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Avatar n tn Once the abnormal stimulation of brain cells begins (which is what happens in a seizure), only medications such as ativan or other anti-seizure meds can actually stop a seizure. Prevention is important by taking meds as prescribed, staying away from alcohol (not only interacts with meds but lowers your seizure threshold), and keeping yourself healthy. Fever, dehydration, emotional and physical stress and starvation are other things that can lower your seizure threshold.
Avatar f tn Does she have a seizure disorder? I can't imagine her having seizures from coming off of heroin unless maybe there is some alcohol or benzos involved also? If that's the case then they are not doing enough for her. The depakote won't touch that! Depakote would only need to be used for a seizure problem unrelated to withdrawals. I know that's not what you're asking, but I'm trying to help figure out what's going on and from there find out how you should go about it from here.
Avatar f tn My daughter pulled a desk, chair and 4 books on top of her head this morning at school. she became dizzy and spoke odd. Her schools nurse called me and requested that I pick her up due to the change in speech (they know her pretty good there and knew there was a difference) My husband retrieved her and also thought she was a little rattled kind of like she was drugged up he said. By the time they got to the house she was feeling and acting more like her self.
Avatar f tn My 16 yr. old daughter's behavior of lying, defiance and rebellion has progressively grown worse over the past 3 years. We have been going to counseling the past few months, things seemed to be improving. This past month we had an episode that escalated into a physical altercation between my daughter and her father. He slapped her on the side of her head and a few seconds later she sat down on the ground and then lay down.
203342 tn?1328740807 She's had 3 angry outbursts this week and her teacher said she was slamming books on her desk. I don't know how much of this is normal teen stuff and what is not. I'm tempted to take her off the Neurontin and just try the Zoloft. The doctor said if I do, I have to do it slowly. He said he doesn't really like Neurontin anyway. (It was a different doctor who started her on it). I just don't know what to do. Should I give it longer? Has anyone else here used this medication?
Avatar n tn I had one additional seizure a month later - I had allergic reactions to the medication and they believe the withdrawl from the medicine caused the seizure. I haven't had a seizure since then. I just stopped taking my anti-seizure medicine this past January and haven't had any problems. My dr.told me that it wasn't that I just all of a sudden got epilepsy, but that the conditions were "right" at that time. I was stressed, working long hours and even drinking occasionally.
Avatar n tn Im trying to think about getting straight, ive even been to a few na meetings,but ive got scared and now am having a hard time going back.If withdrawl is hell for those of u that r taking 4-10 reg perc what is it going t obe for me?i take 100plus.its allconsuming to me right now, i find it more on my mind then getting new drugs but i still keep getting them.
Avatar n tn There are alot of medications that the doctor's will try to help relieve these kinds of spasms...and yeah...they HURT. Alot of doctor's use the anti-seizure medicines on the market, because they feel that these are like "muscle seizures." I have a large lesion in my spinal cord and my doctor's feel that this is the cause of my daily leg pain and spasms. I have gotten little relief from the spasms, but for some, the anti-seizure medications have been a god-send.
Avatar f tn One day she seems bad and then the next day she is up and climbing a full flight of stairs and getting on the sofa by herself! Other days she can barely stand. She sleep most of the time but today she has been shivering almost uncontrollably. I finally wrapped her in a warm blanket and held her for a while and she stopped shivering...she is asleep now. This is GUT WRENCHING. I know that you are all thinking that "OMG...she is 18...she's had a long life...
Avatar n tn I strongly encourage someone seeking help to consult with their doctor, read the posts and experiences on this and other forums, check out some books on addiction, call around to a few outpatient clinics, attend a couple of meetings--and make a decision regarding treatment that will best suit their situation. I admire J.B for consulting with a doctor, and Dan, I resent the fact that you have to post and attack the advice given.
Avatar n tn Are there any harmful long-term effects of DXM? For example, if you take one bottle of Robitussin every month. Also, is there a difference between the cough syrup and the gel caps?
Avatar n tn I am a 41 year old female with a 2 year old, in good health other than being about 10 pounds overweight. Two months ago I began experiencing shortness of breath. I yawn constantly in an attempt to get air. The doctor thought asthma, especially given my family history of lung problems, so though my lungs sounded clear I tried advair/albuterol. No change in condition. I had a ct scan to check for a pulmonary embolism and everything looked good.
Avatar f tn Do people who have had cat scratch disease (bartonella) and are experiencing alot of the Bartonella symptoms 20 yrs later have to have longer more intense treatment? I have also read somewhere that bartonella "IS" a disease and "LYME" Is it's co-infection??
