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Avatar f tn This sort of behavior can be typical of some children who display certain types of developmental disorders, and it will also be important to rule out any seizure activity. The first place to turn is to your child's pediatrician, who can refer the child to a pediatric neurologist.
Avatar f tn my son shows sighns of madness to be blunt he is scary and has multible personalities they say he is ADHD but im sure i think he has other disorders please help he is a clever well looked after boy of 14 on ritalin for adhd but to no effect he has no friends gets bullied and its making me ill as he wants to be alone a lot of the time raws pictures of death and guns a lot and hides things he never showes any emotions and has trouble interacting with his peers
Avatar f tn I was just assured that it wasn't a seizure because it didn't fit the qualifications. (The dr. said that he would have had to go unconscious, eyes roll back, lasts longer, usually will pee on themselves, etc.. which he did none of) We have no history of any sort of neurological disorders in the family. I am unsettled because being the mom of energetic boys, I have seen them spin around and play hard and never have I seen one of them shake.
7659759 tn?1394406543 I have not heard of epilepsy causing underlying issues after having seizures when you were younger. Since you have had migraines or headaches, this indicates a small seizure, is it on a particular part of your head or region? Do smells or light set it off or do they just happen ? The fact one of your eye pupil dialates different can be a number of things, have you had blood work done? 2nd are you seeing your gerneral Dr,? or a neurologist?
Avatar n tn He has been theorized to have everything from Cerebral Palsy, ODD, Sensory issues, Bi polar dissorder (which does run in his biological family) and attatchment disorders. Heres what he is doing, and has been since day one. He eats everything...literally, his mattress, sheets, stuffing from his pillows. He gets out of bed at night and empties the fridge, eating everything until he vomits, then eating more.
Avatar n tn Your symptoms are worrisome for a certain type of seizure called a complex partial seizure. Although you don't lose consciousness, it becomes impaired and you are unable to communicate effectively throughout the episode. A TIA is also a possibility as is complicated migraine, but these are less likely given the fact you just had a seizure couple months ago. Talk to your neurologist ASAP for appropriate management.
Avatar m tn She has taken meds on and off all of her life, and has not taken any meds at all for close to 5 years now. She has also been seizure free for 5 years, and feels great. She gets occasional migraines, and has fatigue (probably from lack of exercise) but all in all is a healthy woman.
Avatar f tn The first sign anything was wrong was on the friday night she'd gone to bed and had just gone to sleep when her partner realised her breathing had changed, when he checked on her she appeared to be having a seizure. She wasnt aware of this and was quite surprised to find she was at the local hospital. They did a ct scan which appeared normal and she was released the next day feeling well.
480092 tn?1208989762 You are a God-send, with your knowledge about seizure type disorders. Thank you SO much, for as always, extending your loving hand to another. Each and every person on this Forum contributes so much in the way they reach out to others. Wow, do we have a great Forum or what?
Avatar n tn I didn't think nothing of it, until it kept happening. I knew in my heart it wasn't a seizure, so I videotaped it (because my experiences with my oldest child taught me that doctors can't argue with pictures/videos).....anyway, we had an EEG and MRI done and saw a neurologist. He was able to watch the video and diagnose my child with a benign movement disorder, which she eventually outgrew. Just a motherly tip for the future :) Good luck!
472861 tn?1207545820 The good thing about seeing a neurologist is that a neurologist can diagnose not just seizure disorders, but developmental delays and/or PDD and/or other issues as well-- especially if you see a pediatric neurologist. You are doing the right thing -- anything thats going on, be it seizures, or PDD, or hearing, or motor delays, or anything-- early intervention is the key to a successful outcome. As far as the diet change, I don't know much about that.
Avatar n tn I have a 3 month old son who has been diagnosed with cystic encephalomalacia, seizure disorders,severe cerebral palsy,overlapping sutures, and reflux.He also has toubles breathing his chest concaves and is a very niosy breather but oxygen is fine.We have been told the fluid filled cyst are multiple and will progress. We were also told he will get to where he won't function and they expect him to live only weeks to months. They said he will stiffen up and wont be able to move.
Avatar m tn ip is one of 150 rare genetic disorders that falls under ecodermal dysplaysias. if you go to this website it may give you more info. my daughter has ip as well, but was born with group b strep, because i didn't get the anibiotics in time. she has the skin pigment, misshapen teeth, neurological problems, development delayed. 2 lesions on the left side of her brain, due to group b strep. she had sezuires since birth, but went undiagnoised until she was 3 months.
