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Avatar f tn My Granddaughter had the seizure. I wasn't there,but my son and daughter-in-law were with her. She hasn't had an injury.She does have low blood sugar.I read on this sight that this can cause seizures.We will have the other things you mentioned checked out. Thanks again.
Avatar m tn My mother in law stood up in church with a blank stare. She later begin not to recognize anyone. She loss use of her left side and her lips droop to the left. She could only respond with the word, Auh. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance and and started having seizures in the ER. Her blood glucose ranged from 459- 600. It was 459 in the beginning and later 640 at the hospital. The cat scan was negative. The spinal tap was done and it was negative.
Avatar n tn My sister in law who is 25 had a seizure last night. She is in reasonably good health but I suspect that she doesn't always take care of herself. She is some what of a workahaulic. Anyways, I have noticed that sinus infections seem to be one common reason. Is there other types of infections or viruses that can cause this? All her "tests" came back normal. What is it that they test for exactly? I am worried because they just sent her home.
401370 tn?1233328282 First of all, any officer of the law, in order to treat any inmate, has to be certified in CPR, First Aid, and alot of other procedures, and this is especially ONE of them! It's common in inmates who are detoxing cold turkey off of strong meds like morphine, and even worse on heroine!
Avatar f tn I had a seizure at work about 2 weeks ago, there is no history of seizures in my family and since that has happened I have felt great. I have been under alot of stress lately as my mother-n-law passed away unexpectedly 2 months ago and then my daughter was hospitalized 3 weeks ago for her Crohns disease which ended up progressing, besides that over the past 2 years I have lost my house, lost my job well I finally found one a couple of months ago, so I think I have been totally stressed out.
Avatar f tn My brother-in-law gets most of his seizures while he is sleeping. As far as I know it is just the way that your seizures come. You just have to take regular anti-seizure drugs to take care of it. As I am not a doctor please don't take my advice instead of seeing a doctor. Please feel free to come back and update us.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if seizure disorder and epilepsy are the same these days? I'm a 43 year old female, no history of seizures, 2 year survivor of breast cancer, which made the discovery of benign cysts in my left temporal lobe. 6 months ago I started having severe headaches with almost stroke like symptoms with neurological deficits associated with them as well as an elevation in my stress levels. All my doctors tell me I have more stress in my life than they've seen in a while.
220917 tn?1309788081 No one has ever seen me have a seizure. I take Topamax, which is an anti-seizure medication, for my migraines, daily. I know I skipped a dose this week. I've done that a kajillion times. I usually go to bed VERY early. 9:00 -10-30 range, because of my fatigue, and I usually nap briefly during the day. I did take my nap, but last night, I was just sick of being sick, and stayed up WAY too late. 1:00. I really was overly tired.
Avatar n tn however there is warning on the drug about seizures and if you take more them perscribed you could have a seizure and mixing it with other meds increases seizure risk.. So i am not sure who you are interseted in sueing the drug maker ,or your doctor ?.
Avatar m tn Well last week, I came home from work and was standing in the doorway having a conversation with my mother-in-law when I all of sudden got a feeling of standing up to fast (but I had been standing there for at least 5 to 10 mins) Everything went black and I woke up laying on the ground and she was standing over me yelling my name, She said I looked very confused, and I couldnt answer her for a few mins.
Avatar m tn One is a simple partial seizure. A simple seizure is the one in which the patient is aware throughout. And partial means, only some body parts show movements. The second one is Sleep paralysis. I was wondering if you have got your EEG done. EEG is a good test to show epileptic discharges in the brain.
Avatar m tn She is extremely skittish now when we do get home from work. I am wondering if she is having a panic attack or some type of seizure. Any insight is appreciated.
Avatar m tn Hi, My Wife had a tonic clonic / Grand mal seizure a month ago at age 34. We are just getting started in dealing with this disease and could use some help from the community. Here are the facts: * She had a stroke (or something similar) when she was six which may be related to the seizure. When she went to the ER she had a cat scan which showed some "calcifications" which may be left over from the stroke.
Avatar f tn Alot of people after a seizure go through what they call a postictal period, which is them pretty much recovering from a seizure. They can get tired non responsive and sometimes lose their fuids in their body by peeing and bowels or also throw up. It is viatly important if in the middle of a seizure that you put his body on his side and move all dangerous odjects from around him. Time how long it last and what exactly his body does.
1653487 tn?1303527762 The neurologist told me that it is the law to not drive for 6 months after a confirmed seizure... Hmmm.... Any advice or simlar experiences shared are much appreciated!!!
