Seizure in horses

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969102 tn?1294338367 worried about Comet's interactions with the new herd. Feeling our horses are causing problems, we're over our heads with them...
278469 tn?1219245951 mid morning in her sleep/mild
547117 tn?1264765067 45am in van on way to school
Avatar f tn My baby soumili when 10 months has suffered three times by convulsion first in Oct 2012 admitted to hospital after discharge she takes gardenal 5ml*2 times eptoin 3.5ml*2times but again convulsion in 2and jan2014 and doctor advised to take valparin200 Syria 2.5ml*2times and now again in last Saturday 31 convulsion and now she admitted in hospital and takes valparin200syr 5ml*2times and frisium5mg*2 times is again risk for convulsion?
587894 tn?1218577643 Had aiden in my arms laying in the bed and had a seizure
Avatar f tn felt weird all day, then jerks in the evening, seizure at maybe 9 or 10 pm, in front of all of Paulo's family...anyway...too bad...
Avatar f tn She had one seizure recorded on an ambulatory EEG that showed no seizure activity in the brain. After they read that (about 4 weeks ago) it seems like the doctor stopped looking. She is in her senior year of high school and is no longer allowed to attend because of having frequent seizures in class. It is estimated she has had over 50 seizures in the last 8 weeks. Has anyone ever had experiences like this, or can you recommend the kind of specialist or syndrome we should start asking about.
Avatar f tn Watched Super-Bowl Half Time Show. Blurred Vision in left eye. Speech effected.
Avatar f tn Watched Super Bowl Half-Time Show. Blurred vision in left eye.
Avatar f tn think I missed some pills again. totally lame--feel like crap. what a day. happened in front of violetta...
Avatar f tn im giving her extra food and she is rugged in field with hayage but it is still dropping off her.does any one have any adivse in what i could do.
1052851 tn?1307741160 I had a mild seizure - bit through my check, woke up with my face in a puddle of blood, blood running out of my mouth.
Avatar f tn Had a seizure last night luckily while sitting down talking to P.... Now I guess this means I have to call the doc and get on some sort of medication--haven't been taking my Depakote for ~a month and a half. Felt strange all day yesterday, but not ultra strange as I have in the past, and certainly no jolts. Happened while I was in the middle of talking!
Avatar f tn I have owned and rode horses all my life. I am having difficulty coping with not being able to ride because ppl told me I cant. Is it seriously that big a deal to ride? I don't want to hurt my baby, but it's literally the only thing I have done for myself and can't deal with giving it up for so long...
Avatar f tn Big fatty seizure on the train, locked in the bathroom. Totally out of it afterwards. Didn't even connect the dots that I had a seizure. Weird too that I told Mario to call an ambulance. What the hell. Since when do I need an ambulance for a semi-normal thing? In my defense I had no idea what was going on.
Avatar f tn I’ll wake up about 30 minutes I after I fall asleep to my head shaking up and down in quick short movements. I’m aware of what’s going on. My eyes don’t open but I get his pressure feeling in my ears before it happens. I know it’s happening I am just to tired and can’t pull myself out of it. I have documented it and it only seems to happen on the day of or after a significant event.
Avatar f tn I wake up in the middle of the night with looks like a seizure from the damn pain of cramps I get them so bad my legs hurt the next day as if I worked out! What I find that helps is before bed I lay down and roll each ankle a few times I also peddle me feet back n forth like point your toe and flex as of your stepping on the gas.
90502 tn?1196364005 Hi my friends. I haven't posted for a very long time, but finally I'm back. Inteferon + Ribavirin's 6-month treatment only took me down from 1.3 million to 66,000 VL. I was then put on Infergen + Ribavirin, which worked miracles ... in 4 weeks my VL was at 2400, and my hubby and I were SO thankful, finally something was knocking the VL down and out. However, I have had a seizure disorder since 1972, and wouldn't you know ...
Avatar f tn felt weird all day, then jerks in the evening, seizure at maybe 9 or 10 pm, in front of all of Paulo's family...anyway...too bad... later edit: slept quite a bit afterwards, was confused, don't remember much, Paulo says he had to tell me a couple times what happened--I remember getting up to go pee after a pretty big jerk, and then coming back to sit at the table and that's it.
Avatar f tn Had seizure in the evening, Paulo was around, had been feeling off for a couple days, but hadn't had any jolts or extreme fuzziness, but definitely off. Haven't been taking my Depakote for at least a month and a half. Guess I need to go get on Lamictal...SIGH.
Avatar f tn Luteal phase still short as hell. What the ****. And now the doc wants me to go in for laparoscopy. Lovely. Endometriosis for sure, problems with my luteal phase, and problems with Paulo's sperm. Lovely. Dear god let this happen.
Avatar f tn Messed me up pretty bad, resulting in seizure and really really awful headaches for days on end and crazy dizziness--what ****. I hate it. Started taking it again Wednesday night. Hopefully with some melatonin I can get better. ******* lame. Lame. Set me back--I forgot how much suckiness being sick is. I slept for days. For days!!! So tired of everything. I swear....
1742220 tn?1331356727 medhelp would it be unethical to cut and paste someone's letter to me into my mh journal? idk Meegy, how would you like it if someone pasted your letter to them into their mh j or something? well, I wouldn't write anything so freakin stupid!!! ok then. Good Morning Meegy, my name is X I hope you're enjoying your Wednesday morning, though it's very early yet. I also hope you're happy and healthy, you look marvelous. I enjoyed your profile and admire your lovely pictures.
Avatar f tn s posture is maintained during the seizure. The mouth or face may move or the eyes may blink. The seizure usually lasts no longer than 30 seconds. When the seizure is over, the child may not recall what just occurred and may go on with his/her activities, acting as though nothing happened. These seizures may occur several times a day. This type of seizure is sometimes mistaken for a learning problem or behavioral problem. Absence seizures almost always start between ages 4 to 12 years.
Avatar f tn Felt messed up all day, jerks throughout, resulting in seizure by around 8pm, woke up on the floor under my desk. likely brought on by being late with medicine and poor sleeping habits and perhaps stress due arguments with Paulo for a couple days. Major headached afterwards turning into migraine by Thursday if not earler. HATE THESE THINGS AT MY WITS END DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO, I HATE MIGRAINES MORE THAN ANYTHING. MY GOD, WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME? WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE IT STOP???
Avatar f tn Cody has been having charlie horses in his calves quite a lot the last couple of weeks. He had one the other day that made him fall causing him to bruise up his back(he fell into his nightstand). So I emailed the POTS dr (Dr K) who told me to see his pediatrician. Took him to the pediatrician today and she had bloodwork done. I'm wondering if maybe his potassium is low, we had it checked in Jan or Feb and it was fine, but it could be low now.
Avatar n tn Elijah had a manic rage that built up after having to pee in a cup. He was worried that athough he only inhaled MJ smoke he mite be positive...we did not let him go out. He had a meltdown. By 4pm was full blown, hitting the dog, attacking Abe, attacked me. Took Jim and Jake to hold him down. Had 1 min seizure immediately after, while still stressed and amped up. Called 911, he calmed down but was still dizzy and weak. Recovered fully at hospital. Was happier afterward.
Avatar f tn Was having jerks and feeling all messed up all day--I didn't even get up until 2 in the afternoon, and I think it must have been maybe 8pm, latest 8:30 that it happened. Was sitting at my desk, writing Paulo an email (he insisted we ******* hash out the details!) and the next thing I remember I woke up under my desk. Broken glass everywhere, couple small bruises on my face and a bit up tongue and cheek, but otherwsise ok.