Avatar n tn - Reflux disorder - Tremors, walking problems and other neurological problems - Full body seizure type attacks (feels like shocks) which do not result in loss of consciousness or visibility to others.
1734603 tn?1310425995 I notice this only sometimes, but when I do, my lips feel like they fit more loosely on the left side of my face. I have taken pictures of this, and I look like I received Novocain and am still trying to regain feeling. I am a 21 year old female who has been previously misdiagnosed with (and thus, uneffectively treated for) Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality disorder. I am now being treated for ADHD and related anxiety/depression.
Avatar n tn He certainly does display a range of developmenatl disorders in the context of a family history that is positive for such disorders. The pediatrician can help to pinpoint your child's status in the various spheres of development. Only then will it be feasible to design services to address his developmental delays. Early Intervention will definitely be in order.
287246 tn?1318573663 But right now this one hurts me more than you will ever know. I took down the children’s pictures and will put them in my bedroom at home where when the pain has subsided, that I will be able to see them again. You don’t need my now, you have a husband and family and you also have Sergio’s family. They are different than I am and I probably should just take a back seat to everyone. I have lost something that is very dear to me, a family. Something that I would give my life or anything else for.
15480 tn?1302533402 She never stopped breathing just labored breathing and her seizure was not a shaking seizure but a eyes rolling limp seizure.... We learned CPR right after that and it did happen again and you know what I did - I ran out of the house screaming for help from the mailman. CPR is uselss on your own child.
Avatar n tn over this period of time but this was not caught until he had a seizure at home so you should see your Dr. for test NOW and not wait for something more serious to develope. He had some of the same feelings you report. He became surley in his personality, had teriffic headaches , pain in the side & back of the head ( Tumor was inbetween frontal lobes and benign ) and BP went up so high he almost had a stroke. Also when he walked there was a clicking sound in his head.
1336659 tn?1275893725 org/health_pages/Neurological-Disorders/What-Is-Syringomyelia/show/645?cid=186 I would ask your drs about this, who knows if they didn't tell you about the Chiari they may not have told you this either!! Also, most of us have got NO HELP from NL (neurologists)..Chiari is more in a surgical field so I would find a good NS..hopefully one that specializes in Chiari.
627605 tn?1231121154 He had a seizure on the kicthen floor and all I could do is run to the bathroom and cry. So my mother sent me to live with my father who I have a little hostility for because he has taken me off of my medication 2 times which cause me to be sent to a hospital twice, once for 12 days and the other for 3 months out of state. This is where my question comes in. So I thought living with my father and step-mother would be terrible. Well I was right, but I had underestimated how bad it is .
Avatar f tn These are examples of some of that quick delusions and thoughts coming to my mind over some short periods of time again and again but inbetween I have no delusions. I have no family history of mental illness,personality disorders,bipolar,schizoaffective disorder,schizophrenia or depression,only one case of "only" phobic anxiety in a grandparent. ( I also have recurrent phobias for some time periods) and I have never experienced a trauma and had a beautiful childhood.
Avatar n tn Other less common cardiac causes are carotid sinus irritability which is due to an abnormal structure in the neck that results in syncope when pressed upon. Neurologic forms of syncope include autonomic nervous system diseases and seizure disorders. These are diagnosed with tilt table testing and seizures with an EEG. As you can see the diagnosis is somewhat complex. Therefore, I would recommend that your father see a specialist in the area of syncope.
Avatar n tn id=466) On the other hand, cerebral palsy refers to any one of a number of neurological disorders that appear in infancy or early childhood and permanently affect body movement and muscle coordination. It is not caused by problems in the muscles or nerves but by abnormalities in parts of the brain that control muscle movements. I hope this helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn And please, are there any web sites that you could recommend for looking up spinal chord disorders? Sure wish I could come to your clinic or that you all could recommend a neurologist in my area. Thank you again.
Avatar f tn I was finally sent to a neurologist who diagnosed very early stages parkinson's disease. I saw a movement disorders specialist who diagnosed a parkinsonism from psychiatric meds I'd taken years before but my psych said it couldn't be that because the symptoms would've gone away after the meds were discontinued. Anyway, by this time, my legs were collapsing under me without warning.
603015 tn?1329866573 All I can contribute is that I was very much like the child you are describing here. I cycled through depression and elation. I was very sensitive. And I did extremely well in school. I started having hallucinations as early as I can remember - only recently looking back and seeing them as hallucinations. I attempted suicide for the first time when I was seven years old. I have a pretty severe case of Bipolar I Disorder.