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Avatar n tn My sister in law who is 25 had a seizure last night. She is in reasonably good health but I suspect that she doesn't always take care of herself. She is some what of a workahaulic. Anyways, I have noticed that sinus infections seem to be one common reason. Is there other types of infections or viruses that can cause this? All her "tests" came back normal. What is it that they test for exactly? I am worried because they just sent her home.
Avatar m tn My mother in law stood up in church with a blank stare. She later begin not to recognize anyone. She loss use of her left side and her lips droop to the left. She could only respond with the word, Auh. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance and and started having seizures in the ER. Her blood glucose ranged from 459- 600. It was 459 in the beginning and later 640 at the hospital. The cat scan was negative. The spinal tap was done and it was negative.
Avatar f tn I had a seizure at work about 2 weeks ago, there is no history of seizures in my family and since that has happened I have felt great. I have been under alot of stress lately as my mother-n-law passed away unexpectedly 2 months ago and then my daughter was hospitalized 3 weeks ago for her Crohns disease which ended up progressing, besides that over the past 2 years I have lost my house, lost my job well I finally found one a couple of months ago, so I think I have been totally stressed out.
Avatar n tn This of course provided that permission to drive is granted by the Dept of Motor Vehicle (All seizure patients, depending on the state law, must be reported to the DMV).
Avatar f tn My sister in law, 2 nieces and nephew were diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis about 3 years ago. Only my older niece has had grand mal seizures and is on seizure medicine. She has been monitored by a neurologist. She states she is on the strongest seizure medication available (there have been 2 failed trials of other meds) and since she is still having seizure activity they plan on doing a right frontal lobotomy next year.
Avatar f tn My brother-in-law gets most of his seizures while he is sleeping. As far as I know it is just the way that your seizures come. You just have to take regular anti-seizure drugs to take care of it. As I am not a doctor please don't take my advice instead of seeing a doctor. Please feel free to come back and update us.
Avatar n tn Hi, My brother in law had a sudden seizure (no history or medical problems earlier) 2 weeks ago.Since then he is unconscious and the MRI shows 60% brain damage due to oxygen deprivation for 30 mins after seizure. Doctors are not hopeful at all and are advocating removal of life support (he is on a ventilator). We have heard of some miraculous recoveries even after such extensive damage and are not able to decide - it is a heart wrenching time for the family.
Avatar f tn ?Some people in my family make very bad decisions. My brother-in-law is one of them. My husband and I currently live in different states. This morning he calls me and tells me that his brother was driving them somewhere. Now this wouldn't be so bad, except for two things. First thing his brother's license is suspended. Thing number two is that my mother-in-law was there. Are they stupid? Do they want to go to jail?
Avatar n tn My son in law had to have blood work done and from past experiences in which he fainted, he advised them to take his blood when he was laying down. He looked at a game video during the procedure and tried to ignore what was going on in the lying position. He fainted twice the nurse told him and had spasms that resemble a seizure and even urinated on himself and also turned blue during the "seizure".
Avatar f tn I asked him the question why would he want to make a seizure happen when he knows it will hurt him. Also it would worry his family and myself. My Fiancee also said the same thing, but the Doctor was dead set on his diagnoses because he wouldn't even listen to what has been going on in the past few years. And if he is acting like he is having seizures how could he have gotten those past two different Neurologist?
Avatar n tn My daughter in law recently hospitalized for new onset of seizure disorder, she is a patient at the University of Md in Baltimore, Md ... doctors are unable to stop her seizures.. she has been put in two drug induced comas and is currently on the respirator and they are using versed currently to try and controll the seizures.. she is on dilantin, phenobarbital and klonipin...testing so far is negative... she had a brain biopsy (results showing scarring)?????
Avatar m tn I have a sisten in law who is ganrally good for physically fit but some time in a day or 2-3 day i.e irregullarly she get some attack (I do not know what we can say it ?)so that she throw her body and loss her control over body but after few minutes she feel better and donot remember it. please, guid..
Avatar n tn If you had a seizure that caused you to lose consciousness and you have been diagnosed with a "Seizure Disorder", then, yes, in many states the Dr. is required by law to report this to the Department of Motor Vehicles. If it can be shown that the seizure was an isolated event and not likely to happen again, you probably would not lose drivng privileges.
Avatar n tn My sister-in-law was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 27 yrs old - they operated and removed it, except for a tiny bit. She was cancer free after radiation and chemotherapy for 7 yrs. It has been back for 2.5 yrs (she's been on the latest chemo and the longest survivor at her hosp.) and now is growing again. She is having seizures daily and frequently disorientated for about a month. She has anti-seizure meds, but doesn'nt always take them.
Avatar n tn Hello. I had a Grand Mal seizure about 4 years ago (I was 25 at the time). Never really went to seek help but I was just wondering if you can get permanent nerve damage from a seizure. The seizure itself was about 2 minutes in length. It was my only one and never had another since then. The doctors believe it was Wellbutrin that caused it. I was extremely weak for about 3 months afterwards and it took me literally 20 minutes to walk upstairs.
Avatar f tn My brother-in-law is a huge idiot. He has been having seizures since he was about 19. He really stupid and sits around and get drunk and high all day long. Most of the time his seizures take place at night, thank god I have never witnessed one. About 6 months ago he had one at work, and not long after that he had one while he was driving. His friend saved his life, if his friend hadn't been there...I can't even think about it, it makes me too sad.
Avatar n tn My sister-in-law has elevated liver enzymes, 99 and her cholesterol is 239. Is this related in any way? Should she be concerned? Does smoking have any affect on these elevated numbers? She does take seizure medications. She also takes a lot of Tylenol. Is the tylenol the only thing she can take with the seizure medications? I have heard that Tylenol can have adverse affects on the liver.
Avatar n tn Elijah had seizure after a horrible manic rage episode. Went to hospital and released later.
Avatar n tn Had 1 min seizure immediately after, while still stressed and amped up. Called 911, he calmed down but was still dizzy and weak. Recovered fully at hospital. Was happier afterward. Jim and i got him shorts and shoes that he needed at WMart. Still asked to go out that nite, but finally went to bed.
Avatar f tn Was at work--had plenty of jerks and general spaciness leading up to it--think I was late with my pills--like really late. Scared the hell out of Julia. Man, what a drag. Luteal phase still short as hell. What the ****. And now the doc wants me to go in for laparoscopy. Lovely. Endometriosis for sure, problems with my luteal phase, and problems with Paulo's sperm. Lovely. Dear god let this happen.
Avatar f tn Had seizure in the evening, Paulo was around, had been feeling off for a couple days, but hadn't had any jolts or extreme fuzziness, but definitely off. Haven't been taking my Depakote for at least a month and a half. Guess I need to go get on Lamictal...SIGH.
Avatar f tn Had a seizure last night luckily while sitting down talking to P.... Now I guess this means I have to call the doc and get on some sort of medication--haven't been taking my Depakote for ~a month and a half. Felt strange all day yesterday, but not ultra strange as I have in the past, and certainly no jolts. Happened while I was in the middle of talking!
1263116 tn?1270868928 I had a seizure this afternoon that was pretty bad. I think it was just the overheating and stress. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.