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1413227 tn?1281798777 In addition, you can always go to a larger city, to perhaps a hospital in a university setting, and let them have a look at your MRI, do a repeat one to compare, and a neurosurgeon can read those pictures just fine without a radiologst, and see what THEY say about how come you fall out like you do. The way to look at this thing is, if the docs can come up with WHATEVER diagnosis they do, and they treat you for it, and you become well, that's the goal and all this guesswork is for naught.
880221 tn?1240423082 Could the Benaryl have been one of the causes? Can low blood pressure cause a seizure? Since then I have I have been feeling fine. I have had a few minor headaches when something becomes stressful, and lately due to the heat I think. I haven't been back to work and half of my classes ended early, so I am less stressed. I was told by a neurologist that they were more then likely caused by stress and lack of sleep and that it is more then likely just a one time freak incident.
1152344 tn?1262139604 I did call with the nurse practictionar telling me my daughter didnt have a seizure as a seizure paitent wouldnt have symptoms before the onset of one. So, now I am so confused and have taken her for an EEG and now awaiting results. She didnt fall asleep during the testing even after having her awake all night as they said too. The only thing is when the strobe lights where on her, her eyes poured with tears and she couldnt stop. Does this mean anything?
Avatar m tn I can even tell you that I had an MRI and I felt every area that it was scanning, my brain and on my spine, I was shaking in the tube because the areas that they were taking the pictures it was going numb, I got so sick someone had to drive me home after I had the MRI done. Curious Anyone know what kind of seizures I am having that the neurologist cannot seem to give me a straight answer and I have seen 3 so far.
1152344 tn?1262139604 I did call with the nurse practictionar telling me my daughter didnt have a seizure as a seizure paitent wouldnt have symptoms before the onset of one. So, now I am so confused and have taken her for an EEG and now awaiting results. She didnt fall asleep during the testing even after having her awake all night as they said too. The only thing is when the strobe lights where on her, her eyes poured with tears and she couldnt stop. Does this mean anything?
492869 tn?1285022533 I think I described my headache in my previous journal entry, and I posted a couple of my MRI images in my pictures section. My appointment with the new Neurologist is still a month away.
Avatar f tn She take 1500mg of keppra and 500mg of lamitcal twice a day.If she becomes very hot she will have a seizure and if she take pictures the flash from the camera will cause her to have a seizure. And the week before her menstrual during and after she has 3-5 a day. Can somebody tell me something different to do. She been living with seizures pratically all her life.
Avatar f tn Dear Madam/Sir, My nephew is 16 years old. He had his first seizure at age of 12 year old. His parents took my nephew to local hospital in China, took some Brian pictures, found out a small injure spot in his brain. Nowadays, his seizures are unpredictable, looks like it is more likely to have seizure when he plays electronic games on computer.
Avatar m tn Hi, Sorry if this is a bit of an "out there" question: I had a seizure 2 years ago. My neurosurgeon did an MRI and found there to be lesions on my brain (in the white matter). 6 months later, I had another MRI and it appears that the lesions have cleared up. I have not had another seizure since. My neurologist says that his best guess as to what had happened is that I suffered from ADEM (Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis).
Avatar f tn I have 2 children, and I can say take pictures, lots of pictures, seeing the pictures, sometimes will bring back a partial memory
Avatar n tn If your brain has seizure activity going on, it will show on the EEG , even if you don't get a seizure during the recording. Keep in mind, that in some cases, the EEG between two episodes of seizure may be normal. There are certain stimulation procedures during the EEG, which may elicit the seizure activity. Do let me know about your EEG report. The MRI looks clear to me. A Radiologist's review will be more helpful.
Avatar f tn Could the scarring get worse. Can it be the cause of my long term memory loss. I barely recognize my children in pictures, some I don't.
Avatar n tn not many spikes, but the ones present were a level 3 we were told. the dr wants to try seizure meds. i would like your opinion as this doesn't sound at all like a seizure disorder to me based on everything i've read about epilepsy. the dizzy feeling lasts so long...the heavy limbs that occcasionally accompany???? he was dx with borderline ADD 2 years ago but the neuropsych. did not feel treatment or followup was warranted.
Avatar f tn She is friends with this dermatologist so she would like her to take pictures and present those to the residents. She said laser surgery could fix these as well.....The laser surgery is no fun. When Brittany had it done, it looked like half of her face had been in a fire. It takes about 2 weeks to go away. The first time Brittany had the laser surgery, Cody threw up when we got to go see her when she was coming out of anesthesia. We were not prepared for what she was going to look like.