Avatar m tn the other day i told some of my family and my aunt said that the family had a history of mini seizurs but no one else in the family said anything so not sure she had a few of them some time back and when ppl talk to her sometimes she doesnt know what they are saying she can hear them but its like they are talking in another language
429155 tn?1205676864 I am David aged 55 and employed as a postman/driver/sorter, well up until 38 months ago I had never been into hospital,well boy was that about to change.
604197 tn?1292308636 Hello, I'm 17 years of age and recently (2 months ago) had an accident that has resulted in the loss of my sense of smell and taste. I was at a lake, swinging on a rope into the water but lost my grip and wnet head first down a cliff of rocks and roots. I landed in the water but had hit the back of my head (near the crown, at the top) splitting my head open and fracturing my skull (3-4 inches).
Avatar n tn I'm so afraid of running out. When I am without, my willpower is nothing. I'm scared of it all....scared of this addiction, scared of running out, scared to leave my house each morning without any pills....anybody been there? If so, what did you do? I'm still hoping the psychiatrist will help...most of you know the stuff that's been going on for me lately. I've never felt this bad before. Maybe I should just go to a doc and "fess up.
Avatar n tn It sounds like some kind of infection or something with the fevers all the time, leg cramps could be a sign of alot of things and the symptom may not even be related. Search all you can! Good luck.
Avatar n tn I've learned to cope with the memory loss and done many things to improve my condition but as I bent over to dry my hair this morning yellow-watery fluid poured out of my nose and I felt a bit of concern. I appreciate your insight! I did bang my head this morning but didn't think much of it. I will be more careful and if problem persists perhaps humble myself enough to see a doctor. Thanks again for your input!
Avatar f tn We could only get a total of 18 days inpatient and a total of 4 months outpatient covered by insurance and other available services. We thought she was doing well, and she of course, learned to hide it very well. If I hae learned anything from this whole horrible experience, addicts are devious, amazing liars. She managed to pull the wool over not only OUR eyes, but the outpatient counselors eyes as well!
390388 tn?1279639813 I had not heard of CMT. The following is what I found in part on a web site for Disorders of the Nerves. There is no cure for CMT, but physical therapy, occupational therapy, braces and other orthopedic devices, and even orthopedic surgery can help patients cope with the disabling symptoms of the disease. In addition, pain-killing drugs can be prescribed for patients who have severe pain. I read a few more sites and they all mentioned that orthopedic devices may be helpful.
Avatar n tn I'm new to this disease and forum and it really bothers me to not have a clear picture of what to expect in the middle of the night if my son gets very low. How will I know? Will he wake up? Will I find him unconscious in the morning when I go in. This is honestly a real fear for both my husband and I and we do not think it has been addressed well by our MD or in the books we have been given.
Avatar n tn I woke up in the back of an ambulance going to the hospital, because I had, had a seizure. I didn't remember anything. This is what made me change. I decided that I needed to change for the better. I also went to the doctor and he started me on an anti-depressant. The anti-depressant has helped prevent any relapses (I used to go through phases of 1 week of great control, then months of horrible control), and I have gone 6 months with great control now.
969132 tn?1249327851 This seems to be related to the mechanism of panic attacks in some way, according to one of my text books, due to an abnormality in the temporal poles and the right parahippocampal area of the brain. (Kandel, Schwartz, & Jessell. Principles of Neural Science, 3rd ed. Norwalk, CT: Appleton & Lange. p. 881.
Avatar m tn Check out our list of resources, and pick a book or two, and order them. Self help books are an awesome way to learn more about what you're dealing with (in this case, anxiety)...and things you can do to work through it (there's a LOT). It takes time, patience and hard work to stop that merry go round thinking. You'll feel worlds better though when you accomplish that....even IF you're still physically not up to par. Here's our resource get busy!!!! ;0) http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn Wow, what similar symptoms! All that's missing from me is Seizures, but some of yours give a rememberance of my symptoms of simple partial seizures in the early stages, such as vision changes, irritablity, brain fog.
Avatar n tn Death is mostly within an hour of onset. You can check related data in the books or the internet. Take care.
Avatar f tn Not sure on posting protocol but I'm feeling so out of sorts; please forgive my diving right in. I'm just...sort of terrified. I am barey into adulthood and I am severely addicted to Klonopin. I started "small," as needed. It helped me manage and overcome my intense panic disorder, social anxiety, and OCD. Later I developed a more severe generalized anxiety disorder and work/school became increasingly-impossible.
Avatar n tn But I had to go through a rehab and be medically detoxed which was hell. Now I am off of all of the pain meds. (I don't have chronic pain) The point that I am getting at is now that I am off of the opiates I am a lot stronger emotionally. If I have to go through loosing anyone in death, I have a better chance of being strong now that I am clean. I don't know if this will help, but hang in there!