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Avatar m tn In early April 1999, my wife and I were conducting scientific experiments (on a tip form the ADHD community) with 1350 mgs per day of Nordic Naturals Eskimo3 fish oil capsules looking for a mood homeostasis ** medicine to cure my Bipolar mood swing problem, originally diagnosed in July, 1990 at the age of 45.* I was in a mild bipolar depressive episode in the aftermath of a Moderate Bipolar Depressive Episode from April 1997 - February 1998.
Avatar n tn These attacks are NOT psychotic, investigations over the past 4 years have shown this, she is not attention seeking as the incidents are too random and are often place her in unknown danger ie swimming. We are due to see a top Neurologist in London at Gt Ormond St soon. Should we be asking why they feel its not connected and yet up until now they cannot explain why her seizures happen. What are the chances it might grow? will they/should they, check it reguarly?
Avatar m tn I passed out and had a seizure which has lead me to severe anxiety and depression. I've been in bed for the past few months due to the depression... it's been horrible. But back to the drop feeling, I didn't have it when I was on the Ativan. Had it before, and I just recently weened off Ativan and now I have it again. I say it must be caused by the nervous system because Ativan suppresses the central nervous system which is what helps you relax when severely anxious.
Avatar n tn You may want to see a neurologist for a formal examination and sleep study (I'm sure there's a place somewhere in London where they do sleep studies - Queensquare Hospital for Neurology?) to make sure everything is ok and that the head jerks at night are really just hypnic jerks and nothing else. If it does turn out to be just hypnic jerks, a medication called clonazepam (klonopin in the US) may be helpful. Good luck.
Avatar m tn E hospital and finally got to see a doctor at the Evelina Children's Hospital in London yesterday who has perscribed Sodium Valproate. The only problem is that we can only increase the dose by 1ml per week, so it is going to take 6 weeks to get to the right dose. He has now had 33 seizures in 4 and a half days! we keep leaving messages for the consultant to call us & cant get a reply. Please can someone help us as 33 seizures in that short ammount of time cant be safe.
Avatar m tn Hi, My Name is Richard, from London in the UK. I must stress the fact so many of us here have this problem with the Burning Pain across the scalp, behind our ears, at the base of our skulls etc and nothing yet is working is terrible!... I am 22 and lived with constant headaches now for almost 6 years. The burning pain began after 2 years of headaches and i have seen every good Neurologist here in the UK all over London and spent thousands on treatments from all over the place!...
Avatar f tn I think I will try to see a private doctor in London to test for these things as I am not feeling well enough to get home. I really appreciate the advice.
Avatar n tn My daughter has had CT scans, MRI's, MRA's, EEG's, blood work and was hospitalized at an epilepsy center in the video EEG monitoring unit for two separate weeks in May 2008 and September 2008. She was put on many different seizure medications. After the normal EEG results, she was taken off all medications. Her SED rate has always been high and she does have protein in her urine, but doctors do not seem concerned.
Avatar n tn I have been to the doctors (3 different ones, 1 said it was labyrinthitus, 1 said it could be MS), I was then sent to a Neurologist who did an MRI which showed nothing abnormal so they said they didnt need to see me anymore (which wasnt very helpful), so I went back to the doctor and she has now referred me to a top Neuro-otologist (balance specialist) in London....
Avatar m tn I have been suffering from vertigo/dizzyness for 2 and half years mine first came on as brain fog then led to migrines in my body (vestiublar migrine) I'm on epilim 500 1500mg a day also 10mg amytripline & just started a calcium channel blocker at night. I have had success with migrines being less frequently but the off balance sensation is everyday I suffer looking at items on shelfs and feel asif sinking into floors in some stores. Flurocesent lighting is a problem.
1717194 tn?1312359724 Sincere thanks John, you were spot on With warmest best wishes Paul in London
Avatar n tn I would like to urge her to seek treatment, either in London or Paris, but I don't know if she needs a neurologist, a sleep disorder center where she can be evaluated, or what. Any advice greatly appreciated.
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Avatar m tn Im an 19 year old male ive had what doctors think were seizures they are not sure because nothing showed up. I have been noticing for a few years now that at times while im doing something i have what i call a black out but its more just like very hazy memory. ill be doing something and all of the sudden i cannot remember the past seconds to an hour or my memory of that time is very hazy and unclear. i also can get dizzy and lightheaded after this happens. i dont drink or do drugs.
Avatar n tn I am seeing a neurologist in london, and he decided together with the cardiologist that midodrine would aliviate my symptoms?. But this was to no effect. Now I just feel tired and desperate. They haven't ruled out a pacemaker so I was wondering whether that would be the next step? Due to all other treatments not working. i just want to know what's happening to me.They said i am a complicated case as these conditions do the total opposite of each other.
