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Avatar n tn There is no pattern or noticable frequency to these headaches which leads me to believe it is not medicine-related. Could this be another form of seizure or is this common with this type of epilepsy? Could these be some form of migraines? I get migraines and, other than the nausea and vomiting, they didn't really sound like migraines. What could this be?
1814056 tn?1316739352 The second neuro said PNES which makes no sense because she has had no traumatic events in her life and the seizures only started when her period started. I have kept a log and mentioned this several times and no one seems to make the connection but me. She is still having them every month. Help? Thank you!
Avatar n tn Actually Topomax is what my doctor has suggested I try next. I'm supposed to wait another week until I start it though. I passed out while shopping a couple of weeks ago and one of the bystanders told the paramedics that I had a seizure after I passed out and they wrote in their report that I had a mild seizure. All of my doctors have said that it wasn't a seizure but rather just some twitching which is common when you pass out.
Avatar n tn Yes, often times seizure medication will prevent generalization (grand mal) evolution of a seizure without being able to halt the initial phases of the seizure (aura or reduction of mental awareness). I would talk to his physician as there are many new medications on the market that may prevent the "trance" states. I hope things are corrected for your husband.
Avatar f tn It looks like you can log in and update the tracker on the MedHelp site but just cannot log in from iGoogle. If that's the case, please include that in the Contact Us form.
Avatar f tn In the meantime get a notebook and log the experiences and the duration. In some people these are triggered by light on the optic nerve, usually flickering light and usually (but not always) in the red spectrum (blink lights on a fire engine, or the flicker of a flourescent bulb or a CRT computer screen are common culprits). Wearing dark or polarized eyeglasses sometimes helps with the problem.
Avatar n tn Our daughter had a seizure and 3 mini strokes back in nov 2009. There has been a few times she belives that she has won the lottery and a car. She is all excitied and really belives this. Any ideal what is going on. No new medicine or change in anything.
626360 tn?1221955245 are a mild form of epilepsy which is a form of a seizure. They can range anywhere from mild to severe. It is important to get her in to a neurologist because although they may be mild it could most definitally be causing the damage a severe seizure could cause. I have not yet to take Emma in but I do feel better with that knowledge. If you would like to know more let me know how I can help.
Avatar f tn My suggestion would be to log everything about the seizure from what brings it on to how long it last. Also, log how long the dog is stiff afterwards. Pretty much anything you can log will help the vet. Also if possible videotape the next epsiode to show your vet exactly what is happening. My vet told me to help the dog during this to take them to a quiet room with no noise or bright flashy lights.
Avatar n tn A 17 year old girl had a seizure in my building. Following the seizure she was vomitting. Is this common with a diabetic seizure?
Avatar f tn If its a seizure then yes anxiety or anger can set it off but in a person without some form of seizure disorder (of which epilepsy is only one) it would not occur. If the anxiety or anger is caused by some form of psychiatric disability (such as anxiety disorder) a psychiatrist might be able to treat that but it would not stop the seizures. The neurologist should do follow up tests to find out what kind of seizure disorder she has. You might want to repost this question in the neurology forum.
Avatar f tn I am so sorry you were declared a non-responder. I will try to explain your test results to you. Don't hesitate to ask additional questions. Viral loads can be expressed in International Units per milliliter (IU/ml) or in log form. Log form represents the same number as IU/ml but expressed in "10 to the power of ...". An easier way to explain what you need to know about this is: A viral load decrease of one log equals a decrease of 90%.
1742929 tn?1311164933 One is the actual viral load number and the other is just the log form. Under the old treatment the log number was used more to determined when treatment should be ended. Not sure it is as important now as most people go undetected much sooner. Hope this helps http://i-base.
Avatar f tn What this means is you have no viral load. Both things says the same thing it is just the last one is in log form. Are you treating? If not and this was a test to see if you had Hep C or you are done treating and 12 weeks out from treatment then you are cured. Congrats to you.
Avatar f tn Hi, If you suspect that he had any form of trauma during seizure attack then its better to go for CT/MRI brain.You can consult your pediatrician for adding of phenytoin or phenobarbitone.
Avatar n tn However, when I started to research low-grade gliomas and astrocytomas, I became very concerned about the possibility of this spreading and becoming a more malignant form of cancer. Any thoughts? I appreciate any feedback. This is very frightening.
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Avatar m tn Recently I was referred to a local neurologist who mistakenly (I believe) diagnosed the condition as a form of epilepsy and prescribed an anti-seizure med. I have never had epilepsy in any form and only have this problem occasionally when eating (if I am not sitting up straight). I believe it is a growth/narrowing in my wind pipe of some sort that closes it when food goes through. My PCP (HMO lingo) got the above information from the neuro and now does not want me to drive!
Avatar n tn i want to know if there are other solutions that are effective. also if there is something good to do during a seizure. i give her a spoonful of natural van ice cream after each one. is that okay or good?