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Avatar f tn In the meantime get a notebook and log the experiences and the duration. In some people these are triggered by light on the optic nerve, usually flickering light and usually (but not always) in the red spectrum (blink lights on a fire engine, or the flicker of a flourescent bulb or a CRT computer screen are common culprits). Wearing dark or polarized eyeglasses sometimes helps with the problem.
Avatar n tn It was initially thought the seizure was caused by the glioma. We are now just wondering if anyone else could offer any info? Thanks.
Avatar n tn When he went to the kitchen for juice, he let out a scream and collapsed and began to have a seizure. The paramedics came and we got his blood sugar up with orange juice mixed with sugar and an IV, he spent 6 hours in the emergency room. My questions are #1 did he have any pain when he screamed out? He doesn't remember anything and even though I think I handled the situation, I was terrified. #2 How can we avoid this from ever happening again?
Avatar n tn She will also take Motrin when she gets a headache or her knee starts swelling from standing or walking too much. She has experienced 2 episodes described as possible seizure by her doctor, although they couldn't confirm seizure. The first was 6 months post stroke, the other (yesterday) at 11 months. Both occurred while working (part-time). Work involves standing at a demonstration and sales booth for long periods (a biz she has owned for 20 years).
94007 tn?1224766336 Thats not good. As some of you may remember, he is disabled and on seizure meds which can CAUSE liver damage. How much of that damage comes from the meds its hard to say. He is going to treat in the fall but is switching to another med - Keppra. Is anyone familiar with it? We cant see how he does off the meds because treatment lowers the seizure threshhold. Lots of complications and unanswered questions. That can only be answered by experience - doc is concerned.
3187528 tn?1344809110 About two months ago my 3 year old Jack-a-Bee went into a mild seizure. We rushed him to the vet and he couldn't find anything wrong. Said that it's common for dogs to have seizures and to keep a log if he has anymore. Exactly one month after his first he had his second one in the middle of the night. This is when I decided that maybe his weight had something to do with it. So I cut back on the amount of food I gave him and started walking him for 20 minutes every day.
Avatar f tn yes depakote is an anti seizure med. there are many anti-seizure meds. could be that one isnt working for her. was one of the charges for selling xanax? jane tell her it is very important that she be honest with you at this point. tell her that nothing will suprise you. going forward you need to know so you will also know how to proceed. she will be calling soon. it is after dinner.
1570846 tn?1295833227 When he's having a seizure one side of his mouth rises abnormally. and then he goes into full Tonic Clonic seizure. But as I said.. your DD's could be a once off seizure. I know of so many people that have a seizure and never have another one. You are going through such a tough time and I know exactly how you feel. Last year was like the year from hell for our family. My son's illness and my dear Mother's illness. And I know the feelings of guilt. But you do have to let them go.
Avatar m tn My best advice is to capture as many episodes as possible on videotape to bring with you to the pediatric neurologist. Keep a log of when you notice anything unusual. I certainly don't want to scare the bejeebies out of you, but for comparison purposes, you can watch infantile spasms on youtube. The head pulling forward sounds like a characteristic of IS. I will pray that it is nothing serious, and hopefully you won't have much of a wait before he sees neuro. Good luck!
Avatar f tn There are myoclonic seizures that are progressive and Jacksonian seizures start in a limb. Sounds like seizure activity, but make a log of the symptoms, activities, food, etc. This can help, MD figure things out. Sleeping alot after a seizure is normal. I have known people who sleep alot during the day to have sleep apnea and develop seizures from lack of oxygen during the night... Important to get a work up in addition to your thyroid workup.
Avatar f tn My suggestion would be to log everything about the seizure from what brings it on to how long it last. Also, log how long the dog is stiff afterwards. Pretty much anything you can log will help the vet. Also if possible videotape the next epsiode to show your vet exactly what is happening. My vet told me to help the dog during this to take them to a quiet room with no noise or bright flashy lights.
Avatar n tn Our daughter had a seizure and 3 mini strokes back in nov 2009. There has been a few times she belives that she has won the lottery and a car. She is all excitied and really belives this. Any ideal what is going on. No new medicine or change in anything.
Avatar n tn However, my wife only has seizures during her drinking binges, and never when in withdrawal. Almost like clockwork, I can tell when she is going to have a seizure by how much she drinks. 1.5 pints of hard liquor = seizure. As one might expect, she denies that her drinking has anything to do with her seizures. If anyone has any insight on why she is having these episodes during her drinking binges, please let me know...
Avatar f tn She is alert and active after the episode. So I wasn't even sure she had a seizure. So I took her to her dr. today and was told she will be referred to a pediatric neurologist but that the wait period will be 5 months! Her development so far is on target and the only other concern is that her right eye moves a little to the right when she looks at an object in front of her.
Avatar n tn i want to know if there are other solutions that are effective. also if there is something good to do during a seizure. i give her a spoonful of natural van ice cream after each one. is that okay or good?
