilepsy.
Avatar f tn Keppra did not work for me, I was maxed out on it and I was still having seizures almost daily. Right now I am on 4 different types of seizure medications and I also have a VNS device implanted in my chest. I am still have seizures and my neurologist says that I might never be seizure free. That is just something that I have to live with. I do not like it but there is nothing that I can do about it. You can either cry or laugh about it.
Avatar n tn Are you sure she is receiving the right medicine ? There are different types of seizures. Generalized, partial, myoclonic, etc. What are the symptoms ? It is rare to have all the tests come normal while you have regular seizures. Was an EEG done ?
452529 tn?1361851455 Last month I was taken off 100mg of dilantin and I had a seizure on 3/30/08 and I asked to be put back on 400mg of dil, 800mg of teg, and 1500mg of depakote. The Dr. OK's my request. But again, I was stressed. Could stress be over-riding the medication? My psych. is putting me on Zoloft when I go back on 4/25. I can't understand at 46 I have started hanging re-occurring seizures. I am also scared to death about going off the medications that made helped me be seizure free for so many years.
Avatar n tn If they are not truly seizures (abnormal stimulation or excitement of the brain), then management of the episodes with antiseizure medications may not be the best course of treatment as the meds themselves carry side effects (as you have experienced first hand). Glad that the MRI is normal. But further testing may be necessary such as admission to an epilepsy monitoring unit where you're continuously hooked up to an EEG and video monitor for a few days to catch one of these episodes.
Avatar f tn Does she have a seizure disorder? I can't imagine her having seizures from coming off of heroin unless maybe there is some alcohol or benzos involved also? If that's the case then they are not doing enough for her. The depakote won't touch that! Depakote would only need to be used for a seizure problem unrelated to withdrawals. I know that's not what you're asking, but I'm trying to help figure out what's going on and from there find out how you should go about it from here.
Avatar n tn It may very well be caused by your mind! While seizures aren't considered an anxiety symptom, I had what I called head-spine seizures, which was diagnosed as psychosomatization, which I fully recovered from. But conversion disorder is another psychological condition which seizures can be caused by! You can look up "conversion disorder and seizures" for reasurance, but don't blow your condition out of proportion. All of these disorders are 100% curable!! Is this helpful?