Avatar m tn Aneurysm Bleeding inside the skull caused by head injury Brain tumor or abscess Excess pressure in one eye caused by glaucoma Infection of membranes around the brain caused by meningitis or encephalitis Migraine headache Seizure (pupil size difference may remain long after seizure is over) Tumor, mass, or lymph node in the upper chest or lymph node causing pressure on a nerve may cause decreased sweating, a small pupil, or drooping eyelid all on the affected sid
Avatar f tn She hasn't had one seizure here so far so it's been really hard trying to figure out whats going on. Tonight she had a weird sudden mood/emotional change that I normally see before or after a seizure. She was totally excited to get her dinner and had her fork in hand ready to eat. Well, out of nowhere she stopped.. got super spacey and didn't want any of her food anymore.. not even the popsicle a nurse brought in. She started getting aggitated or angry and continued to be spacey.
Avatar f tn constant feeling like I need to), really bad insomnia since 2008 (which doctors haven't ever figured out why), chorea (movement like Parkinson's), bad joint pain which they say is arthritis (my thumb bones are now parallel to my other fingers (I'll attach pictures), unstable gait (girls always say I walk like I'm drunk lol), dizziness (which unfortunately an aura that I have before a seizure), nausea so bad that I take Zofran 4 times a day for, ortho static hypotension, depression, tired all th
Avatar n tn i had some complications afterwards. apparently I'm one of a very low percentage of women who get eclampsia after delivery after a non eclampsic pregnancy- lucky me!!... anyhow my blood pressure went up and I had a seizure the morning of the 24th. i smacked my arm pretty good on the hospital bed and bit down on my tongue pretty bad.
Avatar m tn In June 1975, I recieved a severe head injury, blunt force blow, and requiring many stitches to close the open scalp wound. Aftrer that I started having seizure activity once a month. In 1977, Ft Huachuca, AZ, I got another blunt force blow to the same spot. Again, open head wound and lacerated scalp requiring several stitches to close. Then, started having seizure symptoms twice a month mostly at nigh or early mornings.
Avatar f tn Right now I'm writing him a letter telling him about our story, where and how we met, what we've done together and what we've been through, God I'm so glad I'd kept a journal about our relationship together it's helping me alot in writing this letter. I've taken pictures of things he has given me and put together all the letters/poems he's written me. I love him so much and can't imagin losing him so I really hope this would help him remember me.
1267372 tn?1317834880 Most people with neuropathic pain are treated with gabapentin, Lyrica, or Cymbalta and other anti-seizure and anitdepressants. Whitney failed a trial of gabapentin and is on Lyrica and Nortriptyline (and they aren't helping either). I also read that many patients with SFN will not tolerate or will not get relief from those medications....great...I hope these kick in...soon...the next lline defence seems to be sustained-relief opiates. I do not want to go all...
Avatar f tn i told her if i ever was going to be a mom when would the time be rite. going on 15mnts without a seizure sounds like there controlled. i got pictures of my kids on my home page. i hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Really worried about this cause it caused him to veer off the left side of the road and roll his jeep, which is now totaled. He is actually lucky to be alive by the looks of the pictures I saw of the vehicle. Worried it was actually a seizure or something and he just didn't realize it. He is in really good shape and does construction work. Does anyone have any advice of any kind?
Avatar f tn The first bkf was no goo by time he got off phone. His sister has been dx with seizure disorder that has just stared. Unsure yet what is causing it. All you believers out there that read this can you please keep her in prayer. Her name is Anita. Thank you. I have 3 appts next week so will be real busy. My MRI's are on Tues. I just pray that they are able to find something and be able to treat it.
1969424 tn?1353024241 She did not get any color from me, her father's Puerto Rican gene was difenitely stronger (you will see when I am able to post pictures) There were complications though, she had seizures at birth so they rushed her to Children's Hospital where she is still at. They gave her phenobarbital do she had been pretty out of it. She is now beginning to get regulated to the medicine do hopefully she will start to get more active. She has gained weight and she eats 1.
Avatar n tn It is pretty much impossible to treat numbness from MS. The meds for paresthesias do not work. In a positive paresthesia, the nerve functions, it just does it badly or too much. You could say it spazzes, and the most effective meds for symptomatic and disturbing paresthesias are usually in the category of "atypical anti-epileptics." This are meds like carbamazepine, gabapentin, and Lyrica.
Avatar n tn It continues to happen approx every 30-40 minutes thereafter until she goes to bed. I'm worried if it is some kind of seizure? I want to have a more serious talk with her, but could do with some medical advice to support my concerns.
Avatar f tn As I have 3 small children I am frequently tired and therefore frequently jerky, often dropping breakfast or spilling milk! I don't think lamictal is particulrly effective although I haven't had a seizure for a number of years. Just over a year ago I had a brain scan which showed that I had a number of white spots, a reason was not given why I have these and I was told not to worry about it.
Avatar f tn This sort of behavior can be typical of some children who display certain types of developmental disorders, and it will also be important to rule out any seizure activity. The first place to turn is to your child's pediatrician, who can refer the child to a pediatric neurologist.