Avatar n tn That way if another TTT is done, I could suggest it with some level of confidence. You had said in your response that you would not start seizure meds. and I hadn't even thought to ask you about that. I was glad you stated it because before they even had the abnormal EEG they wanted to start me on it, but I refused. Now, I believe I will be getting epilepsy monitoring in the hospital. More expensive, time consuming, and stressful, but more appropriate in my thinking.
Avatar f tn It has been two days since his last seizure but he still hasn't fully recovered, he doesn't know his commands, the people in the house ( including me ), or the other dogs and cats in the house. I want to know if he will even recover from this or if there is something I can do to help. He keeps pacing and whining, even in the middle of the night. Should I bring him in again? Could there be something more serious going on?
Avatar f tn yes depakote is an anti seizure med. there are many anti-seizure meds. could be that one isnt working for her. was one of the charges for selling xanax? jane tell her it is very important that she be honest with you at this point. tell her that nothing will suprise you. going forward you need to know so you will also know how to proceed. she will be calling soon. it is after dinner.
Avatar n tn one of my best friends had a seizure last night. she's 18 yrs old, recently become a more frequent smoker, has been drinking for a while, but never to any point of being drunk. so last night, we met up to go to this bar. she had previously been drinking beer with another friend, about 2 liters, she also had a bit of weed right before we met up. she's not a frequent consumer of weed, she's done it like 5 times at the most.
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm a 32 year old male and in good health, i eat well , sleep well and exercise enough. 2 days ago i had a seizure which as yet has not been identified, i've had blood test taken but dont know results yet, it started with a fever the my left arm tingling before it happened.....I have never had this before and am so scared of it happening again possibly when driving!!! Anyone heard anything like this before?
Avatar n tn Hello. I had a Grand Mal seizure about 4 years ago (I was 25 at the time). Never really went to seek help but I was just wondering if you can get permanent nerve damage from a seizure. The seizure itself was about 2 minutes in length. It was my only one and never had another since then. The doctors believe it was Wellbutrin that caused it. I was extremely weak for about 3 months afterwards and it took me literally 20 minutes to walk upstairs.
Avatar n tn This weekend while at outdoor conference, she was with her mother and hurt herself somehow. My daughter in law (the mother) said she again was not taking a breath, then her eyes kind of crossed and rolled back and she was stiff like a board for a short bit, (which had never happened before) then came to. The child, who is about 12 months, was probably tired (no nap), and had a cold for several days with a cough, had had her immunizations the Monday before this occured on a Saturday.
Avatar n tn Certain breeds are more prone to seizures. My sister-in-law has a golden lab that has them. The vet told them if he had more than 3 in 5 months to bring him in for medication. You will have to have him checked to see if it is hereditary or a problem like a tumor or brain injury from abuse.Best wishes to the both of you, it is so scary to see them have one.
Avatar m tn I currently take 500mg a day, plus other seizure medication. Sometimes doctor's increase medication based on age/weight and other conditions. Is she taking other anti-seizure medication as well?
531492 tn?1213236112 I have a 5-year-old little boy who about a 1-1/2 years ago experience what we thought was a seizure after playing a video game. He did not know we were there for about 30 seconds. His eyes looks all glassy and then he slowly came out of it. Prior to this, my brother and sister-in-law both saw similar behavior on a couple of weekend sleepovers. We went to a pediatric neurologist and after an EEG and ambulatory EEG and no other apparent episodes for one year, we were told he is a healthy boy.
Avatar f tn It sounds like a partial complex seizure, if it is a seizure at all. All the possibilities should be examined from a TIA to a tumor to a seizure. The timing and circumstances make a partial complex the most likely of the seizure types. Loss of consciousness without loss of body control or falling. The description of how he was after the event sounds "post-ictal" or "after-seizure." These often occur in the temporal lobe.
Avatar n tn This of course provided that permission to drive is granted by the Dept of Motor Vehicle (All seizure patients, depending on the state law, must be reported to the DMV).
Avatar f tn My doctor took me off of the xanax to fast according to everything I've read. But I did have a seizure after I stopped completely so be very careful. My head injury could of also played a major factor in my case. Never the less I'm back on xanax only 1 mg a day and also take lamictal 200 mg a day because I had that seizure. So in my case it was a lose lose!
Avatar m tn I have been smoking marijuana for a while now and i have epilepsy, i had my first seizure when i was 10 and was put on medication for it for 5 years and never had one since then.