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Avatar f tn Nathan was started on a diet for Seizure control...Ketogenic Diet. He had his last grand mal seizure the 3 day on the diet. His muscle and drop seizures ended 2 months later completely, but we noticed they were less harsh with each one he had til they just stopped." - excerpt from KetoGenic Diet for Seizures.
Avatar f tn my brother and his daughter both have epilepsy and that was one of the things they would do when they were having a small seizure. from my understanding of EEG do not so seizure unless you are having one at that time. my neice had the first eeg come back normal the second so seizures and a third normal and just got back from a 4 day stay at children's hospital in ar where they watched and monitored her 24 hours a day and she was having seizures.
3109003 tn?1341598935 I just had a Grand Mal seizure after 18 years of being seizure and med free. I am devastated that I was not free of epilepsy, it seems, but only in remission. I was prescribed Topamax yesterday and have been learning about it since then. My greatest fear is the cognitive side effects, next, acidic blood, third, fatigue. But what inspired me to write on this blog is my total shock and sorrow at how anyone could CHOOSE to take this drug if they didn't have to.
Avatar n tn His 1st seizure was just a jerk to the right leg and his eyes were fixed to the side and was not responding. Took him to the E.R and they dismissed him after doing general blood tests. 1 hour after I got home he had a Tonic Clonic seizure and turned blue. I called 911. They look him to Children Hospital in St. Paul. They put him the Epilepsy Unit and did an EEG. They found 5 other Myclonic seizures in his sleep. MRI looked fine and all blood tests came back fine.
730180 tn?1249543941 Have finally made public the blog I started about my wifes struggle with MSK. The address is Click the blog link and you will see whats there. Still very much a work in progress and will be changing direction in the future so please be gentle with me.
1853014 tn?1340038575 I think this is the blog you are talking about. It is excellent. You can see there are many, many pages of valuable information. Plus it is written very well and has some humor too. http://hep-free.
4489852 tn?1375753951 This is not a question, but I wanted to post my blog on here for other people to read if they wanted to. I had a hard time finding a chiari blog that was kept up to date and was current, so I wanted to start one not only so that i could have record of everything, but also so that other people could read my story and see that they are not alone in this fight. This is the blog I started in April.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know a good website so I can write a blog about me and my ms
1405142 tn?1308367283 So I started a blog to chronicle my weight loss journey if you are interested in checking it out here's the site: http://www.healthybodyquest.blogspot.
1428373 tn?1301324636 http://withthelightsout-itslessdangerous.blogspot.
Avatar f tn Check out my blog mommyland411.blogspot .
Avatar n tn Tiredness at work around 3pm no nap today tired from around 9pm
Avatar f tn 2hrs worked on finalizing blog and writing 1st blog entry
866598 tn?1242777311 Thought cycle over, put on tampax and a pantie liner. At jury duty big gush, had to rush and put on a pad.
875268 tn?1332768851 I'm now starting a pregnancy blog, check it out! It's got pictures and everything :) http://danafairly.wordpress.
1100156 tn?1323923521 Not sure how to get this out there...soo...I have a blog. Or I just started one. I'd love if people checked it out.
Avatar f tn Seems I find something wrong every day
Avatar n tn Elijah had seizure after a horrible manic rage episode. Went to hospital and released later.
Avatar n tn Had 1 min seizure immediately after, while still stressed and amped up. Called 911, he calmed down but was still dizzy and weak. Recovered fully at hospital. Was happier afterward. Jim and i got him shorts and shoes that he needed at WMart. Still asked to go out that nite, but finally went to bed.
Avatar f tn Was at work--had plenty of jerks and general spaciness leading up to it--think I was late with my pills--like really late. Scared the hell out of Julia. Man, what a drag. Luteal phase still short as hell. What the ****. And now the doc wants me to go in for laparoscopy. Lovely. Endometriosis for sure, problems with my luteal phase, and problems with Paulo's sperm. Lovely. Dear god let this happen.
Avatar f tn Had seizure in the evening, Paulo was around, had been feeling off for a couple days, but hadn't had any jolts or extreme fuzziness, but definitely off. Haven't been taking my Depakote for at least a month and a half. Guess I need to go get on Lamictal...SIGH.
Avatar f tn Had a seizure last night luckily while sitting down talking to P.... Now I guess this means I have to call the doc and get on some sort of medication--haven't been taking my Depakote for ~a month and a half. Felt strange all day yesterday, but not ultra strange as I have in the past, and certainly no jolts. Happened while I was in the middle of talking!
1263116 tn?1270868928 I had a seizure this afternoon that was pretty bad. I think it was just the overheating and stress. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
Avatar f tn I’ll wake up about 30 minutes I after I fall asleep to my head shaking up and down in quick short movements. I’m aware of what’s going on. My eyes don’t open but I get his pressure feeling in my ears before it happens. I know it’s happening I am just to tired and can’t pull myself out of it. I have documented it and it only seems to happen on the day of or after a significant event.
Avatar f tn My baby soumili when 10 months has suffered three times by convulsion first in Oct 2012 admitted to hospital after discharge she takes gardenal 5ml*2 times eptoin 3.5ml*2times but again convulsion in 2and jan2014 and doctor advised to take valparin200 Syria 2.5ml*2times and now again in last Saturday 31 convulsion and now she admitted in hospital and takes valparin200syr 5ml*2times and frisium5mg*2 times is again risk for convulsion?
278469 tn?1219245951 Mate had 2 seizures. She woke up on the floor at 11am, and had a mild one at 10pm. She has slept since the first one.