1814056 tn?1316742952 The second neuro said PNES which makes no sense because she has had no traumatic events in her life and the seizures only started when her period started. I have kept a log and mentioned this several times and no one seems to make the connection but me. She is still having them every month. Help? Thank you!
Avatar n tn I passed out while shopping a couple of weeks ago and one of the bystanders told the paramedics that I had a seizure after I passed out and they wrote in their report that I had a mild seizure. All of my doctors have said that it wasn't a seizure but rather just some twitching which is common when you pass out.
Avatar n tn My husband had a seizure a month ago. He is 33 years old and his first seizure and only one before this was 16 years ago. His MRI and EEG were fine, thank goodness. He is suffering now from short term memory loss, I am so concerned. He is going to the Neurologist next week, but I am freaking out now. Is this a normal side effect of a seizure?
Avatar f tn She is alert and active after the episode. So I wasn't even sure she had a seizure. So I took her to her dr. today and was told she will be referred to a pediatric neurologist but that the wait period will be 5 months! Her development so far is on target and the only other concern is that her right eye moves a little to the right when she looks at an object in front of her.
Avatar f tn She is alert and active after the episode. So I wasn't even sure she had a seizure. So I took her to her dr. today and was told she will be referred to a pediatric neurologist but that the wait period will be 5 months! Her development so far is on target and the only other concern is that her right eye moves a little to the right when she looks at an object in front of her.
Avatar n tn There is no pattern or noticable frequency to these headaches which leads me to believe it is not medicine-related. Could this be another form of seizure or is this common with this type of epilepsy? Could these be some form of migraines? I get migraines and, other than the nausea and vomiting, they didn't really sound like migraines. What could this be?
Avatar f tn I will add some insight from what I know; I am not a doctor, but have been shuffled from many, and had many experiences. Was the change right after the seizure, or was it gradual? How long did the "massive seizure" last, do you know? There is a condition called "Status epilepticus", where the brain can be in a constant seizure state for 30 minutes. The longer the seizure, the more likely you are for brain damage from the seizure itself.
Avatar n tn Soon after, I began to notice I had trouble sleeping and some serious short term memory loss. I would forget my user name to log into my computer, I would leave my car lights on, I would even forget to shut doors and flush the toilet. I went for a follow up exam and somehow, my levels still were lower than 10.0. The doctor wanted to up the dosage to 800mg, but I said I wouldn't because of the apparent side effects.
5690865 tn?1372455218 It did, and then I let my vision go completely black and I blacked out, but I remember hitting a log on my way down with my head, just not the pain. I blacked out for maybe for 5 or 10 minutes? not sure, forgot to ask. I got to go home early, but I felt completely fine, no concussion, no repercussions, I felt great, better than I did earlier that morning. My vision hasn't scrambled like that again since.
Avatar f tn I did get an electroencephalogram (EEG) to see if I had abnormal brain waves that indicate seizure. My EEG is positive for migriane/seizure pattern but I have migraines and auras plus the shakes at times. I would stop all caffiene or at least any extra and see if that helps. If he get this again I would talk to the doctor and maybe see a neurologist to be sure.
Avatar n tn The ringing in the ears however is not normal and is NOT part of orthostatic hypotension. I would suggest seeing a neurologist to rule out atypical seizure, migraine equivalents and abnormalities of the blood vessels of the brain (AV malformations, A-V fistula, etc) I would keep digging a little further on his problem. The ringing sound is not typical.
Avatar f tn The danger is if you are physically dependent there is a risk of seizure. It would help us to have more info about these specifically. As for the opiates- the detox is not fun by any stretch of the imagination but it is doable. Look up The Thomas Recipe in the health pages. Make sure to stay well hydrated and eat small amounts when you can. Hot baths with epsom salts are your best friend. So are bananas. Lots of bananas. It would really help for you to share your secret.
Avatar f tn and then developed seizures around age 10 or so. He was seizure-free with medication until age 24. Then the seizures began to happen more often even with added medication and increased medication. In May 2007 he had a left temporal lobectomy or amagdalhippocampectomy (sp?). He has been seizure free ever since. He has some memory (short term mainly) loss and his finding of words is improving except when he's tired. He works as a landscaper.
626360 tn?1221958845 We are going to start the diary so that we can have a log so to speak for the doctor, I am going to request she see a specialist. They said that nothing came up on the EEG but they still say they are seizures. Its very scary for myself as well as my baby. She doesnt sleep well alot of the time she is up most of the night.
Avatar f tn While there may be an initial drop in blood pressure while standing in P.O.T.S., some people have the hyperadrenergic form, and the blood pressure can actually go high standing. I believe this is the form of P.O.T.S. I have, though I have not been formally diagnosed with this kind, only diagnosed generally with P.O.T.S.. The Mayo clinic had an article stating that those with P.O.T.S.