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Avatar f tn I have a bulging disk in my back (and mild cervical spondylosis in my neck, last MRI , maybe 3 years ago) My Doctor had told me before that my reflexes were brisk, but no ankle reflexes. I have to see him every 3 months. That's a bit much don't you think? I don't know. All I know is that I get my reflexes tested every time I go in. Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn s mother that when she gets upset with me, that is a precipitating event to my son having a seizure. Furthermore she claims that they are emotionally connected so if she is angry with me then he naturally has a seizure.
Avatar f tn I constantly have the red-eye/white-eye effect in my pupils in nearly every photograph taken of me. I read that retinoblastoma may be the reason for this, but it seems to only affect young children. Can it also affect 22 years olds? If it isn't retinoblastoma, could it be something else? It just seems very odd that this is a constant occurrence.
492869 tn?1285018933 I think I described my headache in my previous journal entry, and I posted a couple of my MRI images in my pictures section. My appointment with the new Neurologist is still a month away.
327385 tn?1378360731 Stress can indirectly also affect patients with seizure. It causes an increase in cortisol levels which influences seizure activity. Have you been investigated for your seizures? What medicines have you been taking? If you have been taking antiepileptic regularly then seizures should be controlled. You need to discuss with your neurologist if any dose adjustments of your antiepileptic drug needs to be done or any alternative drug needs to be taken. Hope it helps. Take care and good luck!
Avatar n tn I was told that it was a hormonal imbalance and was given Dialantin and changed to Tegretol which has had me seizure free for 15 years. Last November I had a short episode and was fine afterward. This September I started having absence epilepsy. My doctor increased my Tegretol dose and they have stopped. I have read that it is very rare to start absence epilepsy in adulthood.
Avatar n tn Neurologist diagnosed migraines and wanted me to go on anti-seizure meds. I chose not to as the pain was not every night. In fact, I have gone 2-3 months at times without the pain. Recently, the pain is back and now it is also in my left ear. It has been waking me now around 3-4 a.m. every morning for about a month. I have made an appointment with a EDT physician. Any advice would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn I have been doing a lot of research online and I found a lot of info but what I keep finding that in adults, a new murmur is likely to be abnormal. I have been trying to find statistical information to see if I am likely to have an innocent murmur or an abnormal murmur. I am 30 years old, and I have no health problems. Only migraines that I recently started having.
Avatar n tn At any rate, my son has been seizure free for almost 2 weeks. Ive tried to eliminate any possible causes that could have led to him having seizures. The circumstances for my boy when he had his were, constipated/withholding stool for 3 days, wife drinking LOTS of caffeine (shes exclusively breast feeding mind you), I had seen that my wife gave him water on 2 seperate occaisions, my wifes mother fed him green beans (which people in my family are allergic to).
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Avatar f tn My 12 week old daughter was diagnosed with Severe GERD with obstructive apnea at 3 weeks old. She has since been put on Prevacid and Zantac. In correlation with this she has seizure like activity that was attributed to Sandifer's Syndrome. She also has colic. While her overall disposition has improved on this medication, her seizure like behavior has actually worsened (she has had two EEG's both normal).
Avatar n tn My 11 year old son suffered a local seizure in left leg followed by a general seizure in 3 hrs. he was suffering frm high fever and was on malaria drug along with doxycycline. his reports like MRI, veinography, CFS, EEG AND OTHER BLOOD TESTS R NORMAL.what could be the reason of seizure? will it repeat. what r the precautions to be taken.
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Avatar f tn My baby soumili when 10 months has suffered three times by convulsion first in Oct 2012 admitted to hospital after discharge she takes gardenal 5ml*2 times eptoin 3.5ml*2times but again convulsion in 2and jan2014 and doctor advised to take valparin200 Syria 2.5ml*2times and now again in last Saturday 31 convulsion and now she admitted in hospital and takes valparin200syr 5ml*2times and frisium5mg*2 times is again risk for convulsion?
587894 tn?1218577643 Had aiden in my arms laying in the bed and had a seizure
Avatar n tn I have not been able to find any sources related to adults or in detail but have found this behavior to be reported in young children. Thx in advance for any information.
Avatar f tn felt weird all day, then jerks in the evening, seizure at maybe 9 or 10 pm, in front of all of Paulo's family...anyway...too bad...
Avatar f tn Sutures separate each individual skull bone and early closing leads to an abnormally shaped head along with increased intracranial pressure, seizures and possible developmental delay. The seizure that your infant is throwing could be a generalized tonic clonic seizure where one has vigorous shaking of all the limbs not stopped by intervention, rolling of eyeballs, symmetric movements on both sides as if your kid had, could be pointers.
Avatar f tn I know Cradle Cap is used for babie's that have it but i just cannot remember the real name for it. Anyways my mum seems to have it and she's in her late 40's. The first time she got it was a few months ago, it started off with a severe itchy scalp and red itchy spots on her neck/back, then she woke up with a shock, her scalp was covered in yellow crust, it was awful she was so distressed, i had to get it out with a nit comb. That time she was suffering from stress.
Avatar f tn Watched Super-Bowl Half Time Show. Blurred Vision in left eye. Speech effected.
Avatar f tn Watched Super Bowl Half-Time Show. Blurred vision in left eye.
Avatar n tn ve never heard of that happening, but if it happened to you or someone you know, you should consult a doctor. A seizure could be indicative of something other than epilepsy and should be checked out. Good luck.