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Avatar n tn It would depend on the cause of the seizures. Also some medications can lower the seizure threshold including many antipsychotics but only a doctor or psychiatrist would understand this in full. It would be worthwhile to discuss these concerns with them and what the appropriate means of follow up would be.
14912105 tn?1438087982 I was dc with pain meds, months worth of decadron dosing, and valium every six hours and to watch for seizure\stroke precautions. My bowel incontinence continues. Urinary retention continues. Leg weakness continues. Fell the other day and badly sprained left ankle due to leg weakness. I was seen again by neurosurgeon and I'm going to get another MRI in 2 weeks and follow-up w neurosurgeon in 4 weeks. He said he's never seen anything like this due to the CSF fluid keeps moving on every MRI.
341190 tn?1295470725 its has all the signs of seizures.shaking-eyes rolled back-and seizures will make you lose your you bite your tounge or jaw to? the good thing is you have a warning before you seize.the dizzy-sick feeling is your when you get your warning try to get to a safe (soft) place.are you taking meds?have you had a eeg test?that would dx you.find a good neuo and tell him your symtoms and ask for a eeg.meds can get seixures in control.
1075731 tn?1286890975 They may have it right on opiates (I don't know) but with benzos--good luck. A three day taper with an anti-seizure med to w/d off from benzos... OK doctor let me see you try it. Do you know what it's like to go totally insane and have a seizure and then the stupid hospital just injects you with some Ativan and pushes you out the revolving door??? If the medical profession would have gotten it correct with my benzo withdrawal I'd be in a lot better physical condition right now.
Avatar f tn so having a Dr that will do testing for them and take precautions is one that will be able to minimize post op issues. May I ask, was your condition considered congenital or acquired?...
Avatar f tn I think you'd be surprised at the numbers. Doing this will give the doctor a chance to take extra precautions. It will give him/her a chance to help you taper off in a way that will not harm you or your baby. They will have no reason to call CPS because you are looking out for the health of your unborn child. So, instead of looking like an addict that has an addiction and cares about nothing except getting high you now look like the caring compassionate mother that you are.
Avatar n tn I remember when I was a kid (late 60's) some of the shoe stores had x-ray machines you could put your foot into to see how your foot fit. Wild. I've had many doctors I have all the symptoms of a "down-winder" except I'm too young (and I'm the oldest of five - four with thyroid cancer). There *were* studies going on here (Utah) to research thyroid cancers in "next generation" people who may have been exposed through ground soil, water, etc.
Avatar n tn email me at ***@**** please i have been having the same issues for 5 weeks and have blacked out three times and just this morning had a small seizure in front of my kids when i came to i felt my body still shaking as soon as i start coughing for a short period of time and or laugh hard it sends me into a coughing fit and i black out hospital has said my vitals are fine and send me on my way they dont go any further than that one hospital said it could be my uvula that is long causing me to
Avatar f tn They are making me go to the office to take my first shot (I gave myself 48 last time but I guess that does not count) and they need 2 nurses to do this LOL One of the nurses called in sick today so I loose out. Now I have to change my shot day to Wednesday after planning my entire treatment down day as Tuesday. If that isn't enough to fry me they are actually charging me a office visit for this crapola.
Avatar n tn I have an amazing physican who always understands my frustrations and helps work on the issues at hand... LOL best of luck, remember pain comes after surgery but your team of Docs and nurses will make it as comfortable as possible. Best wishes!!!
Avatar n tn ) - but i am starting to feel better and better each day - however a very close friend of mines husband died in Afghanistan on Friday - but like my Dr said - we ALL need to try to relax - I am trying to eat better - and I have lost some weight since I got out of hospital but I am a true type A and its hard to stop it of the nurses suggested meditation but I am not sure if I have the patience to do that either.....
Avatar n tn I have been nursing my daughter every since she was born and I'm wondering if there is any way possible that somehow my milk is making her sick. She nurses a little during the day still but mostly at night because she sleeps in the same bed with me. She uses it to go back to sleep when she wakes up and to fall asleep in the first place. I don't think that it is the chicken anymore because it seems like that would keep her sick all day and not just at night. Thanks for any help you can give.
Avatar n tn You know with all the burocracy here in the states regarding health and medical it won't get any green light so you decide to try it and it helps please let us know. Just make sure you take precautions I mentioned above first before trying things out and know whats in it and what your taking and that it poses no harm or known side effects. I hope this helps. Check back in and let us know. -Rich P.
Avatar n tn they know a seizure is coming on.) This is usually a feeling of lightheadedness and a drop in blood pressure. I can usually avoid the seizure by putting my head between my legs to get more blood to my brain. I have read that others have had a diagnosis of GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) related to these events. I have been diagnosed with both in the past. I am sure that this is vasovagal fainting associated with valsalva.
Avatar n tn Has anyone experienced any seizure-like activity? Not actually a grand mal but almost like your brain is having misfirings and they all the sudden catch up w/ each other. I hope this makes some sense. I have been having this for a few days now. I am worried because it seems like everyone here is having a slow-down of symptoms and I feel like mine are doing the opposite. I have tingling everyday and now this.
Avatar n tn I think we could be experiencing some type of epileptic seizure, which only manifest itself when the brain is the sleeping mode. The sleep study will clear this one up. Just think how colorful things will be once your sleep study is conducted, and the answers start to pour in. Just a few more days--hang in there, my friend—Good luck—Please keep in touch. Bobito.