Avatar n tn I am still waiting to see a Neurologist (i have been referred now to the Institue of Neurology at Queens Square, London to see a Dr Mark Richardson in another few weeks' time) so I have got my G.P. prescribing the medication. He prescribed me 200mg daily (split to 2 doses of course) straight away which I took for a day and half. I then found the original old packet of Lamotrogine, it was called a starter pack and days 1-14 was 2 x 25mg daily, then days 15-28 was 2 x 50mg daily. I told my G.P.
Avatar m tn The following information is provided by the London Cardiac Institute in London, Ontario, Canada, and talks about vasovagal syncope, which is simply when the reaction actually leads to a fainting spell. The information is still applicable in your situation though: Vasovagal syncope is not a serious or life threatening condition, but in effect an abnormal reflex. This results in a drop in blood pressure leading to decreased blood flow to the brain resulting in dizziness or fainting.
Avatar n tn I have now had a clean EMG at a very reputable clininc in London done by a very senior and experienced Neurologist. This all came back clean, he kept saying perfect over and over after each muscle tested. He did both calves & feet and one arm and my face in test. I am still twitching and my palm is aching a lot on one hand although both have hurt previously.
Avatar m tn I have been in hospitals in Venice, London, Beijing – you name it for flare ups in pain, especially uncontrollable migraines. The narcotics give me back control over the pain, but at what cost. Sooner or later, the doses will be too high or it will stop working, then I will have to stop the narcotics – not a good thought!! The doses on am on right now are pretty scary and my primary care doctor does not support the pain center’s approach, but he cant provide alternatives.
Avatar n tn I don't know which but most of my cases having hemorrhagic stroke had improvement in their speech, maybe your mum be like them. it depends on the local of the injury in the brain. but the most important is rehabilitation for her under the supervision of her neurologist. speech therapist, physical and occupational therapist should work on your mum is the doctor prescribe rehabilitation. and you should know that the practice and making the brain active help her to get better faster.
266195 tn?1215314011 so when finished these tablets after 2 months, I could not get them in London so I needed to finish, but I think I did not experience any withdrawl. DO not know why u experience it. By the way where are You living , where from I can get prescription for XANAX in London? Here they are dump they do not prescribe it here as they say it is addictive. I do not know from where to get the doctor here to prescribe I can not go each time to Lithuania to take it!
544292 tn?1268886268 I was so bad at the start of taking both drugs I could not move from a chair or open my eyes without a feeling my brain was swimming, I have had chronic in my elbows for 6 years and have forgotten what a pain free life is. MSB - UK Having had a traumatic amputation of my lower leg I was given Tramadol. 8 months on I am well and truly hooked. Any lower dose of Tramadol gives me sweats anxiousness, loss of temper, loss of patience, flu-like joint pain and hyper alertness.
Avatar n tn I am not terrified of having MS as I read in some of the patients in the previous notes, I am just afraid of going on without an answer for a long time and then three years from now having a positive LP and have wasted all that time. Thanks so much for your time, you have a great thing going here!!!
1453990 tn?1329235026 I found out this AM that I have to be in London on Monday morning. So, I get to leave here Sat night and get there Sunday morning. Every try to book an international round trip on two days notice?
Avatar f tn That seizure was so bad he foamed out of his mouth and came close to quit breathing on us. When he was in the hospital they done an eeg and to seizure activity was in his left temporal lobe which is the side of the head he was hit on.
Avatar n tn My son's neurologist has referred us to another pediatric neurologist who specializes in neuro-muscular/degenerative disorder, and we will see him in August. Just alittle history about my son, because you mentioned your son has pain when walking and that his leg bows out: My son began complaining about leg and foot pain and being tired after 10-15 minutes of walking around age 7 1/2. At age 8 I noticed that his feet felt stiff when I put his shoes and socks on.
370801 tn?1264408618 By the time 5pm rolls around, I want to hit the gym. I live in dreary climate.. London, and I find I need something to help me weight train and have energy, get results etc. so I started taking a Bsn product some might consider controversial called No Xplode - ingredients listed below -- a nitric oxide / caffiene supplement. Reason why I am posting here is I really need a solid answer. I moved here from the U.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your reply. I live in London so I don't drive, but was asked by cardiologist not to ride bike or swim till have seen neurologist as well. How can that sort of thing be diagnosed? They still think it might be cardiac related, so am doing that week long ECG thing, is there something similar for neurology? I am so incredibly sick of all of this, it is really messing up my life at the moment.
230948 tn?1235847929 i wished i had thought of that the form is in now handed it in yesterday but when i go back in 8 weeks or sooner i hope i will ask him if it was done under a MS protocol, unfortunatly the NHS we do not call the shots and he is the nearest i have got to any hope ever he ordered a MRI with contrast no has bothered to do this before so i am already in debt to him, i dont think i could even reach him direct its all appointment centres and reception boards, i am just praying with the contrast someth
Avatar n tn control. Overall, the general course is variable. It is believed that this : syndrome is a result of a viral infection. : I hope that this is what you were refering to. Many thanks,yes I think it must be rasmussen's,it seems to fit the description =========================================================================== Thanks for updating us.